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Chapter 1680

Such a destructive weapon is useless to them!

The leader is impressively the sea king, the lord of the sea king hall.

They have eleven supreme level Sixth Heaven Powerhouses.

If the people in Worenden knew that there were so many supreme-level Sixth Heaven Powerhouses, they would be scared to death.

This has to be said, dominating the strength of the alliance.

Win over the strongest from all over the world.

“Yes, it k!lled us!”

“But even with eleven of us, we can k!ll all of you!”

Hai Bates glared blue eyes and roared.

They didn’t tell lies.

The sixth heaven is a qualitative leap compared to the fifth heaven, and the gap between the two is unimaginable.

So Sixth Heaven is the god in the minds of countless supreme-level powerhouses.

Even destructive weapons can’t help them, enough to show how strong they are.

The big army who had just been excited, all the smiles and expressions on their faces disappeared.

Everyone knows that everyone will die if it is a combat ahead.

What’s more, destructive weapons are useless to them, let alone them.

They thought it was the end, but didn’t expect it to be the beginning.

After all, who will lose?

At this moment, Levi smiled and said: “Well, these people are mine. Go and clear the rest! The sea is full!”


Levi said this.

Everyone was taken aback.

Two or three hundred supreme-level powerhouses, is he coming alone?


“Are you kidding me?”

Everyone was surprised.

“Am I like a joke?”

Levi roared.

“Well, an ordinary person, dare to provoke us?”

“k!ll, k!ll everyone! Originally we didn’t intend to make a move!”

The sea king personally led the two or three hundred supreme class former to k!ll Levi.

“Who told you, I am an ordinary person!”


As soon as the voice fell, Levi’s momentum rose rapidly.

He is like a dragon that has been sleeping on the bottom of the sea for thousands of years, awakening.

This momentum shook the world.

Even the aura of the destructive weapon just now was not as terrifying as his.


Everyone was stunned.

Including the Supreme Warriors.

They felt a strange, terrifying, and unprecedented aura from Levi.

Perhaps it is the seventh heavenly powerhouse who has been lost and has never appeared before.


Levi smashed into the enemy group alone.

Wherever he went, blood spattered.

He is terrible.

No one can stop him!

k!ll k!ll k!ll!

Levi’s eyes were red.

Soon, none of these supreme-level powerhouses survived.

So far.

The 400,000 army was shocked.

The Dragon King is still the Dragon King!

He is still at the top!!!

They won the first battle in the South!

Then the army was dispatched.

There are wandering warriors everywhere on the sea.

According to Levi’s command, they avoided hand-to-hand combat and used modern weapons to solve the problem.

It is estimated that in another six hours, the remnants of Dominant Alliance sea army will be completely eliminated.

“You listen to my arrangements, so, so…”

Levi was not idle, arranging the next plan.

“I’m going to an enemy they didn’t even think of!”

Levi smiled.

Hazlen, located on the fourth line of defense, are waiting for the movement.

“It stands to reason that 400,000 people are almost half-dead, why there is no news at all!”

“The big thing is bad, the big thing is bad! Come and see!”

At this time, outside was yelling.

Everyone came outside.

All saw a c0rpse floating in the sea…

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