The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1682

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Chapter 1682

There is nothing else in the Southern Territory Theater except the quiet sea area.

Occasionally can smell a pungent bloody smell.

Quiet and empty.

Regarding the southern war zone, especially the sea area is still being shielded.

The outside world has no idea what happened?

Even Colin didn’t know.

“What’s the matter? Is the Southern Border Theater still unreachable?”

Colin was very anxious.

“I can’t get in touch. The entire Southern Territory Theater has lost contact. The people we sent have also disappeared, and there is no news at all!”

“The Southern Territory War Zone is not guaranteed! Levi brought a 400,000 army over, and I’m afraid it will all be sent to death!”

Everyone has no hope for the Southern Territory Theater.

“What about other theaters?”

“The current situation is the best in the Eastern Frontier Theater, where the two sides are stuck in a stalemate. Next is the North Frontier Theater, and the worst is the West Frontier Theater, completely crushed! These warriors seem to be unwilling to contribute, and they retreat under pressure… “


“What can we do now? We can only actively seek support! If there are so many warriors in Velador, if they are united and one. I think how many people dare to invade Velador?”

“Isn’t it? Velador warriors are numerous, powerful, and invincible together. But everyone has different thoughts and no sense of belonging to the country! Always treat yourself as an individual! It’s hard to unite!”

“Especially those who are evildoers, not to mention taking refuge in foreign enemies, they also imposed a ban!”

“At the moment we are working hard to unite as much as we can!”


At this moment, the sirens sounded loudly in the Great Army Base.

“Eastern Frontier Theater has received an emergency call. Our rear was attacked and suffered heavy losses! Now we are attacked by the enemy, and we request support!”

“An emergency call from the Northern Territory Theater! Our rear is under attack…”

“Western theater emergency telegraph…”

At this time, all major bases and areas in the three major war zones sent urgent calls.

They were both beaten up and down.

There is no other reason.

Velador’s evil sects have taken action.

They attacked the warriors of Velador from the rear.

Let it suffer from the enemy.

For a time, the situation became more difficult.

“Support, support, hurry up and support!”

The senior officials of Bass Guard shouted.


The southern sea area defense line.

Ghosts and demons appeared one after another.

They are the supreme powerhouses of Skull Island and Blackwater Palace, and they are responsible for attacking the defense line of the southern sea area behind them.

They formed a situation of flanking back and forth with the Sea King Palace.

They were dumbfounded just after coming here.

This sea area is quiet to death.

Nothing at all.

Don’t talk about people, I didn’t even see a fish.


It’s weird!

There is no one defending the largest defense zone in the sea?

This is how the same thing?

And there is no one who dominates the alliance.

What is going on here?

With curiosity, these wicked people continue to walk deep into the sea.

Until between the first and second lines of defense.

Still no one was seen.

But at this time, they saw dead bodies floating on the sea.

Dense, countless.

“This… what’s going on?”

The evil ways are dumbfounded.

Is the war here over?

Why didn’t they get the news?

I can’t contact the Dominant Alliance. How did this battle go?


But at this moment.

Suddenly there was movement from deep under the sea.

“It’s not good, it’s dangerous!”

They reacted immediately, but it was too late.


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