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Chapter 1699

Hear this voice.

Both Wang Qingyu and Xiao Qin trembled fiercely.

So familiar.

this is not?

When they saw Levi, both of them were frightened.

Logan Taishan and Lei Baiqing were also taken aback.

Before, they also went to the wedding of Xiao Qin.

Also know Levi.

They didn’t expect that Levi would lead the auspicious soldiers.

“It’s him?”

Logan Taishan also inquired of the Dragon, Tiger, and God monks.

“Yes, it’s him!”

“He led us to win the North and South war zones!”

“I saw him slaughter more than 30 powerful men of the sixth heaven!”

Dragon, tiger, gods and monks still have lingering fears when they talk about it.

He gasped again and again.

“So scary?”

Logan Taishan’s expressions changed drastically.

“It’s you?”


When everyone saw Levi, their reactions were quite different.

Xiao Qin was surprised and delighted.


She saw hope.

Wang Qingyu was all shocked.

I saw that Levi walked towards Wang Qingyu step by step.

“It’s really shameless, being a traitor! You even came to kill your own compatriots! How did you do it?”

Levi sneered.

Seeing Levi approaching, Wang Qingyu suddenly raised the corner of his mouth, and a vicious look flashed across his eyes.


He suddenly attacked Levi, trying to kill him.


But what he didn’t expect was that Levi had disappeared before his eyes.



There was a sound of cracking bones.

Wang Qingyu fell to his knees.

A heart-piercing sound came.

His right leg was broken.

“You, you…you are not ordinary people!”

Only then did Wang Qingyu realize the problem.


Levi slapped his face again.

In an instant, Wang Qingyu’s cheeks were bloody, and all his teeth flew out.

Xiao Qin was pleasantly surprised.

Sure enough, brother-in-law is not an ordinary person!

She is so stupid!

Still thinking about saving him and marrying Wang Qingyu.

Too stupid.


Levi gave an order.

Soon, all the remaining traitors were killed.

Only Wang Qingyu and Xiao Qin were left.

“Xiao Qin, I want to kill him, you won’t stop me, will you?”

Levi asked.

After all, he is Xiao Qin’s fiance.

“Xiao Qin save me, I’m your husband! Please don’t let him kill me, brother-in-law!”

Wang Qingyu became anxious.

Xiao Qin looked ruthless: “Brother-in-law, kill this culprit! I have nothing to do with him!”

Levi nodded: “Okay, I will kill him. But not now!”

Logan Taishan everyone immediately came up: “It turns out to be the king of the word side by side!”

“Now with your support! The Western Territory Theater can continue to defend again! It’s great!”

Everyone smiled.

But Levi asked, “Who said he was going to defend it? Pass my order to launch a frontal attack on the Domination Alliance Base Camp!”

“what? What?”


“Am I dreaming?”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Not defending and counterattack?

Just rely on this person!

Or is it a frontal attack?


Completely crazy!

Those who are familiar with Levi’s style have a calm face.

They understand that there is no defense in Levi’s dictionary, it is completely offensive.

“Listen to the king’s command and launch a frontal attack!”

I saw Dragon Tiger God Monk and Long Hanzhou actively carrying out Levi’s orders.

“is this real?”

“I, I, I…”

Logan Taishan and their mouths trembled.

Never thought of an offensive day…

Chapter 1700

Even if the team is integrated and moved forward.

They are still dreaming.

His mother seemed to be dreaming.

Is this an offense?

The enemy is dozens of times stronger than them, or even hundreds of times stronger.

Still attacking?

There are a lot of evil ways behind.

This dare to attack.

We are getting closer and closer to the base camp of the Dominating Alliance, and everyone is now fully awakened.

They are doing something crazy-offense.

Dominate the alliance base camp.

Everyone didn’t take this matter to heart at all.

Thousands of people have not been wiped out in minutes.

At this time, everyone was taken aback when they heard the movement outside.

“Huh? So fast? It’s useless for half an hour, right?”

Everyone wondered.

Although Logan Taishan has only a few thousand people, they can at least last a long time by virtue of their tenacity.

It’s too fast to solve it in half an hour.




At this moment, waves of shaking and shaking occurred in the base camp.

Hundreds of balls were thrown into the base camp that dominates the league.

After landing, everyone was almost frightened to death.

Hundreds of spheres were bloody heads.

“This, this…”

“This is my Lord! This is my senior brother! This is our people! What’s wrong?”

Soon, people from all major forces in the medical king family recognized these heads.

“The big thing is bad, the big thing is bad!”

“Hurry up, the big thing is not good!”

All of a sudden, the base camp dominating the alliance was in chaos.

The medical king, Richard and other senior officials heard the movement.

All rushed out.

I was also taken aback by the head on the ground.

“Something happened, it looks like something happened to my grandsons!”

The medical king quickly reacted.

Richard looked surprised: “No, don’t you say that there are only a few thousand people on the other side? How could it be possible?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know what happened, but something definitely happened.”

The King Doctor started to be anxious.

Just as the decision was being made, a very penetrating voice came from above the mountain top in the distance.

“Dominate the alliance quickly surrender, and spare you not to die!”

“I will dominate the alliance, I will do your ancestors, dare to invade Morendam, and seek death!”

“Open the base camp quickly, everyone kneels on the ground and surrenders, otherwise we will attack frontally!”

Hear all kinds of threats.

Everyone in the Domination Alliance was dumbfounded.

Isn’t his mother crazy?

Let them surrender?

Your brain was kicked by a donkey, right?

Can’t see the situation clearly?

Can’t figure out your situation?

Still attacking frontally?

Richard laughed.

“Go, prepare the army, let’s go out and see who is clamoring!”

Soon, hundreds of thousands of troops to dominate the alliance are ready.

The remaining 50,000 people from the medical king family and other forces also joined the group.

Open the base camp together and set off.

A piece of black and heavy, spread out overwhelmingly.

Hundreds of thousands of people have almost filled this huge terrain, and there is no gap at all.

Logan Taishan on the other side took a sigh of relief when they saw it.

The opposite is too scary.

Hundreds of thousands are still martial artists.

Even the powerhouses of the five heavens and the six heavens are everywhere.

How to play this?

Before they relied on the terrain, so many enemies could not spread out, and they could only attack by tens of thousands at a time, and they could temporarily delay their attack.

But now all the enemy’s army can be spread out.

this is too scary.

When the dominating coalition army saw that there were only tens of thousands of people clamoring in the distance.

They are all happy.

“The egg hits the rock?”

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