The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1706

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Chapter 1706

Levi was the last to set out, but arrived first.

“Total Annihilation!”

Levi suddenly swept his right leg.


A terrible air blast hit the enemy army.




The enemies exploded one after another, breaking into blood mist.

In an instant, thousands of warriors were wiped out.


A simple blow, but let the two sides gasp.

Stopped abruptly.

Levi is too scary, right?

Does he really have the confidence to attack frontally?

Velador was inspired by this side, a brain shock.

Levi rushed to the front to slaughter like a god of death.




Under his devastating attack, wherever he passed, the c0rpses piled up.

The blood-stained the earth even more.

The fishy smell is even more soaring.

Levi is like an ancient beast, unstoppable, crushing all the way.

In his hands.

These warriors are no different from ordinary people.

They were all blown up with one punch.

What if you have many people?

In his eyes, nothing but ants!

One foot, crushed a piece to death.

Levi’s fierceness drove everyone to a great extent.

They screamed and rushed.

Although there were enough opponents, their force, under the leadership of Levi, slaughtered among the enemy group.

Abruptly disrupted the enemy’s formation.

They are more and more courageous.

On the contrary, it dominates the alliance, with strong strength and large numbers of people.

But as soon as he fought, he was completely stunned.

“So strong?”

“This, this…”

The senior leaders who dominated the alliance were dumbfounded.

“How should Richard fight? You are the commander!”

Everyone asked.



At this moment, there was a shaking movement from the rear of the Dominating Alliance, that is, the base camp.

Everywhere is shaking, like a big earthquake is coming.

The base camp was full of flames and smoke billowed.


The bombing continues, bombing the base camp over and over again.

After seeing this scene, Richard and the others were dumbfounded.

Now, most of the forces are here, and the rear is in an unattended situation.

But despite this, the most important instruments and equipment that Dominant Alliance has are all in the base camp.

Including the same mech that Richard wears, and many secret weapons are all in the base camp.

These things may not be important to the warrior.

But it is very important for ordinary people like Richard, or those who need modern technology.

Now the base camp has become a sea of ​​flames.

I am afraid that all the assets that Dominant Alliance have been destroyed.

“Oh sh!t!”

Richard scolded angrily.

The secret machines and weapons inside are vital to him.

It is especially important to his future.

Something was lost, and the First Mystery Laboratory of the Warhawk Nation behind him would blame him.

As for the bombing and Dominant Alliance base is the 400,000 army led by Levi.

Levi ordered them to turn around and outflank from the rear of the Western Frontier Theater.

Close combat is cannon fodder.

But fighting far away is different.

Let them shine with modern weapons.

Sure enough, it received miraculous results.

It can also block the escape route that dominates the alliance army.

“k!ll, k!ll me!”

“Gather all the powerhouses of the sixth heaven and k!ll the leader first!”

“Let’s see how strong he can be?”

Richard was going to be mad.

Soon, the powerhouses who dominated all the six heavens of the alliance gathered.

It’s densely packed, and the number is beyond imagination…

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