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Chapter 1723

“The revenge of all the brothers in Zhentian Temple! The revenge of all the brothers who died!”

Levi was holding a black war knife in his hand.

This is the sword of the Northern Heavenly King.

It was made by him using meteorite iron from the outer world.

Named “Bei Ming”.

Now Levi is not only holding a knife, but also carrying the hope of his brothers.

Is Levi dead?

Of course not dead!

Let’s put it this way, Levi is not a fool.

If the killing weapon can really kill him.

Would he really go as a target silly, letting killer weapons hit it?


The consumption is not so consumed!

Since becoming a commander, Levi told the soldiers that the important thing is to be alive.

No matter how the battlefield changes.

First think about surviving.

Only if you are qualified to live can you continue to fight…

Therefore, Levi would not consume the opponent’s weapons with death.

The killing weapon is indeed amazing and can hurt him.

Can’t kill him.

After getting the opportunity from the cheap Lord, Levi’s physical strength reached an unimaginable state.

During the bombardment with the killing weapon, he was actually testing his physical strength.

He measured it.

Even the eighty shots of Wood Zhengjie’s upgraded version of the killing weapon hit him.

You can beat him to death, but you can’t kill him.

At the critical moment, Levi noticed that someone was staring secretly.

In order to force them out, I want to know who they are.

These people are indeed the Baolong clan.

They had been observing everything in secret early on.

But at that time, Levi couldn’t judge whether it was an enemy or a friend, so he could only test it.

So when Levi was in his sixties, he created the illusion of being beaten to pieces.

This is difficult for others.

But it’s very simple for Levi.

This is a combat technique taught to him by the cheap Lord-the ghost clone.

It is to deceive everything at the extreme speed and appear the illusion of a clone.

So what was smashed was actually a clone.

May deceive everyone in the field.

Including the mysterious Baolong clan.

In their opinion, Levi was also shattered.

The magic shadow avatar Levi is just a starting point, and can currently practice a avatar.

Of course, Levi didn’t work hard on this combat technique.

In his opinion, the practicality is not high, and he focuses on other combat skills and exercises.

Now it seems that in the future, you will have to practice more demon shadow clones.

In particular, I heard from Lord Lloyd that if the Demon Shadow clone has reached the top level, hundreds of clones will not be a problem.

That was something Levi couldn’t imagine…

Levi asked the cheap Lord curiously, how many clones can he practice?

Lord Lloyd did not answer, but just raised a finger.

At that time, Levi didn’t take it seriously.

But every time he thought about it later, he was startled in a cold sweat.

This finger represents…

The cheap Lord can’t be described as a strange person.

It’s like a fairy.

At this time, Levi was holding the Beiming Sword in his hand and had already arrived in Beifang Continent.

It is very close to the Eagle Nation.

When he heard that Wood Zhengjie was going to be a king, he trembled with anger.

“Wood Zhengjie, I can’t spare you!”

“There are also all the evil deeds made by the War Eagle Nation back then, and I have to punish them one by one!”

Levi went to War Eagle Nation step by step.

No one would have thought that the Kingdom of War Eagle is about to usher in a bloody storm.

The most terrifying thing is that only Levi is alone!

One person kills the wind and rain, and there is no god in the world.

Who said no one would dare to be wild in the Eagle Nation?

Have you ever asked me about Levi?

Chapter 1724

Before the big summer, the country was in trouble.

There are not a few people who quit Morendam nationality.

Overseas countries actively accept elite talents from Morendam.

According to the statistics.

The three countries that receive the most talents from Morendam are the War Eagle Country, the East Island and the Star Country.

War Eagle Nation: 570,000 people.

East Island: 420,000 people.

Star Country: 330,000 people.

Unimaginable numbers.

These are really a large list of talents recruited by various countries.

More are not found.

This wave of great summer difficulties has detected people’s hearts.

How many people were defeated and escaped from Morendam.

But what they didn’t expect was that Morendam would win.

So ninety-nine percent of people are facing an awkward situation-can’t go back to Morendam?

Before leaving Morendam, it was not because they could live a better life abroad.

But Morendam was in dire straits and was about to perish.

They just left.

In fact, joining other countries will not necessarily develop better than in Morendam.

After all, not everyone is Wood Zhengjie, who can be a king, so that the Eagle Nation can meet all his conditions.

Most people find that after joining another country, they are not as good as they thought.

Countries like the War Eagle Nation did not treat them as their own people at all.

Just fancy their money, resources, talents and so on.

Fortunately, those who are talented and capable can be reused.

But like most people will only be squeezed to a large extent.

When their value is squeezed out, these countries will absolutely kick them away without mercy.

Although everyone doesn’t say this point, they feel like Ming Spiegel in their hearts.

Especially Cross Wentao, who came to War Eagle Nation, and Logan and Mann’s family.

They understand better.

Because of this period, the War Eagle Nation began to squeeze them in all aspects.

In a short period of time, their money has been squeezed by a third.

These people from the Logan and Mann family who fled were actually nothing in their respective families.

Everyone’s abilities are average, and they want to be literary but not literary, but they want martial arts but not martial arts.

It’s all relying on the shadow of the family.

Without the family and the Western Shu family, and even Wushuang City, these foundations.

They are nothing.

After Morendam’s victory, they became more aware of their situation.

Now they have huge sums of money and even resources.

But all this will be used up.

The family will not provide them with continuous supply.

Cross Wentao, Nick, Mike and others all gathered together to discuss solutions.

Concubine Mann Jun and Katie themselves yearned for a leisurely life abroad.

The two unanimously expressed their unwillingness to leave the war eagle country.

If they can, they will always be in the Eagle Nation.

Nick and Cross Wentao also liked their lives in War Eagle Nation.

“According to the current situation, we can definitely live in Warhawk Nation for four or five years, but what should we do after four or five years?”

Alfred was more sensible and asked everyone.


Everyone hesitated.

They all understand that all the resources and money on hand will be exhausted one day.

“Then we go back to Morendam?”

Mike asked tentatively.

“No, it’s shameful! Now they all treat us as traitors! It is very difficult for us to return to Morendam! Besides, the old people in the family disagree, after all, we are unscrupulous descendants!”

“Furthermore, what are we doing back to Morendam? The Eagle Nation is so good!”

Seeing that everyone is reluctant to go back.

Mike said: “I have a way!”

“What can I do? Say it!”

Everyone looked forward to it.

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