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Chapter 1727

Mike roared.

Others echoed: “Yes, they are too stubborn.”

“Actually, after we followed Mr. Wood, we didn’t have much contact with the Eagle Nation.”

“Because Mr. Wood is committed to creating another Morendam, not to mention that most of the people who follow Mr. Wood are our Morendam compatriots! This is no different from Morendam!”

“That’s right, we are equivalent to overseas Morendam.

Who said he betrayed his ancestors? Instead, we win glory for our ancestors!

Sprinkle all of Morendam on the other side of the world. We are still the heroes of Morendam! “

Everyone said without shame.

Obviously betrayed.

But it was described as having done Guangzong Yaozu’s thing.

Next, Wood Zhengjie contacted many compatriots who had renounced Morendam nationality.

Everyone agreed…

The greater Wood Zhengjie’s momentum became, the more angry the Morendam people and Colin.

But helpless.

Can only condemn…

How many people hope that a hero will appear, and Wood Zhengjie will be severely punished.

Destroy their ambitions…

Although knowing that this is an extravagant wish.

In the Colin base.

“Isn’t the whereabouts of the king side by side still missing?”

Everyone was silent.

I have been searching for several days.

There is no trace at all.

What’s more, hundreds of thousands of people watched Levi being destroyed by the God of Death weapon.

It’s not resurrected like Jiulong Mountain before.

Xiao Feng, who was well versed in Levi’s ancient techniques, knew that Levi’s body was destroyed.

Not even relying on this technique.

Do not break or stand.

But it broke too thoroughly.

There is no possibility of standing at all.

“Hey, let’s tell his family the news!”

“Let’s discuss and hold a funeral of the highest level for the king of the word side by side!”

“What a pity! Morendam will try his best to help his family in the future!”

Everyone had no hope of Levi being alive.

“By the way, the Baolong clan is going to take action against those evil ways, and we must completely clean up everyone!”

“Good thing! You have to let Morendam’s warriors know the end of the betrayal!”

But what Colin didn’t know was that the danger of the capital was done by some of them who were surrendered by Levi.

But these people are also on the clearing list of the Baolong clan.

But now Levi is gone.

No one knows that they have done all this.

The decision of the Baolong clan couldn’t even interfere with Colin.

the other side.

Levi has come to the territory of War Eagle Nation.

In a short period of time, he has found the residences of Jefferson and Wood Zhengjie and their recent whereabouts.

Jefferson was timid and had been hiding in a laboratory to repair his mechanical body.

Wood Zhengjie swaggered back and forth in Northern Continent, gathering many contacts and influences.

“Okay, very good, don’t you want to be a king? Hell should be missing!”

Levi smiled coldly.

He will wait until Wood Zhengjie reaches the king’s ceremony before making a move.

He did not pass the news to Da Xia.

First, Morendam knows that he is alive, which may cause some unnecessary troubles. There are still many factors.

Second, if Da Xia knew that he was going to take action against Wood Zhengjie, Da Xia would never let him go and would order him to stop and return to Da Xia.

Third, Levi happened to secretly investigate the organization of the Domination Alliance.

Seven days have come in a blink of an eye.

The ceremony for Wood Zhengjie to be a king was held in the Eagle Nation.

Levi also chose to do it on this day.

Take Wood Zhengjie back to Morendam.

“are you ready?”

Chapter 1728

Black Iron Experimental Base.

It is one of the hundreds of experimental bases behind the first mysterious laboratory of the Warhawk Kingdom behind Richard.

Jefferson is here.

First, his mechanical body is seriously damaged and needs to be repaired.

Second, this experimental base is heavily guarded, and no bird can fly in. Jefferson is at ease here.

Not only that.

For Jefferson’s peace of mind, Richard also sent a pseudo-seventh heaven powerhouse.

It was just one step away from the Seventh Heaven Realm.

It can be said that this Lord is absolutely above all six heaven Lords.

Throughout this time, the strong people who dominate the alliance are like clouds, but they are all six heavenly strong ones, and there is not a pseudo-seventh heaven strong.

So under such tight protection, Jefferson would feel more at ease.

But he still has nightmares from time to time.

The top psychiatrist is actively guiding the treatment.

Jefferson is much better now.

“Mr. Jefferson, today is Mr. Wood Zhengjie’s attendance ceremony, the host wants you to attend!”

Hearing this, Jefferson shook his head: “Tell my brother, I will not participate!”

He is in a bad state today and is not interested in anything.

With the help of the servant, Jefferson began to have breakfast.

At this time, Jennings, the senior executive of the laboratory, came over: “Mr. Jefferson, I can tell you the good news that the protection system of our Black Iron Experimental Base has been upgraded by one level again!”


Jefferson’s eyes lit up fiercely.

“Let’s put it this way, now I am confident that even if a strong man of the pseudo-seventh heaven comes, it will never be possible to enter the defensive area of ​​our laboratory for half a step!”

Jennings looked confident.


But as soon as his voice fell, there was a shaking movement from outside.

The entire laboratory base shook.


Then the entire base sirens loudly.

“Invasion! Invasion! Enemies invade!”

“Quick, quick! There are enemies invading!”

The entire experimental base is in a mess.

Jefferson’s face changed drastically, his eyes fixed on Jennings.

The meaning is obvious.

This is how you said the defense system has been upgraded?

Jennings flushed and said furiously: “I will handle this myself!”

“Don’t panic, it’s okay with me.”

A person behind Jefferson said lightly.

Jefferson looked calm.


The gate of the black iron laboratory base.

The special alloy gate that could hold the missile attack fell to the ground.

It was just banged in half by someone with his feet.

There was a person standing at the door.

Wearing black clothes and a mask on his face.

Carrying a black war knife.

Familiar people can tell at a glance that this is the dress of the members of the Zhentian Temple.

The mask and the sword are matched.

Today, Levi is in such a costume.

He wants to bring these two people back to Morendam in the name of Zhentian Temple and the dead brothers.

Soon, hundreds of guards gathered in the laboratory.

These guards include warriors and warriors wearing mechs. They have modern super weapons and extraordinary strength.

In addition, the laboratory has an advanced defense system.

Intruders, kill without mercy.

Jennings brought people here quickly.

“So courageous, there are still people who dare to break into the Black Iron Lab!”

Jennings shouted coldly.

The weapons of hundreds of people and the weapon launch system of the base defense all locked Levi.

With an order, Levi was definitely called to be wiped out.

“Who are you? What are you here for?”

Jennings stared at Levi and asked.

“A big summer, come and catch Jefferson and go back!”

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