The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1729 – 1730

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Chapter 1729

The words came out.

The entire base is silent.

Everyone was stunned.

Jefferson, who was having breakfast in the back, his face changed drastically when he heard this.



The coffee in his hand fell to the ground.

One stone stirred up a thousand waves.

When I heard Morendam’s words, everyone in the base changed color one after another.

Many people are wondering if this is a dream?

Jefferson really got it right?

Someone really came to the Eagle Nation to catch him?

It turns out he was not talking nonsense.

What he said is justified!

Seeing the group of people in front of him was dumbfounded, Levi said coldly: “Hurry up and bring Jefferson out obediently, don’t force me to do it myself!”

Levi’s words drew everyone back from their absence.

But recovered.

Everyone is quite calm.

What are they afraid of?

This is the war eagle country!

Not Morendam!

What can I do with you?

Not only did they not panic anymore.

Even Jefferson didn’t panic anymore.

This is not Morendam after all.

To take him away, War Eagle Nation must agree!

But is that possible?

The Eagle Nation is on his side.

“Don’t worry, they will take care of everything!”

The super Lord standing behind Jefferson was very calm.

“What?? Are you crazy? This is the War Eagle Nation! Are you a big summer dare to come here to find someone? Are you impatient?”

Jennings who reacted yelled at Levi.

In their opinion, Levi’s behavior was crazy.

Come in the land of the Eagle Nation, come and take away their people.

This is impossible!

Da Xia dare not!

Colin didn’t dare!

A few days ago, Morendam also issued a proposal for them to hand over, but was rejected by the Eagle Nation.

Morendam can only give up.

Now a nameless man actually came to ask someone.

It’s ridiculous!

“I know this dress, a member of the Temple of Heaven in Morendam Town!”

“Zhentian Temple is almost dead, he is probably here to take revenge!”

Some people recognize the dress of the Zhentian Temple.

“Huh, you dare to come to the war Eagle Nation to be important people? Morendam seniors dare not!”

Jennings said coldly.

Levi frowned: “I only give you three seconds. If you don’t hand it to someone, I will go in and catch it myself!”

Hearing that, Jennings and the others laughed.

“Come on, I’ll count down for you!”

“Three two one, come, you come to catch!”

Jennings and others are extremely arrogant.

They are confident with the defense of the base, not to mention a big living person, even a bird does not want to fly in.

Levi did not speak.


There was a sharp sound of metal rubbing.

He drew the North Ming sword!

Step by step to the base.

“kill him!”

Jennings gave an order.

Immediately dozens of warriors killed Levi like crazy.


There was a cold voice.

Levi turned his wrist.

The North Ming sword flew out, whirling out afterimages.




Dozens of warriors fell one by one, blood shot in the throat.

Jennings and others were stunned on the spot.

I thought it was just a nameless man, coming from a lot of blood.

Unexpectedly, he is still a Lord!

“Take him!”

Jennings growled.

More and more powerful people all surrounded.


The Beiming sword swiveled into Levi’s hands, and he grabbed the sword and rushed towards the enemy.

It was like a bolt of lightning.




I saw the black knife light flickering, piercing people’s eyes.

After a breath, the ground was full of corpses…

Chapter 1730

On the North Ming sword, blood drops dripped, not even a drop.

The knife is not bloody!

It shows that it is a peerless sword!


Looking at the corpses in one place, Jennings was completely stunned.

So strong?

But this is the beginning.

Before they could react, Levi approached the sword in his hand and continued to charge.



Under him, all the powerhouses of the fifth and sixth heavens can cut melons and vegetables.

Not to mention these.

Even if it is a mech fighter who is hard-wearing and can hold the bombardment of modern weapons.


Levi Beiming’s sword directly cut the mecha open.

This knife cuts iron like mud!

No matter how hard it is, it can’t hold back the power of a sword.


With a single knife, Levi split the man and the modern mecha in half.

With another blow, several people fell.

With an unstoppable momentum, he rushed into the base abruptly.

He can even smash all the dominating Alliance forces.

Just these people?

It’s like playing around!

Seeing Levi came all the way in.

Jennings panicked.

“Hurry up and activate the defense system! Hurry up!!!”

Jennings gave an order and the base defense system was activated immediately.

A series of special alloy walls drilled out from the ground, trapping Levi.

The alloy walls are covered with power grids, and there are flashes of electricity.

At the same time, a door-to-door weapon launch system climbed out from the surrounding high places.


Jennings roared.

“Boom boom boom boom…”

“Da da da da…”

For a time, all the weapon launch systems bombarded Levi.

Various advanced weapons blasted at Levi like a gust of wind.

At the same time, the power grid on the alloy wall began to release laser beams.

In a small space, there are hundreds of lasers crisscrossing each other.

This kind of laser is the most terrifying.

Even if it is touched by a supreme-level powerhouse, it will be torn, especially under this high-density laser cutting.

No wonder Jennings said earlier that even a pseudo-seventh heaven could not get in.

Under such firepower coverage, it is comparable to the upgraded version of Wood Zhengjie’s killing weapon.

Who can stop it?


This wave of attacks shook the earth and the mountains and the earth broke apart.

No one would think that Levi would survive.



But the next second, the alloy wall burst open.

A tall figure emerged.




At the same time, the North Ming sword flew out.

Destroy all weapon launch systems.

three minutes.

Less than three minutes.

The defense system of the Black Iron Experimental Base was completely destroyed.

No weapon is effective against Levi.

He killed himself and came in.

“The one who stopped me, die!”

Levi continued to charge with one sword.

Soon, everyone under Jennings fell to the ground.

Everyone is standing.

“It’s not good, the big thing is bad!”

Jennings retreated and found Jefferson and them.

“What? Panicked?”

The Lord behind Jefferson said angrily.

“It’s not good, he, he came in!”

Jennings lay on the ground and gasped.



In the next second, the floor-to-ceiling windows all burst.

Levi appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Jefferson’s body trembled.

Why is this person so like Levi?

Look at the body shape is exactly the same.

Although he was wearing a mask, Jefferson could feel a familiar breath.

“Jefferson, you can’t escape from my Five Finger Mountain!”

A familiar voice came, and Jefferson staggered to the ground.

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