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Chapter 1749

In any case, I did not expect to experience great ups and downs in one day.

They, who were originally Lords, will actually fall to this point.




Everyone’s mobile phones sounded at the same time.

After opening, there are all shocking text messages.

All the assets in their overseas accounts have been emptied…

There are even invisible assets, such as villas, manor cars, all of which have been deprived.

In an instant, all of them had nothing.

Except for the clothes you wear.

Even where they live is on the deprivation liquidation list.

At the same time, they were expelled from their nationality by the war eagle nation.

They will have no identity.

Including their names are also invalid.

No region or country in the world has basic information about them. They are like wandering savages.

Not even a beggar!

Most beggars still have identities at least!

They are not there!

“I, I, I…”

Alfred’s eyes went dark and he fainted directly.

“Why? Why is all this?”

“We didn’t do anything wrong! Why did you do this to us?”

“I don’t agree, I want to appeal!!!”

All kinds of complaints were everywhere, and everyone was crazy.

There are still terrible scenes in the streets.

These traitors who were once Morendam are now driven out of the War Eagle Nation after being deprived of everything.

Those who are reluctant will suffer severe beatings.

Was forcibly driven out of the war eagle country.

What is even more frightening is that once they stepped out of the War Eagle Nation, they would become unidentified people, and at that time every region did not accept them.

It is impossible for them to return to Morendam.

It is impossible to go to other places.

No one wants it at all.

The only value is to be coolie.

It is said that there are many human trafficker groups outside of Warhawk who are waiting to take in these people.

Once taken away by them, what is the end?

Everyone knows it well.

“Da da da…”

Soon, a rush of footsteps sounded.

Many people rushed in from outside.

“From now on you will no longer be members of the War Eagle Nation, your identity will be taken away!”

“From now on, you quickly leave the War Eagle Nation! You are not welcome here! Immediately, immediately!”

As soon as the other party entered the door, they forcibly expelled all of the Logan and Mann families.

“No, sir, you have misunderstood! We are from the Morendam Logan family and Mann family, and we have a close relationship with Mr. Wood Zhengjie!”

“Yes, and our stay is definitely useful to War Eagle Nation!”

“Are you misunderstanding? We can’t be expelled!”

Everyone began to argue.

“It’s you! We did not misunderstand!”

“Hurry up! Are you a group of maggots capable of staying in a holy land like the Eagle Nation?”

The other side’s attitude is getting tougher.

“I ask you, why do you deprive and freeze all our assets? Give me a reason!”

Nick stood up.

Cross Wentao echoed: “Yes, that’s right! You invited you to join the nationality of the Eagle Nation, or you sent a plane to pick it up yourself! How can we remove our identity casually? Why?”

“Yes, you are too unreasonable! It is okay to drive us away, but why should we deprive us of our assets? What rights do you have?”

Concubine Mann Jun and Katie stood up one by one.

Just like before, reason with people in Morendam.

But they forgot.

This is not Morendam.

They have no reason.

“Reason? This is the reason! Call me!”

Chapter 1750

This group of people started the fight without saying a word.

Although the people of Logan and Mann’s family are all martial artists now, they have used a lot of natural treasures.

But the Eagle Nation specifically sent a Lord against them.

As soon as the fight started, people like Logan and Mann’s family could not take any advantage at all.

Finally was beaten up.

Everyone was beaten with bruised nose and swollen face.

Like dead dogs being dragged into the car.

There are big trucks parked here.

It was filled with people pretending to be expelled.

A few hours later, these people were transported to the border.

Then, as if taking out the garbage, all these people were dumped.

Mike and his party are among them.

“You dare to step in and throw all of you into the ocean!”

Someone on the border warned.

Mike and the others looked at the endless desert.

They are lost.

I don’t know where to go.

Now they are penniless.

They have no identity.

They can’t go anywhere.

It is the black household among the black households.

It is comparable to a savage.

But just half a day ago, they were Lords!

“I regret it! I shouldn’t have left Morendam in the first place! Uuuuu…”

Someone not far away was crying bitterly, and regretted that his intestines were all blue.

“I’m brain-dead! Why should I leave Morendam! Morendam is great!”

“Yes, how can we compare to Morendam! We are just sick!”

More and more people knelt on the ground in regret and wept bitterly.

Everyone in Logan and Mann’s family also cried silently.


Regret dead!

“We are just a bunch of fools! Why don’t we listen to the old man?”

“I regret it! Give me another chance, I will never leave Morendam!”

“Parents, I miss you, War Eagle Nation is not good at all! Morendam is the best!”

Concubine Mann Jun, Katie, Mike, Nick, and Cross Wentao knelt on the ground one by one, regretting crying!

This is the darkest and helpless moment in their lives!

Next they will face the most difficult moment.

“Run, wow…”

Suddenly there was a stir among the crowd.

Someone came to capture them.

People with no status like them are best suited to be caught back as coolies.

“Escape, escape…”

A group of people, like prey, began to flee in no man’s land.

However, this is only a portrayal of some people.

Today, such a scene is happening on the borders of the Warhawk Nation…

Levi took the two away and brought too much shame to War Eagle.

They can only use it to vent.

Of course, the Morendam people in Warhawks dare not move.

These are Morendam people.

All they dared to move were like Nick who had escaped from Morendam nationality.

The equivalent of their own people.

They do whatever they want.

East of Great Xia.

A private helicopter landed.

One person came down from the plane, it was Levi.

He dragged the two of them.

Wood Zhengjie and Jefferson.

Xiao Feng and a large group of people greeted Levi’s arrival.

Although Levi was still wearing a mask, everyone knew his identity.

“Jefferson will be locked up wherever he should be! Keep going to jail!”

Levi ordered.

“Understood! Take people away!”

Xiao Feng waved his hand and Jefferson was taken away immediately.

His face was ashen ashes.

Morendam can’t live without…

Levi looked at Wood Zhengjie again, and he said coldly: “Wood Zhengjie has nothing to say, just kill it!”


“Can’t kill, he can’t kill!”

“He is ours now, you can’t move!”

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