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Chapter 1751

Exclamations rang out.

A few men and women in suits and leather shoes rushed up and stopped in front of Levi.

“From now on, Wood Zhengjie is ours! No one can move!”

The leading woman stared at Levi sharply.

Levi was stunned.

These ordinary people still stop him?

“Who are you?”

Xiao Feng’s expression changed, and he explained, “Lord, they belong to the Shenlong Science and Technology Alliance! The laboratory specializes in Morendam’s most advanced technological weapons! They are the strongest in Morendam! This time they have also surfaced. !”

“This is the Shenlong Science and Technology Alliance, and Miss Wen Lei, the youngest female scientist in Morendam!”

“She and the team just developed a super weapon! It’s extremely scary!”

Xiao Feng approached Levi’s ear and whispered: “Don’t look like an ordinary person! She’s a sweet potato! It’s amazing!”

Upon hearing this, Levi was taken aback.

Since the appearance of Wood Zhengjie’s killing weapon, no one in the world dares to despise these ordinary people.

Levi is too.

These ordinary people will explode with great energy in unexpected ways.

There may even be such a situation.

For example, dominating the alliance of hundreds of thousands of warriors, the latter may be an ordinary person.

In a word, one resourcefulness can kill hundreds of thousands of warriors…

In Wen Lei’s view, most warriors are reckless.

So she doesn’t have a lot of affection for Levi.

“Now let me know, Wood Zhengjie, we have taken it away. From today, he will belong to the Shenlong Science and Technology Alliance!”

Wen Lei said in a high voice.

Xiao Feng said nothing.

Apparently someone said hello.

Wood Zhengjie lying on the ground looked at Levi, and he grinned.

The provocation is obvious.

As if provoking Levi, he said, “Even if you bring me to Morendam, you can’t kill me!”

“If there is no objection, we will take them away, and the procedures have been completed.”

Wen Lei said.

The people behind her are about to take Wood Zhengjie away.

“Give me a reason!”

Just as Wen Lei and the others were about to take Wood Zhengjie away, Levi’s voice sounded.

Everyone looked at Levi.

“I brought the man from Warhawk Nation! His life is mine! I should have killed him long ago, but I want him to commit crimes in Morendam!”

Levi asked.

Wen Lei was taken aback and looked straight at Levi: “You are indeed Morendam’s hero. I admire you for this!”

“But please also consider from the overall situation!”

“How to think about it?”

Levi asked.

“Wood Zhengjie’s sins are horrendous, and death sins are not fake! But he is a genius in a million! It would be a shame to kill directly! If his talent can be used for us to serve Morendam, I think it is. It’s better than just killing him!”

“Besides, I believe Wood Zhengjie also has a heart to repent. He recognizes his mistakes and will serve Morendam with all his heart!”

As soon as Wen Lei finished speaking, Wood Zhengjie’s voice immediately sounded: “Yes, yes! I am deeply aware of my mistakes. I now ask for a chance to regret. I want to work for Morendam. I am willing to put everything I have. Share with you…”

In the eyes of others, Wood Zhengjie admitted his mistakes positively and was very sincere.

Just ask for an opportunity to make up.

But Levi knew how fake this kid was.

He just wants to survive!

“All you have other questions?”

Wen Lei asked.

Levi shook his head: “I’m fine, I just will kill him!”

Chapter 1752

Levi’s tone was calm.

Everyone at the scene knew that he would kill Wood Zhengjie.

Wood Zhengjie understood even more.

“Save me! Save me!”

“I already knew I was wrong, and I will do everything to make up for it!”

Wood Zhengjie quickly hid behind Wen Lei and them.

Wen Lei opened her arms and stood in front of Levi.

“If you want to kill him, kill me first and step over my body!”

With that, Wen Lei closed her eyes, her body trembling.

“Calm down, you, Wood Zhengjie’s value is too great! It’s a shame to kill!”

“Well, wait for him to play his due value before letting you deal with it!”

“Don’t do it…”

The people around were anxious, for fear that Levi would actually do it.

This is the value of Wood Zhengjie!

Even if he is sinful.

But in this case, many people still don’t want him to die.

I want him to shine and play his value!

Seeing that Levi slapped Wen Lei with a slap.

All people have a cardiac arrest and are about to suffocate.

In the end, Levi slapped and did not fall.

Wen Lei opened her eyes in fear and looked at Levi blankly.

Levi said coldly: “Are you sure you want to take him away?”

“I am sure!”

“You count on him to serve Morendam and count on his talent? This man is sinister and cunning. If you don’t kill him, it will always be a dangerous existence!”

“Once he plans, it will be endless disasters! Do you understand?”

Levi reminded.

The throats of Xiao Feng and others squirmed.

Wood Zhengjie is a genius.

How terrible is the person who can study the weapon of killing God!

It’s a walking explosive!

“As long as he joins the Shenlong Science and Technology Alliance, we will be responsible for everything that goes wrong! Besides, I have seen his repentance! He will definitely repent, like something dangerous, it will never exist!”

The others promised immediately.

Wen Lei wanted to say something, but abruptly held back.

She also seemed to agree with Levi’s statement.

“Well, people take it away! Don’t let me see again, I will kill you!”

“You people don’t find me if something goes wrong!”

Levi approached.

He doesn’t care.

Wood Zhengjie killed him if he wanted to.

He can bring back the Eagle Nation.

If this group of people doesn’t listen to dissuasion, let them go.

It has nothing to do with him.

Wood Zhengjie smiled and handed Levi an arrogant look.

Means just wait and see…

Finally, the Dragon Technology Alliance took Wood Zhengjie away.

However, Wen Lei was not very relieved. She suggested that Wood Zhengjie should be strictly watched in the future, and everything about him should be restricted.

So as not to make Wood Zhengjie act secretly and create danger.

“Miss Wen, you definitely have to worry too much! Mr. Wood will definitely repent! I can see it!”

“Furthermore, we saved him and gave him good terms! How could he harm us?”

Others immediately objected.

Wen Lei didn’t say anything anymore.

It’s just that the corner of Wood Zhengjie’s mouth in the car made a crazy arc.

“Lord, where are you going next?”

Xiao Feng asked.

“Of course it depends on Junjun and Sarah them!”

Levi smiled.

“Mother and the others are still in Wushuang City! Fu Qiufeng is just the fifth heaven, and he still wants to guide Junjun! He is really whimsical!”

Xiao Feng said casually.

Now Levi even kills the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse if he wants to kill him, and Fu Qiufeng is a F*rt.

Levi immediately went to find Sarah.

But at this time something happened that Levi didn’t expect…

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