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Chapter 1761

“Dare you give it a try?”

“So many people are watching, so many international media are here, do you try with a finger?”

These people were not convinced, and stared at Levi one by one.




Levi didn’t bother to talk nonsense with them, kicking these people one by one onto the cruise ship.

The overbearing methods are shocking.

Even the international media were stunned.

Levi looked at them: “Who allowed you to set foot on Morendam Land? This is an unconventional entry, right? According to Morendam rules, I have reason to drive you out!”

Thousands of people were choked by Levi’s words.

They did not go through any immigration formalities.

After all, they are not of Morendam nationality.

All such hurried entry is illegal entry.

What Levi did was right.

“Go away, get me back!”

Levi roared.

Drive away all these international media.

“Whoever dares to come again is dead!”

Levi blasted out with a punch.

The sea surface not far away was split in half forcibly, forming a big crack of thousands of meters…

Not only that, the powerful force pushed the cruise ship back.

Can’t control it at all!

This scene shocked everyone in the audience.

Is that human being?

After dealing with these people.

Levi turned around and walked away from the wall of anger in front of the fans.

All this group of fans exploded.

“Who are you? Why do you drive them away?”

“They are our idols! Why are you?”

One by one stared at Levi angrily.

Levi smiled: “Then I would like to ask you, some time ago, when Morendam was in crisis, where was your idol?”



“In the…”

Levi left 100,000 fans speechless with a single sentence, unable to speak a complete sentence.

Soon, no one of the 100,000 fans spoke.

Everyone looked at each other, quietly a bit scary.

“I’ll tell you! When the national crisis is at stake, your idol idols have sought refuge abroad!”

“Even at the most critical moment of Morendam, when it was rumored that it was going to be destroyed, they resolutely quit Morendam nationality and join another country!”

“When you were in dire straits, your idols ran away. Are they worthy of you?”

A few words of Levi asked the fans.

Everyone is not a fool, except for those who are too obsessed or have a brain disease, can basically respond?

“You keep saying that idol idols give you motivation, but at your most critical moment, who is the one who saved you? Is it them?”

“No!! It’s a great summer warrior, every great summer warrior is not afraid to bleed! It is they who save you from the water and fire!”

“You have also deeply felt that this time, the real moment is when those people are protecting you in obscurity! On the contrary, all the idols who usually occupy resources and occupy positions are gone!”

“Of course you can’t kill with one shot. There are also many celebrities who set an example by donating supplies to the frontline, etc.! But what did this group of people you like do?”

“It’s okay to follow a star, it’s okay to find a role model! Please keep your eyes open and find a good character, okay?”


A long silence.

All fans are inspired.

One of them asked tremblingly, “May I ask who you are?”

“Listen well, he is the greatest hero who saved Morendam-the king of the word side by side!”

Chapter 1762

Xiao Feng shouted.

Now hundreds of thousands of people can’t sit still.

Looking at Levi with all admiration.

Now everyone in Morendam praises these Morendam warriors.

Hearing the title of the word side by side king, everyone was not calm.

“Brothers and sisters, heroes like the King of One Word and Mr. Qin Beishan and Lao Qin are the idols we really want to pursue!”

“Don’t be fooled by the surface! We must pursue a beautiful appearance, but also a beautiful inside!”

Seeing that these people were so conscious, Xiao Feng laughed at them.

Levi’s personality charm keeps growing in their minds.

He just used violent means to solve this kind of thing.

Let so many people realize the correct value.

After this time, no one dared to defy this order.

The traitors who once fled Morendam can never come back…

The most ridiculous thing is that everyone found that without these “elites”, what Morendam should do or what, everything is working normally.

Without them, there are others who have come forward to replace them, better than they did.

When Levi was instructing Junjun on this day, suddenly a few people covered in blood suddenly rushed in.

“Mr. Garrison save us, save us…”

These people lay on the ground, pleading.

“Are you… a member of the Northern Devil?”

Levi judged their identities by breath.

“Yes, Mr. Garrison save us, save us!”

Several people were emotional.

“What happen to you guys?”

Levi stopped their injuries first, and then asked.

“Mr. Garrison, this morning our clan and other sect forces were suddenly attacked by unknown Lords! They are brutal and aiming at exterminating the clan!”

“We admit that we have made a mistake, but we are holding the capital behind! We can be regarded as defeating the merits, don’t we need to destroy the clan?”

Several people immediately explained the situation.

Levi checked, Xiao Feng and the others knew about it.

It turned out that the Baolong clan took the shot and wanted to eliminate these evil ways.

Those forces that surrendered to Levi were among them.

The people of the Northern Demons were almost wiped out.

The few people who had escaped hurriedly ran to Levi to ask for help.

Levi immediately informed Xiao Feng and told Colin and the others to stop.

“Dad, here comes someone!”

Jun Jun reminded.

At this moment, there was a slight noise outside.

Soon, eight figures appeared in the yard, all wearing black costumes and black face towels.

Carrying a crossbow and holding a long knife.

The Baolong clan who once appeared on the battlefield of the Eastern Territory.

As soon as the eight people appeared, the aura opened up.

The terrifying sword aura and killing intent were condensed together, swept like a violent wind in this courtyard.

Slashing across his cheeks, like a blade cut, it hurts fiercely.

“Mr. Garrison, that’s them!”

Several people were frightened when they saw these swordsmen.

Not long ago, these people directly slaughtered all their families.

Only a few of them are left.

Extremely scared of these swordsmen.

“Hand them over!”

The voices of the eight people were hoarse, and their tone of command was full of meaning.

“Sorry, this is my house, you are not welcome! Hurry up!”

Levi approached.

“These are evil ways that the Baolong clan wants to kill. I advise you not to be nosy! Otherwise, you will die too!”

The few people were very murderous, and they didn’t pay attention to Levi at all.

“I have to die too? Haha!”

“Tell your Lord, they are my Levi people, you can’t move!”

Levi smiled.

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