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Chapter 1763

“Levi? We don’t care who you are! We will kill these people!”

The swordsmen of the Baolong clan have eyes higher than the sky, and all of them are Laozi’s best in the world.

Levi didn’t pay attention to it at all.

“That’s only a fight!”

Levi is not nonsense.

Do it directly.

Although these eight people were extremely powerful, they almost wiped out the clan behind the Northern Demon.

But against the current Levi, he was still vulnerable.

The eight people were cleared out by Levi as if the autumn wind swept fallen leaves.

At this time, Colin had sent back news, saying that the Baolong clan would not stop, and all these evil ways must be eliminated.

“Xiao Feng, didn’t you say that these people are mine?”

Levi asked.

“That said, but Colin said that the danger of the capital was solved by the Baolong clan at all, and it has nothing to do with these evil ways!”

Hearing Xiao Feng’s explanation, Levi’s face turned black.

“Well, I will save people myself!”

Levi set off immediately and soon came to a deep mountain somewhere in the north.

The major forces that once surrendered to him are now defeated. They gathered together and lingered.

In a short period of time, the major forces have lost half.

Hundreds of Lords from the Baolong clan pressed in front of him.

All it takes is a wave of attacks, and all the rest will be destroyed.

At the moment of crisis, Levi came.

“It was they who relieved the danger of the capital city, and it is considered that the merits and demerits are equal!”

“Kill them, just don’t give me Levi face!”

Levi was very angry when he saw the heavy casualties.

“They must die! Who blocks and kills who!”

The Baolong clan does not matter who it is.

No one can change what they believe.

“It’s him, it’s him that injured eight of us!”

At this time, someone pointed to Levi.

“It turned out to be you! Okay, let’s not let go of you now!”


The atmosphere of tension on both sides is on the verge of breaking out.

In order to be afraid of the trouble, Colin and the others also hurried over.

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!”

“We have found out that they are indeed the ones who relieved the danger of the capital! They are now the kings of the same word!”

Colin explained this matter.

The leader of the Baolong clan sneered and said: “Then they are also persecuted by the king to do this thing! These crooked ways are a scourge, and it is best to eradicate it. If you keep it, it will definitely cause endless trouble!”

Levi sneered: “That’s my own business! You can’t control it!”

In the end, under the negotiation of Colin, the Baolong clan let go of the remaining evil demons.

The Lords of the Baolong clan finally left.

“This person is the king of the word side by side? He defeated the Domination Alliance before!”

“Yes, it’s him!”

“But I’ve seen this man’s shots, and his techniques look like a demon!”

Someone doubted.

“Yes, that’s right! It’s exactly the same as that big demon! The key is that he still mixes with these crooked ways, and I begin to doubt his identity!”

“If it is said that such an important identity as the king of the word side by side is controlled by a demon, then wouldn’t Da Xia be in crisis long ago!”

“We will go back as soon as possible and tell the owner what happened, and I think we should notify Tiance Mansion!”

What the Baolong clan said was the same as what the Beimo clan said before.

All mentioned a demon.

Levi never expected that the meeting with Baolong clan today would bring him much disaster in the future.

Chapter 1764

“From then on you follow me!”

Levi wants to organize them into his secret team.

On the one hand, it improves combat effectiveness, and on the other hand, it also gives Colin a pill.

After all, the people the Baolong clan said before are hidden dangers.

If they were allowed to leave, Colin might really be worried.

But Levi took care of them, but there was no worries.

Colin was also very happy.

Levi’s ability to regain these people is also the enhancement of Morendam’s combat effectiveness.

Levi did not return to Jiangbei directly. He led the way through Colin and came to the secret base of the Shenlong Technology Alliance.

The Dragon Technology Alliance represents the most advanced technology of Morendam.

Involving aviation, weapons and other fields.

As soon as he arrived at the base, Levi found that he was staring at a lot of eyes.

But the people who stared at him were not humans, they were ruthless machines…

The dark iron laboratory base that Jefferson had hidden before was also considered top-notch, but compared with the present, it was completely pediatric.

This base is definitely the most advanced technology base.

Even a warrior attack can’t take it.

Soon, Wen Lei came to the court.

“You came to see Wood Zhengjie’s situation, right?”

Wen Lei was straightforward.


“He is very responsible, and he hasn’t seen anything unusual so far! He is also the most talented person I have ever seen! How long has this been, he has helped us solve many problems!”

Wen Lei said.

Levi frowned, “The more you are, the more you have to be on guard! This person is wrong!”

“First, something that might endanger Morendam!”

“Second, you represent Morendam’s most advanced technology. What if you let him leak it?”

Wen Lei listened carefully to what Levi said, and it made sense.

But Wen Lei is a very arrogant person.

Since she was a child, she has existed like stars holding the moon, and now she is the strongest female scientist.

Even if Levi was right, she would not approve it.

Especially she was a little bit uncomfortable with Levi’s way of pointing Jiangshan.

“Don’t we know it ourselves?”

She asked rhetorically.

“I advise you to send someone to take care of it, in case something happens, it will be too late to regret it!”

Levi reminded me.

Wen Lei said nothing this time.

Because what Levi said was the same as she thought.

She made many suggestions that someone should take care of Wood Zhengjie, but they were all rejected.

But no one else agreed.

“You are deliberately making trouble, right? What is special care? Wood Zhengjie is our compatriot, our comrade!”

“Yes, yes, Comrade Wood Zhengjie has deeply realized that he was wrong. The contributions he made these days are enough to prove everything!”

“Who are you? What does it mean to come to our base? Even wrong a good comrade!”

These people were completely convinced by Wood Zhengjie.

Now Wood Zhengjie has a very high position in this base.

In the eyes of these scientific and technical personnel, there is not much intrigue, everyone worships the strong.

Wood Zhengjie is strong enough for them to worship and admire.

So now when I heard Levi talking about Wood Zhengjie, no one agreed.

Wen Lei smiled helplessly.

Based on this, her suggestions have been rejected again and again.

The most important thing is that Wood Zhengjie’s performance is very peaceful, without any flaws.

She is not good to continue talking.

“Isn’t this an old classmate? Why did I hear someone say that I need someone to look after me?”

At this moment, Wood Zhengjie walked out and looked at Levi with a smile on his face.

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