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Chapter 1771

Levi wants to know who is An Shiqi?

Let him return to Morendam!

“My identity? Hahaha…you only need to wait a few minutes to find out!”

An Shiqi smiled.

Looking at Levi’s eyes, it was like looking at a prey.

“Okay, I’ll wait!”

It just so happened that Levi wanted to pull from the source.

A few minutes later.

There were hundreds of black cars outside the cemetery.

With the accompanying bodyguards, there are at least a thousand people.

Obviously, this is a family sacrifice.

Their background is also great.

The first consortium of Fengtian City settled down.

When Morendam was in crisis, they were very close to the battlefield in the East and chose to leave Morendam for the first time and went to the East Island.

Today, Morendam is back to normal.

Anjia came back quietly again.

The first thing that comes back is to worship the ancestors.

After all, they knew in their hearts that leaving Morendam at the beginning was an act of betraying their ancestors.

After returning, he quickly came to worship the ancestors.

As a junior, An Shiqi came first.

Unexpectedly, I met Levi.

Soon, everyone in Anjia entered the cemetery.

“Grandpa, save me!”

From afar, An Shiqi began to shout.

This voice shocked everyone in the An family.

Soon, thousands of people gathered around.

Seeing An Shiqi and his party kneeling on the ground, everyone in the An family was furious.

It is strange that Levi saw many warriors dressed in Dongdao from among them.

Everyone is still a Lord!

Especially when these Toshima warriors saw Jun Jun, their expressions changed drastically.

Obviously recognized Junjun.

After all, Jun Jun is now famous.

Her information, photos and other materials were passed out early.

It is not surprising that these people know each other.

“Who made you kneel down?”

A white-haired old man headed by, leaning on a cane, yelled at Levi and his group.

“it’s me!”

Levi said lightly.

“Grandpa is him, he wants to know who I am! Please tell him!”

After An Shiqi had a backer,

Speaking is a lot harder.

“Kid, listen well, we are the first family of Fengtian City! This is my grandson of An Xianglong. Do you dare to tell him to kneel down? I make you want to walk around!”

An Xianglong roared.

“Then I ask you, did you leave Morendam nationality and go abroad some time ago when you settled down?”

Levi asked.

An Xianglong fought each other: “Yes, that’s right! We went to the East Island, what happened?”

“Then you dare to come back recently? Don’t you know the ban?”

Levi’s tone was cold.

Everyone in the Anjia laughed: “Of course I know! The ban is only for the weak! It can’t control my Anjia! In Morendam, we will return as soon as we want. Who can take us?”

“Who let you enter Morendam?”

Levi asked.

“Boy, who the hell are you? You can ask about my settlement?”

Someone in the An family is already angry.

“I made the ban! I will investigate this matter to the end, and I will follow you when you settle down!”

Levi said coldly.

“What? You…you are the king of the word side by side?”

An Xianglong’s face changed.

I didn’t expect to meet Levi here.

The expressions of other people in Anjia also changed drastically.

The Higashishima Samurai in the team looked solemn after hearing this.

He even started to make An Jia apologize.

This was something Levi had never expected.

An Jia would listen to the Toshima Samurai, and the Toshima Samurai subdued so quickly.

There must be a conspiracy.

Levi’s expression became serious.

Chapter 1772

“Hurry up and apologize! This matter is your fault! Morendam is a respectable country! These are Morendam’s heroes, how can you insult?”

Several Higashishima samurai hurriedly urged.

So is An Xianglong.

“I apologize…”

An Shiqi also apologized again.

In the end, Anjia’s attitude changed a lot, and Anjia apologized again and again.

No one thought of this.

An Jia even said that he could leave Morendam immediately, and everything would obey Levi’s ban.

This made Levi more and more sure that they must have a conspiracy.

She was so fast that she had to leave Morendam immediately.

Obviously, there is something afraid of him knowing.

Thinking of quickly clarifying the relationship.

Don’t let their own purpose be exposed.

“Forget it, since I’m back, just stay honestly! They also apologized, it’s all right!”

Levi no longer punishes them, just to see what tricks these people are going to play.

After the panic worship of Anjia, they all went back.

“Staring at them, especially those from the East Island! Pay attention to their movements!”

Levi instructed the Western Heavenly King.

Levi always feels uneasy.

Plus these people’s reactions when they saw Jun Jun.

Levi was very disturbed.

But luckily I ran into it.

Otherwise, these people might do something big.

Now that the Western Heavenly King is staring, there will be no mistakes.

After doing this, Levi returned to Jiangbei with Junjun.

This way, Levi hid his whereabouts and walked extremely fast.

Nowadays, there are many people who are eyeing Junjun.

He is not afraid of accidents, but of trouble.

It’s all small, it’s too troublesome to kill.

It’s not as good as not encountering one.

“Junjun, before going home, dad takes you to see dad’s Lord! He gave dad two chances to be born again!”

Levi decided to go to the prison to see Lord.


Jun Jun nodded his head.

The big eyes are full of expectation!

Soon, the father and daughter came to Jiangbei Prison.

Levi came to Lord Lloyd’s cell.

“What about people?”

What surprised Levi was that the cheap Lord had disappeared.

“Come on, where’s the man?”

Levi hurriedly called to the prison manager to inquire.

“Prisoner 49 has been released from prison a few days ago! His date has arrived!”

“It’s not easy for him. After a full twenty years of prison, he finally got his head out!”

The warden sighed.

Levi frowned tightly: “I’m out of prison? Shouldn’t it!”

Levi thought that the cheap Lord would stay here forever.

“Lord, do you want to check his information? Or I will read it to you?”

The warden hunched over and asked.

“no need!”

Levi had no intention of listening.

According to the elder’s ability, how he went to jail and other information must be false.

It can’t be found at all!

Levi guessed that if Lord Chei went to prison, he was actually living in seclusion.

To avoid things or people.

If such a capable person is in jail, who can catch him?

I have to say that the place he chose to live in is really good.

Few people think of living in prison in seclusion!

He lived in seclusion for twenty years!

There must be a reason for this!

It is probably hiding something, or for what promise to live in seclusion here.

Now he has been released from prison.

That means he is about to face it, or something has happened…

But Levi is not worried. With the power of the cheap Lord, who can hurt him?

“You go out!”

After Levi let the warden out, he looked around in the old man’s cell.

Junjun also followed him around in the cell.

Very curious about everything.

At this time, Levi stroked the wall.

Suddenly he found that the wall was empty.

After he opened up the wall, something was hidden inside.

After Levi saw it, his face changed drastically…

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