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Chapter 1773

There are three ancient books and a broken sheepskin map.

There is also a black token!

This is clearly reserved for me!

Levi tremblingly picked up the ancient book and the sheepskin map.

The mutilated sheepskin map seems to be a map, but it is incomplete.

And depending on the material and the degree of damage, it should be very early.

Levi, the black token, didn’t see any fame either.

As for the three ancient books, Levi flipped through his eyes, almost shining in his eyes.

Good things, all good things!

Although the cheap Lord wouldn’t let himself call him Lord, but he passed everything on to himself.

“Lord, I hope to see you again!”

Levi took away these things and erased the traces of being in prison.

After returning home with Junjun, Levi was scolded.

“At this juncture, you are taking Junjun with you, so you are not afraid of accidents?”

“What if you are in danger?”

However, everyone just cared about Jun Jun, and Levi didn’t say anything.

These days, everyone is actively looking for the backer of the teacher for Junjun.

Sarah and the others have selected several major forces and even contacted them.

Now the era of the strong like clouds.

Wushuang City hadn’t looked at them long ago.

“This doesn’t seem to work, only the Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse is in charge!”

“Yes, Junjun’s teacher’s backing must have at least seven heavenly powerhouses sitting on the ground! Only in this way can you protect Junjun and let Junjun have a good future!”

The family was full of quarrels.

Of the few major forces they selected, only the Sixth Heavenly Power was in charge.

They want to be strong in the Seventh Heaven, but where is it so easy?

Now the Seventh Heavenly Powers are all illusory existences!

“Yes, it would be great if the strong on the big summer list can accept Junjun as an apprentice, even the King Zhentian at the end! Then Junjun must have a boundless future in the future!”

Seeing the family discussing, Levi didn’t have any interest.

Back in his room, Levi began to study the ancient books left by the cheap Lord.

At this time, Xiao Feng sent a message.

It is said that on the dark web, there will be more than a dozen groups of Lords coming to Morendam, either to capture Jun Jun or kill Jun Jun.

“Lord, the situation is urgent, maybe they have already arrived!”

Xiao Feng said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, when they come, they will catch them all in one go!”

“Xiao Feng stared at the movements of these people!”

Levi was waiting for them to gather together.

It is too much trouble to come one by one.

On the other side, in the base of the Shenlong Technology Alliance.

Wood Zhengjie’s plan is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Wood Zhengjie has completed nine experiments these days.

These experiments, which seemed to contribute to Morendam, were planned by Wood Zhengjie.

Even Wen Lei, who had been staring at Wood Zhengjie, didn’t notice it at all.

After returning to his residence, Wood Zhengjie put a check mark again.

In his schedule, only the last experiment is left.

After the experiment is completed, Wood Zhengjie will carry out his ultimate plan.

After completing the experimental data, Wood Zhengjie’s eyes revealed extreme madness.

“Levi is coming soon, and soon you will see a different me! I will personally blow you under my feet at that time!”

“And Sarah and that child can’t escape!”


Wood Zhengjie looked crazy.

Not only can he develop weapons of killing gods, but he can also use modern technology to turn himself into a god killer.

“Tomorrow will be the last experiment! It will also be the time when I will shock the world!”

A smile appeared on the corner of Wood Zhengjie’s mouth.

He looked at his colleagues at the base with a trace of regret in his eyes.

Because in his eyes, these people are all dead bodies and experimental products.

Wen Lei looked at Wood Zhengjie’s eyes, and she felt a little scary.

“Have you noticed that Wood Zhengjie’s eyes are terrifying?”

Wen Lei asked.

Chapter 1774

The others shook their heads.

Everyone was very confused about Wen Lei’s questions.

“No, Xiao Wood has done nine amazing experiments during this period! Isn’t it okay for this kind of genius to look domineering?”

“Yes, geniuses are always withdrawn or abnormal! Little Licensing is not abnormal! His horrible look is instead an investment in science…”

Others retorted.

Wen Lei rubbed her head: “Is it true that I think too much? No! I have to look at him!”

She consulted Wood Zhengjie’s recent experiment.

The more I think about it, the more things are wrong.

“What if something goes wrong in the experiment tomorrow? I have to promise that it won’t happen! But how can I stop or make sure? That’s right!”

In the struggle, she thought of someone.

Levi, who was far away in Jiangbei, received a call.

After being connected, Wen Lei actually called.

“I think Wood Zhengjie is abnormal. There may be problems in tomorrow’s experiment! Can you come?”

Wen Lei expressed the meaning directly.

“Okay! Then I’ll go there as soon as possible! If you have any news, contact me as soon as possible!”

For a long time, Levi felt that Wood Zhengjie was potentially dangerous.

Hearing Wen Lei’s words, Levi became more worried.

He wants to immediately go to the base of the Shenlong Technology Alliance.

As for Jun Jun’s safety, he doesn’t need to worry.

Not to mention that Jun Jun himself possesses certain strength.

The team he has secretly trained can protect Jun Jun comprehensively.

What’s more, there are Xiao Feng and the others.

So he doesn’t need to care about Junjun’s safety.

After arranging Junjun, Levi set off.

“Keep saying that he will protect the safety of Junjun. Look at the critical moment, he ran away!”

“Although he is in a high position, he is still unreliable! Let us figure out a solution by ourselves!”

“I heard that foreign Lords are going to deal with Junjun, we have to protect Junjun!”

Logan and Mann complained.

The situation is indeed urgent.

Batch after batch of foreign Lords have arrived in Morendam.

It’s about to start with Jun Jun.

Levi rushed to the base of Shenlong Technology overnight.

Wen Lei received him quietly.

And disguised Levi as a technician in the science and technology base.

Wearing protective clothing, no one recognized it.

In this way, Levi successfully blended into the base.

But it is still very difficult for him to get close to Wood Zhengjie.

You have to go through a series of coded doors, as well as biometric identification and so on.

Even if Wen Lei is there, it won’t work.

Levi can only wait for the experiment tomorrow to observe Wood Zhengjie’s movements.

This night, Wood Zhengjie barely slept.

His face was full of excitement and madness.

The next day, Wood Zhengjie and his team got the permission of Lab No. 2.

Today, the experiment conducted by Wood Zhengjie’s team is energy matter.

If the experiment is successful, it can be used on a new type of weapon such as the killing weapon.

The entire Shenlong Science and Technology Base attaches great importance to this, and all the most powerful talents or resources will assist Wood Zhengjie.

Levi mixed in with Wen Lei.

Today, once Wood Zhengjie has any ideas, Levi will stop it on the spot.

The second laboratory occupies a large area, the size of eight footballs.

The facilities inside are almost the most advanced in the world.

Wood Zhengjie and the team prepared everything.

Next, is the beginning of the tenth experiment.

Wood Zhengjie glanced at the audience and started with inexplicable excitement…

Levi in the crowd waited nervously…

Don’t have an accident!

Must be blessed!

Wen Lei prayed in her heart!

The experiment finally began.

Wood Zhengjie devoted himself wholeheartedly.

“After today, I will shock the world!”

The experiment progressed, and Wen Lei, as an assistant, was completing her task in a cold sweat.

Levi always stared at everything.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

One hour.

Two hours.

Seven hours.

Finally, the most important moment has arrived.

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