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Chapter 1787

The sky is falling!

For Levi, the disappearance of Junjun was like the sky collapsed.

This group of people are still here to wrong him.

Levi can’t wait to slap all of them to death!

He stared at the Tianlong four angrily: “My daughter let the enemy take away! I have no time to talk nonsense with you!”

“Let the enemy take it away?”

Everyone was taken aback.

Then Tianlong sneered: “Impossible! How could the child be taken away? Really if the four of us don’t exist?”

Earth Tiger looked arrogant: “Yes! We are in the courtyard, and the distance between the child and us is no more than 100 meters, which is equivalent to under our noses. No one can take people away from under our four eyelids!”

“Yes, you underestimated us? With us, how could the enemy quietly take people away?”

The yellow fox also echoed.

Xuan Lang looked at Levi with cold eyes: “No one can snatch someone away under our noses, and it’s still unaware. That can only mean that you are lying!”

“Yes, unless there is only one possibility-you hide the child silently by yourself, and then blame other people who don’t need it!”

The Tianlong four pointed to Levi.

Levi was the last to see Junjun.

Moreover, the Four Heavenly Dragons knew his identity as the Heavenly King, and it was no problem to do all this with his strength.

Levi smiled: “It can only take away people from under your noses!”

“You are looking for death!!!”

Xuan Lang said word by word.

The whole body exudes a cold killing intent.

In any case, everyone present believed that it was Levi who hid the monarch.

After all, it was almost the same as the previous massacre at Grand City Mountain Villa.

“I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you, I’m going to find Junjun!”

Levi ignored the others and was about to leave.

“you dare?”

Xuan Lang stopped in front of Levi.

“Get out of me, otherwise don’t blame me for killing you!”

The killing intent in Levi’s eyes was gushing.

“Xuanlang get out of the way!”

The voice of Tianlong sounded.

Only then did Xuan Lang slowly let go.

“Why don’t you let me shoot, I won’t lose! And there are you guys!”

Xuan Lang obviously refused to accept Levi.

Even if he is the strongest in the sky list.

Xuan Lang is the best fight among the four.

The strength far exceeds the Seventh Heaven!

“We’d better not conflict with him, don’t force him!”

Tianlong explained.

“Then what to do?”

“Staring at him! Staring at him from now on! As long as you follow him, you can definitely find the child!”

Tianlong ordered.

“Four adults, don’t worry, we must let him hand over the child! Sarah, you must let him hand over the child!”

Logan and Mann expressed their good wishes.

“You don’t need to do this, we will solve it!”

The Tianlong four left here.

“Next, Levi may make big moves. He doesn’t want the child to go with us. The reason is very simple. He doesn’t want this child to let us cultivate decent characters! He wants to cultivate it himself!”

Tianlong analyzed.

“We have to stare at him, and then get the baby back! This is very important!”

“We have to seek support, otherwise Levi won’t be able to deal with it!”

“Okay, immediately contact Tiance Mansion and report the news truthfully!”

After Levi left here.

Immediately contacted the old ministries of all parties and began to search for Jun Jun’s whereabouts.

He sent all the strongest Western Heavenly Kings out, just to find out the whereabouts of Jun Jun.

Others are anxious like ants on a hot pot.

But the good point is that the other party did not directly attack Junjun, but took her away.

Obviously they have other plans.

Maybe it was for yourself.

Thinking of this, Levi was a little relieved.

Junjun at the moment did not leave Morendam.

She was taken somewhere in Morendam.

At this moment, the group of people appeared.

The most important thing is this group of people…

Chapter 1788

Levi has seen this group of people…

It was in the cemetery near Fengtian City.

The Higashishima samurai entrained in the Anjia family.

When Levi was asked to face him upright, the group of people were strange and forced An Jia to apologize.

At that time, Levi realized that this group of people might have a conspiracy.

Let the Western Heavenly King send someone to stare at him.

But until now, this group of people hasn’t shown any strangeness in the slightest.

Therefore, the observation of the Western Heavenly King has always been stable.

But these people are only planners, not implementers.

They didn’t do anything, so the West Heavenly King’s intelligence department would not find out.

It turned out that everything in Grand City Villa was planned by this group of people.

Now, they sent a strong man to capture Junjun.

“Ono-kun is fortunate!”

The crowd bowed to a shadow.

There was a shadow in the faint light.

That is Ono-kun in the crowd-Ichiro Ono.

He has a nickname called Shadow Warrior.

It means that he is like the shadow.

In addition to practicing Higashishima Kendo, Ono Ichiro also practices a special technique-ninjutsu!

If he hides, basically no one can find him.

He can hide anywhere, almost blending with the environment.

It is a bit like the leader of the God Killing Organization that Levi killed in the War Eagle Nation.

But when it comes to hiding technology alone, Ichiro Ono is stronger.

The powerful shadowman is the assassination technique, and Ono Ichiro’s powerful is the invisibility technique.

So when Ono Ichiro captured Junjun, the four Lords of Tianlong did not respond.

Even Levi, who was relatively far away outside, didn’t notice it either.

After all, Levi didn’t notice a trace of energy fluctuations.

“My princes, my mission is complete! Now it’s up to you all!”

Ono Ichiro quickly retreated.

After taking a look at Jun Jun, several Samurai Warriors of Toshima said in unison: “Okay, let’s start!”

Levi had a foreboding that this group of East Islanders had a premeditated plan, but he didn’t expect this group of guys to move so much.

Or come directly at him!

On the other side, Levi sent out all the forces that could be sent out.

Almost the entire Morendam was frantically looking for Junjun’s whereabouts.

Levi knew it was useless to worry.

He sat, calming his mind.

But my heart hasn’t calmed down.

He is forcibly calming himself down.

He regrets now and should continue to install the location tracking chip on Jun Jun.

Otherwise, he would already know where Junjun is.


After rescuing Jun Jun, he will implant the chip again.

The people in Tianlong were still staring at Levi.

“No? My daughter is lost, he is so calm?”

Looking at Levi, who was calmly meditating, the Earth Tiger was dissatisfied.

“That means his daughter was not lost at all!”

“I can’t stand it anymore!”

Finally they couldn’t help but walked out.

“Levi, you keep saying that your daughter was taken away by the enemy! Shouldn’t you go all over the world in a hurry to find it? How can you calmly meditate here?”

Huang Austin asked directly.

Levi didn’t open his eyes and said: “My Levi’s affairs are not your turn to take care of!”

“I’m in a bad mood, get out!”

Hearing Levi’s strong attitude, the Tianlong four became angry.

When have they been treated this way?

As the strongest Guwu institution in Morendam!

They are almost outside any rules, even Colin can’t order them.

Such status determines their nobility.

Who dares to talk to them like this?

Dare to tell them to go?

Eat the bear heart and leopard courage!

“Levi, I will warn you one last time, hurry up and hand over the child! Don’t force me to do it, I have tolerated you for a long time!”

Xuan Lang couldn’t bear it anymore.

He wanted to challenge the King of Heaven for a long time.


Suddenly, Levi opened his eyes: “Then stop talking nonsense and start fighting!”

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