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Chapter 1785

The excited Logan and Mann family members disappeared after hearing what Levi said.

All the smiles of Tianlong and four of them were gone.

It was originally a great good thing, but it was ruined by Levi’s words.

“Do not agree? Levi, what do you disagree with? Can you find something better than Tiance Mansion?”

Several people questioned.

Levi said coldly: “Junjun, I will teach it myself! I will protect my daughter! No one else is needed!”

“But you think again, can your daughter grow up under your wings for a lifetime? I don’t want Junjun to become a vase! Some things need to be experienced by her herself! Only then can she grow!”

Sarah’s words touched Levi.

He must be willing to protect his wife and daughter for the rest of his life, but Junjun does need to grow up.

She has been different from other children since she was born, which is exactly her destiny.

If you keep Junjun by your side to protect him, it is indeed bad for Junjun’s growth.

But now that Junjun is handed over to Tiance Mansion, Levi is not at ease.

He is currently unable to control the Tiance Mansion at all, and if anything goes wrong, he simply can’t take care of it.

The reason why Junjun was allowed to go to Wushuang City before was because he could control Wushuang City with one hand.

The situation is completely different now.

“One word side by side king is the decision of Tiance Mansion, and it is also an order! If you don’t believe it, you can ask Colin!”

The Tianlong four decided that they must take the Junjun away today, and they will do whatever it takes.

Huang Austin’s tone was gentle: “Please don’t worry, your child’s talent is amazing! We guarantee that she will not be aggrieved at all in Tiance Mansion, she will also be cultivated as the number one seed! The future will protect the country. She could carry it!”

Xuan Lang, who had been silent for a long time, also echoed: “Tiance Mansion is the strongest ancient martial arts institution in Morendam! It is not comparable to those of the Jianghu forces! Your baby is too late, no one will hurt her!”

“Levi, it’s useless if you disagree!”

“You must go to Tiance Mansion!”

Logan Mann’s family scolded.

Sarah also looked at Levi with a complicated expression: “Levi, we can’t protect Junjun forever! The best way is for her to protect herself!”

Levi looked complicated.

Such as the orders of Cefu and Colin today.

And the persuasion of family and wife.

There is also Junjun’s future considerations.

He is messy…

“Okay, let Junjun go to Tiance Mansion and have a try first. If you don’t do well, I will pick it up at any time!”

Levi finally agreed.

“Okay, yes! Let her get used to it for a while!”

“If you have nothing else, we will take the children away!”

The Tianlong four are eager.

I can’t wait to take Junjun away right away.

“Hold on! Let’s tell Jun Jun separately!”

When the incident happened suddenly, everyone was unprepared.

So everyone said goodbye to Junjun one by one.

Sarah was the second to last to bid farewell to Jun Jun, crying very loudly.

Levi was the last to say goodbye to Junjun.

There were also tears in his eyes.

Jun Jun, this kid is too sensible.

Also took the initiative to comfort Levi not to cry…

Levi was afraid that he couldn’t bear the pain of parting, so he left first, not wanting to see the parting scene with Junjun.

Coming to the outside of the villa, Levi lit a cigarette and inhaled.

About a few minutes later.

The chaotic sound of footsteps sounded, and all the Tianlong four and Sarah surrounded them.

Pointing to Levi’s nose and shouting: “Levi quickly hand over the child!”


In a word, Levi was stunned.

“Hand over the baby? What do you mean? Junjun is in her bedroom!”

Levi said in surprise.

“You F*rt! The child is gone, obviously you are hiding!”

Chapter 1786

The earth tiger burst into a drink on the spot.

A pair of tigers stared at Levi!

“Yes, you definitely hid the child! Now you are pretending to be garlic!”

“Yes, the last Jun Jun you saw, Jun Jun has disappeared since then!”

“Isn’t it you or who? You don’t want Junjun to join Tiance Mansion, why use this method?”

Almost everyone present was yelling at Levi.

Just now everyone said goodbye to Jun Jun, and finally after Levi left, the Tianlong four went to the room to pick Jun Jun out.

It turned out that Jun Jun was gone.

Everyone quickly found a circle around the villa, and there was no trace of Junjun at all.

She disappeared.

The first thing that came to everyone’s mind was that Levi had hidden Junjun.

After all, Levi was the last to meet Junjun.

After he came out, Junjun disappeared.

That means his problem!

Sarah’s face is going to be black. She looked at Levi and said disappointedly: “I know you are reluctant to bear Junjun, and I cannot bear it! But Junjun has her own world, does it make sense for you to restrain her like this?”

“Hurry up and hand over Junjun, or I will be disappointed in you!”

Others urged: “Hurry up and hand over Junjun, and several adults will take Junjun back to Tiance Mansion!”

The Tianlong four were very angry, but due to Levi’s strength, they dared not get angry.

Everyone stared at Levi.

Let him hand over Jun Jun.

Levi was dumbfounded!

He doesn’t even know what happened?

It took dozens of seconds for Levi to react.

He trembled, clenched his fists tightly, and asked nervously, “You…what did you say? Junjun is gone?”

“Look at this person who is still pretending to be garlic here. It is obvious that he hid Jun Jun, and he asked us Jun Jun is missing!”

Sarah suddenly raised his tone: “Yes! Jun Jun is gone! If you hide, I beg you to hand over Jun Jun!”


After getting an affirmative answer, Levi’s brain thumped.

problem occurs!

Something happened!

Strictly guarded, Jun Jun was still arrested.

Still under his nose.

This is unbearable!


Levi turned into a wind and left.

A group of people were left dumbfounded.

“What does Levi mean? To hide the child or not hand it over?”

“Levi, stop for us, where are you going?”

Levi immediately went to find Junjun.

He quickly looked around.

Sure enough, I found somewhere in the deep forest, there was a special energy.

Obviously Jun Jun was taken away!

Levi’s secret team quickly gathered, saying that they did not find anything.

And because of Levi’s own presence, he arranged the secret team F*rther away.

If the opponent dispatches a super Lord, you may not be able to detect it!

For example, this time, Levi and the four Lords of Tiance Mansion were present.

They took Junjun away from under their noses!

“I was careless!”

Levi patted his forehead.

In order not to see the parting scene, he deliberately walked out a distance.

It was this distance that gave the other party an opportunity.

Who on earth took Junjun away?

Levi screams up to the sky!

He was arrested for protecting Junjun in this way.

I blame myself very much!

But one thing is certain, the opponent sent to capture Jun Jun is definitely a super giant.

Under the eyes of the four Lords of Tiance Mansion, he quietly took away Junjun. Could it be an ordinary person?

“It seems that the other party has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time!”

The four Lords of Tiance Mansion came, but it was an opportunity for others!

At this time, everyone hurried over.

“Where is Junjun? Hand over Junjun quickly!”

The crowd scolded.

Levi was angry.

At this time, he was still suspecting that he had hidden Junjun.

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  2. As usual, Eeeeetzzz showtime for the ESTUPID IDIOT SARAH.
    Author why don’t you permanently erase her existence. She’s too much !!!


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