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Chapter 1793

The little apprentice glanced at the audience and said: “The god thunder seal contains a touch of sky thunder, which can trigger the momentum of the sky thunder! The power is huge! The seventh heaven warrior can’t hold it!”

The words came out.

Everyone present is going crazy.

This god Lei Yin was much stronger than the little Thunder God that Levi killed in the Eagle Nation.

The thunder and lightning of Little Thor is awakened and controlled by humans.

But the god thunder seal contains the sky thunder.

Power is not one level at all.

Everyone was horrified looking at God Lei Yin!

Doesn’t it mean that God Leiyin can obliterate most of the people present.

If you are in the hands of a strong man, such as the five dragons, you can kill everyone present!

If it is an ordinary Seventh Heavenly powerhouse and possesses this artifact, it can challenge the Heavenly Ranking Powerhouse.

Even Wulong Taoist himself.

Who doesn’t want to own this kind of artifact?

The eyes of everyone present glowed.

What if the god Leiyin is his own?

When the Higashishima samurai saw Shinraiyin appear on stage, almost everyone’s eyes were shining.

This is what they really want.

Everyone can understand the result as soon as the God Thunder prints.

Junjun belongs to the Wulong Taoist absolutely!

Others can’t grab it at all!

One of the Samurai of Toshima stepped forward and took the god Leiyin from the Wulong Taoist disciple.

Because they have to verify the authenticity in the background.

All the treasures of everyone just now were taken to the backstage to verify the authenticity.

On the other hand, they will decide who can accept the emperor as a disciple through comparison…

They didn’t care if their treasures would be secretly taken away by this group of people.

I didn’t even think about it!

After all, such a big power wouldn’t do this kind of sneaky thing, right?

But they all thought wrong.

The original conspiracy plan of this group of Toshima samurai was to transfer all the treasures away.

The treasures handed over by the Lords in front have long been transferred away by them one by one.

Now there is only one God Thunder Seal left.

“Withdraw! Everyone will withdraw for me!”

After obtaining the God Thunder Seal, the Toshima samurai evacuated one after another.

“You leave at last and send this child over!”

The leader ordered.


Immediately, he smeared blood on Jun Jun’s face.

In the end, Jun Jun was brought to the front.

When the Lords saw Junjun coming out, everyone was even more calm.

Even Wulong Taoist didn’t think much…

“Wait a moment, everyone, the result will come out immediately, and your treasures will be returned!”

After getting an affirmative answer, everyone felt more at ease.

As everyone knows, all the treasures were taken away at this time.

There were no people in the field.

This is the conspiracy of these East Islanders.

First, invite this group of Lords here, and then get everyone’s treasure!

Second, it is estimated that the location and plan will be revealed to Levi a little bit, so that Levi can come here.

Third, after they evacuated, Levi will also arrive soon, and Levi will definitely fight these Lords at that time.

The ultimate goal is to reproduce the scene of Grand City Mountain Villa-to kill all these Lords one by one, and then put the blame on Levi.

Maybe there is no need to put the blame on this time, the angry Levi might kill these people himself.

Even if Levi loses, he will suffer both.

Then they will send someone out to harvest again!

In any case, it was a painful blow to the Morendam martial arts world!

After these two times, I am afraid that one-third of the vitality of the Morendam martial arts world will be damaged.

This will be a great situation for Higashishima Budo!

More than that.

This group of people also invited the ancient forces from the neighboring countries around Morendam, but there is no force from the East Island.

Their purpose is very simple. While attacking Morendam martial arts, they also attacked the martial arts of several surrounding countries.

In this way, Higashishima Budo can completely rise…

This is the conspiracy of this apprenticeship meeting!

Chapter 1794

They captured Junjun and gathered the ancient forces and martial arts Lords in Morendam and the surrounding area.

He wanted to use Levi’s hands to destroy these people to the utmost extent and severely damage the martial arts circles in Morendam and surrounding countries.

I have to say that they are ingeniously planned.

Many people have been fooled.

For example, the Wulong Taoists who are sitting and waiting.

In addition, the news that the Western Heavenly King found out was deliberately released bit by bit.

The purpose is to just let the Lords like Levi and Wulong Taoist encounter.

So there is a big battle!

Use the same method to kill everyone!

If Levi dies in battle, their people will come out to harvest everything.

If Levi was not dead, that would be the best situation.

They can later shape Levi into a big demon.

Let Levi fight the Morendam Lords in a nest, thus further destroying and weakening the strength of Morendam martial arts!

A few minutes passed.

Everyone ripped off the East Island forces.

Only the Wulong Taoists and the monarch covered in blood are left behind!

At this moment, Levi, who was on the fighter plane, received news from the Western Heavenly King.

It is a few photos.

In the photo, Jun Jun is covered in blood, and his pitiful appearance is pitiful.

After Levi saw the photo, his anger was widened, and he was going crazy.

The bruises in his arm violently, as if to tear his skin out at any time!

He has a grim look, and his eyes are filled with anger.

Terrible killing intent radiated from him, everyone felt the terrible killing intent, their scalp was numb, and the cold air on the soles of the feet rushed to the heavens…

His eyes turned blood red, just like a demon god.

The people travelling with him were all frightened.

For fear that Levi would get angry and kill them all.

Levi was extremely angry!

The anger of a father!

Who can bear it?

On the island.

Ten minutes passed.

But all the people who held the apprenticeship meeting were gone, and none of them were gone.

At this time, Wulong Taoist realized something was wrong.

“Go and see, they all seem to be gone”

As soon as the Wulong Taoist made a sound, everyone discovered the strangeness and went to the backstage to check.

From this look, everyone found the problem.

The opponent all ran away.

All the babies along with everyone are swept away!

Nothing left!

Searching on the island, no one was seen.

The other party has already run away!

The Wulong Taoist in the auction hall said: “No need to look for it, they have already left! It’s far, far away!”

Wulong Taoist just felt it, and the perception of the god Leiyin was completely gone.

It means that you are far away.

But Wulong Taoist is calm.

Because he doesn’t lose anything.

Although Shane Lei Yin was taken away, Jun Jun he got it.

“Take her, let’s leave!”

Wulong Taoist ordered.

The apprentice stepped forward and was about to take Junjun away.


Suddenly someone shouted.

“Wulong Taoist is a bit inappropriate, isn’t it? That group is clearly a liar! Our things are lost!”

“Yes, all our treasures are lost, isn’t it appropriate for you to take it away?”

Everyone stared at the Wulong Taoist Lord and apprentice.

A flash of cold light flashed in the eyes of Taoist Wulong: “What does that have to do with the poor Tao?”

“Yes, Lord is right! You lost your things, go find them, what do you want us to do? We didn’t take it away!”

“Yes, what does it have to do with us? Besides, we got this child in exchange for God Thunder Seal!”

“you guys…”

Everyone was speechless for a while.

I don’t know what to say.

There is a saying that this matter has nothing to do with the Wulong Taoists.

There is nothing wrong with them!

But the current situation is very embarrassing.

Everyone lost something.

Did Wulong Taoist get the benefits and let him leave?


“No, you can’t take this child away!”

Everyone stopped!

“Who dares to take my child away?”

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