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Chapter 1795

A voice came down like thunder.


The weaker person was directly shocked to vomit blood!

Everyone is dumbfounded at this moment!

Including the Lords of the nine top rankings!

There is a brief absence at this moment!




As soon as the sound came, a figure fell from the sky and directly stepped on the top of the auction hall.

After landing, the earth trembled even more.


Everyone was shaken!

After landing, Levi picked up Junjun for the first time.

He began to check Jun Jun’s situation.

He was relieved to make sure that Junjun was okay.

But he resisted without tears.

Later, the men who came with Levi rushed over.

“Watch your child!”

Levi handed over the children to them.

With a pair of terrifying eyes, he looked at Wulong Taoist and them!

“Dare to move my child, you all have to die!”

Levi was very angry and angry!

“What a terrible breath! Hiss!”

“Are you the King of Heaven?”

Someone judged Levi’s true identity through his breath.

“Don’t care who I am, you are all going to die anyway! Those involved in this matter are going to die!”

Levi’s red eyes, killing intent pouring out.

Everyone present suddenly felt the pressure!

Even the rest of the top players feel threatened!

Before, they felt that Zhentian King had just been included in the ranking list, and the gap with them was still not small.

Now it seems that he is not weak!

“The King of Heaven listened to us to explain…”

Someone wants to tell the truth.

But Levi just arrived and didn’t know what happened.

I don’t even know that the one who actually set up the conspiracy left long ago.

In his opinion, it was among these people who captured Junjun and hosted the auction.

Anyway, kill them all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!


Levi immediately took a punch.

Several Seventh Heavenly Powerhouses in front of him immediately began to block.


It’s just that Levi’s punch is too terrible!

With a punch, the gods and ghosts trembled, and the world paled.

It seems to be with heavenly majesty.



All the Lords splashed blood on the spot and all flew out.

The others haven’t reacted yet.

Levi deceived him.


“Boom boom boom!”

In the small space, all kinds of combat skills came out, and Levi’s punches were fisted together.

Levi crushed like a tank.

People kept flying out around.

Although those who came to participate in the auction were all Lords of the Seventh Heaven or close to the Seventh Heaven.

But in front of Levi, there was no way to stop him.

He is like the demon from Jiuyou Hell!

Gods and Buddhas are hard to stop!

Soon, most of the people who blocked him have fallen!

You know, they are all Lords!

There is no way to stop an angry Levi!

“Huo… Huoyun Cthulhu’s apprentice?”

“It turned out to be the inheritance of that great demon! I said how could it be so powerful!”

“It turns out to be the descendant of the ultimate evil god!”

After observing Levi’s battle, Wulong Taoists saw Levi’s technique.

Don’t look at Levi’s tricks every time it was ordinary punches and kicks.

But this simple punch and kick is Huoyun Cthulhu’s ultimate move!

One punch and one kick contains the most majestic strength and the most extreme speed!

In martial arts in the world, no firmness will not break, but quickness will not break.

This is the truth!

After simplifying the complicated tricks, it is speed and strength.

Levi is now faster than others and more powerful than others.

So kill the Quartet!

This is also the foundation of Huoyun Cthulhu’s foothold!

“In public and private, it seems that we can’t let the descendants of this demon leave here!”

After Wulong Taoist and other nine big summer ranking Lords glanced at each other, they already had the intent to kill.

Soon, Levi finished dealing with the others.

There are only the nine strongest players standing!

The battle between the top players is coming!

Chapter 1796

But one thing is that Levi just wanted to kill someone angrily.

But when he did it, he still left behind.

They just maimed these people, but didn’t kill them directly.

Later, he will ask who arrested Junjun…

“Lords of Tianban, must take down this demon! He is almost invincible!”

The people lying on the ground began to shout.

Their hopes are all in the top players of the nine top rankings.

Of course, they think that Levi, no matter how strong it is, is no better than the top nine in the sky.

After all, according to the ranking, Levi was at the bottom.

No matter how strong he is!

Wulong Taoist, Xuan Ming Dao Shane, these powerhouses absolutely dominate him!

This is the ranking of Tiance Mansion Tianji Pavilion!

Have absolute authority!

There is a ninety-nine percent probability that you can’t go wrong!

“I can kill him alone!”

The Lord of the Crazy Dragon Palace, the God of War, stood up.

“In terms of ranking, I am ahead of him, and he will not be my opponent anyway!”

“you do not…”

What else does the Taoist Wulong want to remind, the mad dragon war god has already killed it.

“The Fury of the Crazy Dragon!”

Once the mad dragon war god got started, it was the ultimate ultimate move.

In an instant the hall was razed to the ground.

The power of the mad dragon exploded, pressing on Levi continuously.

He was like a mad dragon.

The figure skyrocketed instantly.

The air surging around.

Gradually turned into a mad dragon, wanting to engulf Levi!

This is the nineteenth ability of the Heaven List!


Levi snorted coldly.

One punch!

Suddenly tore the mad dragon infuriating.


A fist hit the Crazy Dragon God of War.

The Crazy Dragon God of War was instantly lost, and the whole person flew out!

“You underestimate him, he is a descendant of the evil god!”

“He is almost in a demon in his current state!”

“Yes, let’s go together!”

After seeing the power of Levi, the rest of the sky ranking Lords wanted to join forces to kill Levi.

Lord Xuan Lei of the Palace of Xuan Lei!

The lord of Fenglei City, Fengleijian Supreme!

Xuan Ming Dao Shane, the lord of Xuan Ming Hall!

One strong after another all stood up.

Except for the Five Dragons Taoists, all the other top seven experts in the Tianban list all attacked Xiang Levi together.

“Xuan Lei Gong!”

“Wind Thunder Sword!!!”

“Xuan Ming Dao!!!”

The seven Lords of the top rankings cooperated tacitly with each other, and the seven joined forces.

The strongest combat skills have hit Levi one after another.

Any space and route for Levi to escape was locked.

Let him go head-to-head!

The seven violent moves were all out, and they didn’t believe that Levi could stop them, let alone that Levi could survive.


Levi was full of fighting spirit, and anger splashed in his eyes.

He hit the strongest punch yet!

There are no gods and demons in one punch!


This punch completely broke the speed of sound.

Punch out.

A long wave of air blasted out!

It’s like a plane flying in the sky!

The speed of this punch breaks the speed of sound, and the power breaks the mountains and rivers!

This is an unimaginable punch!


One punch!

The strongest combat skills of the seven Lords have all been broken!


Feng Lei Jian breaks!


Xuan Ming Dao burst to pieces!



The seven Lords of the top rankings are flying out one by one.

One punch!

Levi defeated the top seven Lords in boxing!

They are also the top seven Lords in front of him!

Plus the mad dragon god of war!

All the top eight top players have lost!

If this news spreads out, it will definitely cause a sensation in Morendam and the world!

The key is to join forces!

How terrifying is Levi?

Xuan Ming Dao Shane, Feng Lei Jian Zhi Zun these people are all scared stupid.

They couldn’t imagine that Levi could defeat all of them!


Great shame!

In addition, this demon is the same as which evil god, who can be the enemy?

All hope lies in Wulong Taoist.

He is not a warrior.

Everyone prayed for his magic to suppress Levi!

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