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Chapter 1865

who is it?

This is the question of the whole world at this moment.

Who hurt Levi?

Who defeated the descendants of the Heretic God?

But there was no one at the scene, only Levi was left.

It means that the person who defeated Levi has left!

After the matter is gone, he hides his merit and fame deeply.

Who the hell is it?

Everyone is wondering who defeated Levi?

After some discussion and speculation, everyone identified one person-the common killer god who was second on the original list!

Before, there was news that the Common Killer God was coming to Levi for a while.

But there is always no news that Commoner killed God.

Now it seems that there is a high probability that Common Killer defeated Levi and left afterwards.

Commoner Killing God is a person who is indifferent to fame and fortune.

The reason for the action was only for the Morendam martial arts, so as not to let evil spirits do harm.

Basically, it is the Commoner Killing God who defeated Levi!

The man who suppressed an era!

The Tianjiao who were imprisoned by the evil gods were all happy when they heard the news of Levi’s failure.

Especially Lin Tianlong exclaimed excitedly: “Levi, you are finally defeated!!! You have this day too! You will face the worst end!”

The others also yelled after Lin Tianlong.

Only Fu Jia and Ning still looked dim.

Hearing that Levi was defeated and seriously injured, the two of them were not excited, but rather worried.

Since this time.

They discovered that Levi was not bad in fact.

Not even bad at all!

Except for Monsoon Dust, they found their way to death, the others Levi did not hurt at all.

Even in the battle of Tiandang Mountain, Levi only wounded Morendam Martial Artist, and never killed them alone.

Although they have been arrested for so long, Levi and other subordinates have never felt sorry for them.

Even if Lin Tianlong kept clamoring, no one hurt him, let alone killed him.

Levi was like this, and he also urged all the people under his guidance not to hurt them.

Even the blood evil gods were not allowed to suck human blood, and the seven evil gods were restrained, and the rules were set for them so that they could not kill or harm people.

It’s even better for both of them!

How could such a person be an evil god?

If it’s really an evil god, can their innocent body be kept?

Their lives are long gone!

So now that he heard the bad news about Levi, Fu Jia and Ning were still worried.

They even hope that Levi is fine!

Although the two knew that Levi was a descendant of the Heretic God.

They are also very contradictory in their hearts!

“Fu Jia, have you heard? Levi is defeated! He is dying! We will be out soon!”

“I’ve had enough of being locked in this place!”

Lin Tianlong shouted at the two excitedly.

It was just that Fu Jia ignored him and even thought Lin Tianlong was very annoying.

Levi didn’t shut them down at all!

“It has to be Commoner Killing God! I have a chance, I want to worship him as a teacher!”

Lin Tianlong was still excited.

The forces on the East Island were shocked when they heard this news suddenly.

Levi was defeated?

Can’t this?

Just now they sent a ghost warrior to kill Ono Ichiro, is Levi defeated?

Richard, who had returned to the Eagle Nation, was also taken aback when he heard the news.

But it reacted quickly.

“Levi lost to Sarah dyed?”

There was a playful smile at the corner of Richard’s mouth.

His goal was achieved.

Now that Levi was besieged by a Lord of Tiance Mansion, he was already seriously injured, and he must be a dead end.

Levi was dead, and Sarah was mad.

Great situation!

Hospital ruins.

More and more people surrounded Levi.

More and more people came after hearing the news, with three floors inside and three floors outside.

Everyone wanted to see with their own eyes how this evil god fell.

“It was the Common Killer who defeated Levi! The Common Killer was mighty!”

“I would like to call it the Commoner Age!”

Tianlong from Tiance Mansion arrived quickly.

“Levi will catch it! Follow us obediently!”

Levi smiled, “I really think you can take me?”

Chapter 1866

The reason why Levi was defeated!

It’s because he wants to test how strong Sarah is!

He can dodge completely with his body skills and speed, without being injured!

Using the taboo technique, you can completely get rid of plum dye!

Furthermore, even though Wen Lei asked him to do his best, Levi still kept Sarah in the end.

That’s his wife.

How can I do my best?

under these circumstances.

How can he lose?

He is indeed injured!

But this injury and the previous injury are not the same concept!


This surprised nearly 100,000 people present.

What does Levi mean?

He has been wounded like this, yet he is still so arrogant?

This doesn’t put anyone in the eye!

“Levi, you are crazy! You have been defeated by Commoner Killing God! You can’t!”

“Yes, that’s right! Don’t say that you are injured now, if you are not injured, if the Common Killer defeats you again, you can’t be obedient?”

“Listen to my advice, and follow us back to Tiance Mansion to avoid the suffering of flesh and skin!”

Everyone persuaded.

Levi reluctantly got up and sat on the ground.

The corner of his mouth looked at everyone with disdain.

“Levi, don’t you really think you can escape from so many people?”

“Don’t be foolish dreaming!”

For example, today, the core Lords of the Cefu and Baolong clan gathered together.

It was impossible for Levi to escape by laying a net of heaven and earth in the capital.

“Don’t talk about this first, I have something to tell you!”

Levi turned around.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Isn’t this your strategy to slow down?”

Several people in Tianlong roared.

“Hold on, let him say!”

A voice sounded.

The Tianlong four immediately nodded respectfully and stood aside.

The four members of Tianlong came from the hidden pavilion of Tiance Mansion, and they were mainly responsible for handling emergency affairs and various intelligence in Morendam.

In layman’s terms, it is the secret pavilion that is responsible for all the small and small chores within the scope of Tiance Mansion!

The person who spoke was the deputy chief of the dark pavilion, codenamed Black God.

The position is high, above the Tianlong people.

When he speaks, everyone will naturally listen.

“Say it! I want to hear it!”

The deputy pavilion Lord Hei Shane looked at Levi.

“I want to say that all this is a conspiracy by the East Island forces… Soon they will carry out a crazy second plan! If your attention is still on me, that’s it! Morendam martial arts world or Morendam may be hit hard. !”

Levi told them what he knew.

“Since Tiance Mansion is the strongest Guwu organization in Morendam, we must thoroughly investigate this matter!”

Levi seriously urged.

“Edit it!”

“Continue editing! Levi really didn’t expect you to justify yourself in this way! It really disappointed me!”

Although Levi said a lot, it sounds reasonable.

But there were very few people present.

It is generally believed that this is just an excuse by Levi.

Even the deputy pavilion Lord Black God is not a complete believer.

“To tell you, I have evidence! I have caught a core member! I can know everything from his mouth! Now I don’t want to conflict with you! When I bring people, you will understand everything!”

After hearing what Levi said, everyone laughed.

“Levi, do you think we are stupid? And let you go? Do you think it’s possible?”

“Yes, this kid treats us as fools! Take him away quickly!”

Everyone scolded immediately.

No one noticed, one person in the crowd left.

Oni samurai!

He had already mixed in.

Knowing that Levi hid Ono Ichiro somewhere else, he immediately left.

“Forget it, I’m talking to you, it’s totally playing the piano against the cows!”

Levi stood up slowly.

Still have to use force!

“Why? Do you want to come hard? Levi, don’t you want to see your child?”

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