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Chapter 1867


One sentence made Levi, who was like a rainbow, suddenly frustrated.

The body trembled fiercely.

Sarah’s situation is unknown now.

The mother, child and sister fell into the hands of Tiance Mansion again.


Really embarrassed!

“Don’t worry! Although you are a descendant of Cthulhu! It doesn’t mean that your mother and child are!”

“They live very well in Tiance Mansion! Especially your children and sisters are amazing! They have been accepted as students of Tiance Mansion! Especially Junjun’s talents should be regarded as the core of Tiance Mansion’s future.”

“But I think it’s better for you to see the mother and child!”

Deputy Pavilion Lord Hei Shane smiled and said.

At first glance, there is nothing unusual.

Even everyone present praised Tiance Mansion.

Levi is now an evil god, and his family has to be taken care of.

Logically speaking, it’s only right to kill together!

But in fact, that’s not the case at all!

The point of his remarks is the last sentence.

Let Levi visit the child and mother!

This sentence is very meaningful!

On the surface, they told Levi how good they were to the three of them, but they were actually warning him – your mother and child are in their hands and they are not subservient.

This is a threat in disguise!

Levi, your child’s mother is in our hands! Do you dare to disobey our meaning?

Levi said helplessly: “Well, I want to see the mother and the children!”

no way!

Levi understood what they meant and had to accept it.

After all, you can’t make fun of Junjun’s mother and their lives!

He had to make sure that his mother was all right!

As for Sarah, this is also a headache.

However, Wen Lei is currently taking care of him. He generally understands Wen Lei’s strength and is very strong.

No one is in the top three of the top three, no one is her opponent.

Next, Levi left traces again.

The seven evil gods will understand what he means after seeing them.

He goes to Tiance Mansion first, and it is best to rescue the three of Junjun.

Things are urgent now!

First, the condition of plum dye is unknown.

Second, the second plan that Ono Ichiro said.

Everything is very urgent!

Don’t allow Levi to be a little sloppy!

“Come on, take Levi away! Another day will be announced!”

The deputy pavilion Lord gave an order, and the Tianlong four immediately went forward and took Levi away.

In front of 100,000 people, Levi was arrested by Tiance Mansion!

“Hahaha… so happy!”

“The descendants of the Heretic God were arrested! The power of the Heretic God has collapsed!”

“Today is a great moment for Morendam!”

The audience burst into thunderous applause.

The news that the descendant of the Heretic God, who was second in the ranking list, was successfully arrested by Tiance Mansion spread.

Morendam is boiling!

The world is boiling!

Those who claim to be decent are even more excited.

The banners were pulled again, the colorful flags were erected, and the gongs and drums were beaten again.

Everywhere is celebrating the eradication of the great demon Levi!

“Since ancient times, evil is invincible! Have you seen the fate of evil spirits?”

“I haven’t knelt down one by one! Then Tiance Mansion will destroy all of you one by one!”

“Haha, even Levi can kill the commoner killer. You guys, don’t you see one kill one? Don’t you surrender?”

All parties began to clamor for the evil god army led by the seven evil gods.

“Hahaha, Levi has finally reached this day for you!”

Both Richard and the East Island forces heard Levi’s fall and were arrested.

All very excited!

Richard brought things from Morendam back to Warhawk Nation…

No one knows.

The forces of the East Island will start their second crazy plan at the last moment!

As for Wen Lei, she realized the seriousness of the problem.

Sarah and Ono Ichiro deliberately took to a hidden place.

“Sarah, what’s wrong with you?”

Wen Lei was very worried.

At this moment, Sarah suddenly opened his eyes.

Chapter 1868


Wen Lei immediately bounced vigilantly.

The whole person makes a fighting posture, bringing all the powers together.

She is a little afraid of plums!

Sarah’s combat power just shocked her!

Once Sarah goes mad again, she will not be able to control the situation.

Ono Ichiro next to him was also full of horror.

What if Sarah goes crazy and slaps him to death?

Wen Lei’s posture as if he was facing an enemy made Sarah startled.

“Miss Wen…what’s wrong…”

Sarah looked at Wen Lei in confusion.

The whole person is gentle and virtuous, gentle and generous.

Where does the devil look like just now?

Wen Lei was in a trance.

Sarah just now is fake, right?

She suspected hallucinations!

“Sarah you… are you okay?”

Wen Lei asked nervously.

“I’m okay, what’s the matter? I just had a dream, as if I was fighting!”

Sarah rubbed his head, thinking hard.

But it’s only vague.

Don’t know the point at all.

Even her combat effectiveness has dropped drastically, Wen Lei did not feel much power in her, which was far different from before.

“You can’t remember what happened just now?”

Wen Lei asked in surprise.

The woman like this is Sarah.

“Yeah! What happened?”

Sarah asked.

“You did fight just now, you fought with… a few bad guys, and then fainted!”

Wen Lei just wanted to say Levi, and immediately shut her mouth.

The name of Levi was mentioned earlier, and this woman went crazy.

She dare not!

If you go crazy, who can stop it?

“Sarah, do you feel anything wrong?”

Wen Lei asked.

Sarah felt it carefully and shook his head: “There was nothing wrong with it. Before, there was something blocked in my mind, but now it is completely unblocked! I have to thank you! It was you who invited the doctor to help me heal it!”

All right?

Wen Lei didn’t know what was wrong.

And that’s not a doctor at all.

It was deliberately to stimulate plum dyeing.

“Sarah, you can think of everything, right?”

Wen Lei asked again.

“It should be, I have…I did…I have a daughter named Junjun. But…who is my husband? How come I don’t have an impression, why can’t I remember?”

“I can’t remember my husband! Who is he?”

Sarah rubbed his head, shaking violently.

Her memory was missing her husband, as if she had been taken away.


This made Wen Lei stunned.

She doesn’t remember Levi?

How is this going?

it’s actually really easy.

Richard forcibly stimulates Sarah’s brain, causing the two consciousnesses to collide with each other fiercely.

Richard originally wanted Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness to occupy Sarah’s brain and dominate her body.

But how is it possible?

Only part of Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness, plus Sarah’s strong will.

Under the strong stimulus, the two consciousnesses were forcibly merged.

Plum dyeing naturally dominates!

Although Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness was fused, it didn’t exist anymore.

But the side effects are…

Wood Zhengjie’s final consciousness turned into hatred and merged into Sarah’s brain.

This hatred is Levi!

The only side effect is to treat Levi as his worst enemy!

In layman’s terms, it is equivalent to planting instructions in Sarah’s brain-kill Levi!

The result of finally incorporating hatred-

First, let Sarah’s memory clips of losing her husband.

The second is to kill Levi as an enemy.

This is why Sarah tried her best to kill Levi when she heard Levi’s name or saw Levi!

“Sarah, calm down! Just rest for a while!”

Wen Lei quickly appeased Sarah.

Let’s talk about Levi.

Taken away by Tiance Mansion.

Didn’t let him see Jun Jun at all…

Tiance Mansion deceived him.

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