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Chapter 1877

Isn’t that the case with the East Island forces?

This is totally wrong!

I thought the biggest enemy was eliminated.

As a result, he escaped again?

how can that be?

That is the strongest ancient martial arts institution in Morendam!

Levi was locked with a dragon chain again.

How did he escape?

Levi’s escape had too much influence on them!

Maybe it will bring terrible disasters to them!

“It shouldn’t be. According to Levi’s strength, he won’t be able to unlock the dragon chain anyway!”

“What’s the matter? Is someone helping Levi?”

Richard and the others fell into deep contemplation.

After thinking about it for a long time, Richard immediately said: “Now Levi’s first thing is definitely to find Sarah! We can work on Sarah’s body! The faster the better!”

“Okay, we understand!”

News release.

Let Tiance Mansion become a shame!

The whole world is full of infamy!

The dignified Tiance Mansion has become a laughing stock!

Especially the legendary lock dragon chain, which can never be opened after being locked, has become a joke…

Looking back at the power of the evil gods, everyone applauded!

Tiance Mansion couldn’t hold Levi!

Their future is very good.

Lin Tianlong and the others looked depressed, and began to think about Tiance Mansion.

Fu Jia and Ning were still relieved when they heard the news.

Levi is fine.

They don’t even know why they are so worried about Levi.

After Levi fled, Tiance Mansion didn’t know what measures to take.

There is no solution yet.

It was a fluke to catch Levi last time.

What about this time?

I don’t even know where Levi is.

How to catch it?

What do you rely on?

Could it be that Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan show all their hole cards?

Doesn’t this allow those overseas countries to succeed?

The eyes of the world are focused on this.

No one dared to show his cards!

The point is that I don’t know who hurt Levi!

So everyone deposited their only hope on the commoner killing god alone.

Besides, Levi ran all the way.

Finally ran into the seven evil gods in a villa outside the capital.

“Little Lord, is your injury okay?”

The seven evil gods were all worried when they saw Levi’s body covered in blood.

Levi waved his hand: “It’s okay, it’s just a small injury! I left it when I broke free of the dragon chain!”

“The little Lord is really a genius who has never met in a thousand years! The three friends of the old Lord were trapped by the chain of dragons and never came out again. I still don’t know whether it is death or life!”

“Yes, the old Lord who said that the dragon chain is useless to him was the old Lord! The little Lord realized it directly!”

The seven evil gods did not hesitate to praise Levi.

Levi was anxiously looking for the whereabouts of Sarah.

“Little Lord, Miss Logan is inside! Let’s take you there!”

The seven evil gods lead the way.

“Little Lord, it’s there!”

Everyone ran into it in the villa.

Levi was stunned when he saw Sarah, who was also stunned when he saw him.

It was too late for Wen Lei to stop it.

The two sides met directly.

It can’t be avoided.

“Sarah, how are you doing?”

Seeing Sarah returned to normal, Levi couldn’t help but utter a surprise.

But Sarah was stunned.

Watching Levi speak out.

In the next moment, Sarah broke out with a terrible murderous intent.

Coming across across the sky and covering the villa.

The seven evil gods are all frightened!

The last person with such a terrifying murderous aura was their old Lord-Huoyun Cthulhu!

Sarah’s eyes gradually turned red, revealing bloodthirsty killing intent.

“Levi, you must die!”

The plum blossoms with spring thunder.

“Run! She doesn’t recognize you anymore! She will only treat you as an enemy!”

Wen Lei shouted quickly.

It’s just too late.

The plum is dyed.

Thunder’s ultimate move, take Levi straight.

Don’t give him any chance to escape.

Chapter 1878

Levi had no choice but to fight!


With a punch, Sarah directly tore the villa in half, splitting a deep gully in the middle.

This shocked the seven evil gods.

Is this woman too exaggerated?

Looking at the gentle and virtuous in front, now is so violent and terrifying?

“I didn’t tell you, in fact, it was her who defeated your Lord!”

Wen Lei said by the side.


Everyone sucked in cold air.

No wonder the Common Killer came forward to prove that he was not defeated by himself.

It turned out to be her!

“Maybe your Lord has kept your hands! But no one can subdue the other!”

Hearing Wen Lei’s words, the seven evil gods felt shocked.

too frightening!

Sarah is in a big way, every move is ruining the world.

Levi found that Sarah seemed more terrifying than last time!

What’s going on here?

“Everyone, let’s control Sarah first!”

Wen Lei also joined the battle.

During this time, she has become more adept at controlling her superpowers, and her potential development has also grown.

The seven evil gods also joined together!

Sarah’s attack was immediately blocked!

Sarah, like a crazy demon, roared: “He is my enemy! What are you doing to stop me? Get out of me!”


Sarah gave a punch, and the blood evil god flew out.


With another punch, the evil spirit flew out.

Although Wen Lei was blown away with a punch, she only retreated a few hundred meters, but did not fall.

“You guys hold on for a while! I’ll see if there is a way to deal with her!”

Facing Sarah, Levi still couldn’t bear to use taboo tricks.

What if you hurt her or even kill her?

Levi is now going to check from the ancient books his Lord left him. Is there any way or medical technique to control Sarah?

Although it is very slim, you can give it a try.

Levi immediately flipped through the ancient books.

The seven evil gods and Wen Lei are responsible for restraining Sarah.

But Sarah is too horrible.

Fighting power is getting stronger and stronger with anger!

The seven evil gods were just blocking them, and they didn’t dare to really attack.

Soon most people were injured!

Sarah has a crushing momentum!

Wen Lei was beaten out again and again!

They may not last long!

No one noticed, a pair of eyes were staring here in secret.

Oni samurai sent by the East Island forces!!!

He had been looking for Levi’s whereabouts.

The sound of fighting here just attracted him.

He hid and kept observing.

Levi read the ancient books with all his heart, but didn’t find it directly.

“Huh? There seems to be someone?”

But he still noticed a little energy fluctuation.

There is no time to do other things at this time.

Levi is still reading ancient books!

He finally saw a needle method in a set of ancient medical techniques, as long as he pierced the corresponding acupuncture point, he could temporarily control the person.

Control his mind and use it for yourself!

This is a poisonous needle method recorded!

It is a vicious method used by crooked ways to control people’s minds and turn them into their own puppets.

But what Levi needs now is to temporarily control Sarah.

So this wicked needle technique can come in handy.

“Little poison, give me a set of silver needles!”

The evil god of poison is good at using poison, but from another perspective, he is also a doctor.

Therefore, it is not a problem to carry the silver needle poisonous needle with you.

The evil god of poison handed the silver needle to Levi.

Levi immediately began to act.

While the chaos turned into a flash of lightning and appeared in front of Sarah, a silver needle was already pierced at the acupuncture point.


Another transposition, a silver needle stabbed again.

After continuous transformation, seven silver needles are pierced.

With two more silver needles, Levi can control the plum dyeing.

At that very moment, the Oni Samurai suddenly shot.

He didn’t want to see Sarah under control.

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