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Chapter 1875

This is everyone’s question.

Who defeated Levi?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Who made the hand?

The Tiance Mansion and the Baolong clan are not!

Kyushu Xuanzun is still in retreat!

The number one Nandi Bass Nantian disappeared for many years.

In this way, no one seemed to be able to defeat Levi.

So who did all this?

Not just everyone in Morendam was dumbfounded.

Together with the East Island forces, they were also dumbfounded.

Isn’t it the commoner to kill the gods?

So who did it?

Is this person from Morendam or overseas?

Is there any benefit to yourself?

Just now they were immersed in the joy of hitting the Morendam martial arts world.

The news came, making them stunned.

At this time, Richard of the Eagle Nation contacted them unexpectedly.

“Man, you did a great job! You are much better than us!”

The leader of the East Island forces smiled and said: “I still can’t compare with you, Mr. Richard! We are just using conspiracy and trickery to shoot cold arrows! You are the bold move!”

“Haha, but we failed, you succeeded! I think we can cooperate more? Because of your actions, we benefited a lot this time and completed our mission in Morendam!”

“Cooperation? Yes! Can’t ask for it!”

Richard smiled: “Okay, happy cooperation! I also send you a message! The one who defeated Levi is actually his wife! She…”

Richard told all this to the East Island forces.

“We understand, it turns out that’s the case!”

“I think we can make a fuss on Levi’s wife! Since she can defeat Levi! With a little use, she can also do a great deal of damage to Morendam!”

“Okay, look forward to the next cooperation! Let’s do a big job!”

Two organizations that are good at conspiracy have even cooperated.

This is a disaster for that country and power!

Morendam martial arts world was hit hard.

Next, they will definitely make big moves.

The entire Morendam was in doubt.

I still want to know who defeated Levi!

Levi in the prison finally used the taboo technique.

I have to say that Levi is extremely talented.

Although there is a warning in the ancient books left by the Lord of cheapness.

But one more point was also written.

This taboo technique is very difficult to practice!

Even if the talent is extremely high.

However, Levi was trained.

“The Art of Taboo!!!”

Levi let out a low voice.

Use one of the taboo techniques.

“His hiss…”

A terrible anger erupted from his body.

The infuriating energy turned into black and burned like a raging flame.

The black true spirit enveloped the nine chain dragon chains, which was torn apart by the terrible burning.

About ten minutes later.

A terrible scene appeared.



Nine lock dragon chains are broken one by one!!!

The implied mechanism is useless at all!

This is not a chain of dragon chains that is split, but nine at the same time, so the mechanism does not take effect.


As the last chain dragon chain broke.

Levi broke free completely.


He used True Lloyd to shake all the chains stuck in the flesh and bones!

“Chalong chain? That’s it?”

“No one opened anything? That didn’t meet me!”

Levi then left here.

No one happened to watch.

After learning that Levi was not defeated by Common Killer God, Tiance Mansion immediately sent a few people from Tianlong to inquire about Levi.

Who defeated him?

“Huh? There seems to be something wrong!”

Several people felt something was wrong outside the prison.

Everyone immediately ran into the prison.

When they saw that the prison was empty, they were all frightened.

This this this…


Where is Levi?

Several people from Tianlong ran to the front and saw the nine broken chain dragon chains completely stunned.


“Levi actually opened the dragon chain? He ran away? My God!”

Chapter 1876


Tianlong watched the unbelievable scene in front of him, and directly sat down on the ground.


Everyone’s eyes have to fly out!

How is this going?

The chain of the dragon is broken?

how can that be!

Tiance Mansion has always been, no matter how powerful it is, as long as it is locked by the dragon chain, it cannot be opened at all.

There is no possibility!

There is no precedent!

But on Levi’s body, the chain of the dragon was broken!

this is too scary!

Xuan Lang carefully looked at the broken part of the chain dragon chain, and whispered: “This was caused by terrible burning and terrifying power! This is too terrible! Who in the world can have such terrifying power? This is impossible. !”

Huang Fox shook his head helplessly: “If you don’t believe it, there is no way, the chain of Suolong is broken, and Levi has escaped!”

“Is it Levi’s own strength? I don’t believe it! I think someone saved him!”

The eyes of the Tianlong people were unbelievable.

“Others rescued? Who dare to ask who has the power to open the chain of dragons?”

“It’s better to spread the news as soon as possible!”

“Levi has escaped!!!”

“Levi has escaped!!!”

The whole dark spot was in a mess.

Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan soon received news that Levi had fled.

Shocked up and down.

The main reason was that the Chain Dragon chain was broken, which is equivalent to defeating the dignity of Tiance Mansion!

No one has ever done it in history!

Their cognition is about to collapse!

They never thought that one day someone would open the dragon chain!

This is equivalent to telling them that the earth is not round, but flat!

Even the facts have already happened!

But everyone still doesn’t believe it!

How could the lock dragon chain be opened?

This is impossible!

Resort in the villa.

Several people in Tianlong looked sad.

“Now it’s all right, Levi is gone! The top management has ordered to train Levi’s children and sisters! No one can touch them! We don’t even have the cards to threaten Levi! What should we do now?”

“Our pavilion owner suggested using Junjun and a few people to coerce Levi back, but was rejected by the high-level! The pavilion owner was also punished! We warned everyone not to touch the children! Otherwise, you will kill them!”

“Hey, this is a big trouble! Double blow!”

Several people discussed.

Levi did not leave directly, but hid in this holiday villa.

Hearing a few people’s conversation, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

that is really good!

The actions of the East Island forces have caused severe damage to the genius seedlings.

Originally, Junjun had the talent to be the only one who had no king. Who would dare to make a fuss about her now?

It must be offered as a treasure in Tiance Mansion!

His worries are gone!

Now that the second plan of the East Island forces had been successful, it would be useless for him to remedy it.

For the present plan, first find Sarah and the others.

Now Levi has established a special contact with the seven evil gods.

After Levi left here, he quickly contacted the seven evil gods.

And hurried to where they are.

Suddenly, an explosive news spread out——

Levi, the descendant of the Heretic God, fled from Tiance Mansion and disappeared!

Not long ago, the news released by Commoner Killing God, everyone was still immersed in doubts.

Now there is another heavy news, everyone is scalp numb.

“What? Levi escaped from Tiance Mansion? Is he really terrifying to this level?”

“Even Tiance Mansion can’t keep him? Then who else can control him?”

“No, who was it that defeated Levi in the first place? I beg him to make another movie!”

Richard and the East Island forces are planning the next step for the United States.

Hearing this news, I was shocked.

“What? Levi escaped???”

Richard’s eyes were about to fly out.

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