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Chapter 1889


The audience was in an uproar, and everyone looked over.

Where is Levi?

End of sight.

Levi was in front, and the seven evil gods followed behind.

A group of eight people came slowly!

Seeing Levi’s appearance, the field was completely boiling.

The crowd stared at Levi in anger.

In the eyes of everyone, they are demons!

They have done a lot of rebellious things!

Their biggest mistake is to live!

They can’t even breathe!

Although none of them had been hurt by Levi or the seven evil gods, they wanted to hate them.

Follow other people’s hatred together, can’t wait to peel the skin cramps!

In fact, if you want to ask them why, they can’t tell them.

Soon the seven evil gods stopped, and Levi walked straight forward.

The seven evil gods were worried.

Levi was hurt like this…

How to fight?

All seven are anxious to death!

The spies in the crowd felt more relieved when they saw the look of the seven.

Levi came with a serious injury!


Seeing Levi, Common Killer asked.


The two are more like old acquaintances.

“Let’s start, a quick fight! I have other things!”

Levi urged.

A word made the students behind Commoner Kill God furious.

Levi’s attitude was that he didn’t treat this duel as the same thing…

This is not putting their teacher in the eyes!

Damn it!

“Levi, why are you arrogant? Wait, the teacher will let you know what a strong one is!”

“Yes, Levi will undoubtedly die for you!”

Hao Yuxuan stared at Levi.


Suddenly, the whole earth trembled.

Like a major earthquake, everyone was shaken.

The commoner kills the gods from the ground!

The ground beneath my feet began to collapse and shatter…

This is the second highest ranking!!!


Commoner Killing God blasted out with a punch!

It turned out to be a punch beyond the speed of sound!

It was as powerful as a fighter jet taking off, and a long wave of air was drawn behind him!

A huge vortex formed in midair!

The terrifying power spreads around…

The earth trembled more and more, cracking huge gaps, spreading around like spider webs…

The power of a punch, so terrible!

Everyone watching the game was stunned!

Didn’t expect that Levi and Commoner Killing God would immediately start fighting as soon as they met?

And Commoner Killing God is too strong, right?

The power of this punch is simply devastating!

Speed ​​breaking through the sound barrier is supersonic!

The power can be imagined!

“This… The Commoner Killing God wants to kill Levi in a flash!”

Everyone looked silly.

It turns out that it is not only Levi who wants to make a quick fight, but the Common Killer wants a quick fight!


Levi was unwilling to show weakness and threw a punch.

The two fists slammed together.

Like Mars hitting the earth!


After Levi landed, his feet burst and the ground shook.


Blood spurted out of his mouth!

His badly wounded body can’t stop the power of Commoner to kill the gods!

The seven evil gods closed their eyes one after another.

They dare not go to see it.

This battle Levi will undoubtedly lose!

Commoner Killing God is so strong, how can Levi fight a seriously injured person?

“Hahaha, it seems that the teacher can defeat Levi without using Divine Sword Sky!”

“Levi is vulnerable to the absolute strong!”

Everyone laughed.


The Common Killer appeared briefly in a daze.

Can’t stop with a punch?

But he didn’t think much, and continued to attack!


It was another punch that broke the speed of sound.


This time, Levi had no power to parry and was directly beaten out.

But after falling to the ground, Levi quickly got up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and smiled: “Come again!”



After a few punches, Levi was beaten out again and again…

The injury continues to worsen…

Chapter 1890

This battle is not as exciting as everyone expected!

The fact that the two sides played back and forth did not happen at all!

It’s a performance of the commoner killing god alone!

Levi was crushed by Commoner Killing God throughout the whole journey!

There is no strength to fight back at all!

Levi was severely hit again and again…

But what is shocking is that every time Levi is knocked down, he always stands up.

Just like Xiaoqiang who can’t die!

No matter how powerful the Common Killer God is, he will not fall.

Tenacious vitality!

As long as he can stand up, it means he will not be defeated!

“Huh? Is this undefeated?”

Everyone was shocked by Levi’s tenacity!

The commoner killer is too powerful!

Levi is too powerful!

The Common Killer looked at Levi with shock in his eyes!

Doesn’t this fall yet?

“Levi, you stop! If you continue like this, you will die!”

The Common Killer couldn’t help but reminded.

Levi would be beaten to death by him alive if he did this again!

But Levi was much weaker than he thought!

It seems that there is really no need to use the Excalibur Sky!

The seven evil gods kept their heads down.

First, they feel sorry for Levi. They are clearly injured like that, and they will be devastated by Common Killing God…

Second, they are ashamed! Levi was ashamed of himself, and they were even more embarrassed!

Some people even couldn’t help but want to tell the fact that Levi was injured, but they still held back.

No one will believe it.

Instead, it will attract more ridicule!

Think they are making excuses for failure!

The ears and eyes of Richard and the East Island forces all smiled strangely…

They know best what happened.

Levi’s arrival is a dead end!

How could he have played like this?

The end of the crossbow!

Others couldn’t tell how refreshing they saw Levi being beaten like this!

This evil god leader should die!

After being arrogant for so long, do you really think that others can’t control him?

That is the commoner killer did not make an early move!

Otherwise, he would have died a long time ago!

“Levi will lose! Levi will lose!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

The audience cheered, and the voices of hundreds of thousands of people were comparable to the Thunder.

Today, the decent sect will cause the evil gods to fall!

Richard and the forces on the East Island, who were far abroad, had coffee and tea, and they almost celebrated on the spot.

Everyone in Tiance Mansion also breathed a sigh of relief.

Commoner Killing God has saved face for them.


Levi was punched out by Commoner Killing God again!

Levi got up again.

“Come on! I can plead with Tiance Mansion not to kill you, and keep you by my side until you feel regretful and get out of the evil spirits!”

The Common Killer didn’t want Levi’s existence to fall.

Repeatedly persuaded Levi to stop, but in disguise was to make Levi surrender.

“I don’t have the word defeat in Levi’s dictionary! Unless you beat me to death!”

Levi smiled.

Don’t look at him covered in blood, his breath is weak, as if he is dying.

But it gave people the feeling that he was full of fighting spirit, and it seemed more terrifying than just now.

“Why can’t Levi die? Is he still a human?”

The leaders of the East Island forces who watched in real time were all dumbfounded.

Richard smiled: “Do you know how big the threat Levi is?”

“It’s terrible! Fortunately, Mr. Richard has made this plan! Otherwise, with the heyday of Levi, the commoner may really be unable to kill him!”

“Yes, maybe he will lose, but it is difficult to kill him!”

Richard smiled: “I have been dealing with him for a long time, and I know his horror, otherwise I can’t get rid of him at all!”



Levi fell to the ground again and again under heavy blows.


Finally this time he only had one breath left.

He didn’t get up!

“Come on, I’ll give you another punch and you will definitely die!”

Commoner can’t bear to kill the gods anymore.

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