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Chapter 1891

Life or death is between his thoughts.

As long as Levi is soft, he will definitely stop.

Spare his life!

“kill him!”

“kill him!”

Hundreds of thousands of people all shouted.

Everyone’s face was filled with crazy joy.

They won decently!

The crooked door has lost!

The power of Cthulhu was completely defeated under the nose!

Seeing Levi’s silence, Common Killer raised his fist slowly.

He has given the opportunity!

In the eyes of everyone, including Commoner Killing God himself.

Everyone knows that Levi is dying!

There is absolutely no possibility of being alive!

Tiance Mansion also didn’t want to grab Levi and force him to tell the secret of Huoyun Cthulhu.

Levi is alive, and being able to breathe is a threat!

Killing is the best!

“I can’t help it! I don’t want to watch the little Lord die!”

The Evil Sword could not bear it, and wanted to save people.

“Me too! I don’t want the little Lord to die! He is too embarrassed to die like this!”

“Yes! Commoner kills the gods, this is no victory! The little Lord may not be weaker than him!”

Blood Cthulhu and Poison Cthulhu said one after another.

“No! The little Lord definitely doesn’t want us to intervene! Even if he died in battle, he is just as honest! This is a duel of two people, fair and just! No matter what the other side uses, we have a clear conscience!”

The black evil god stopped a few people in time.

“It’s ridiculous! It is said that we are outsiders of evil spirits and that the little Lord is a big demon, but in the end it is us who is fair and just!”

Sword Evil God sighed weakly.

Now their seven evil gods have joined forces and can definitely leave with Levi.

But they can’t do this!

Even if Levi is about to die in battle, they can only watch!

They respect the rules of duel…

Absolutely not mixed in the slightest!

But they knew that in the crowd of onlookers, they didn’t know how many decent people were waiting for Levi to die.

Even if Commoner Killing God did not kill Levi, they would rush to kill Levi!

This is the decency that keeps saying…

“What? Levi is dying?”

Seeing Sarah’s Wen Lei get the news, she was shocked.

Is Levi going to lose like this?

Is Commoner Killing God really so terrible?

“Levi? What happened to him?”

It happened to be heard by Sarah.

The original gentle plum dyed breath changed drastically, killing intently.

“Where is Levi? Take me there!”

Sarah’s eyes were red, and his aura was like Shura reborn from hell.

“Well, I’ll take you to see!”

Wen Lei was too worried about Levi’s safety.

For the present, she can only take Sarah to see Levi!

As for what to do when the two meet, she doesn’t think about it.

Currently she doesn’t want Levi to die!

On the battlefield, the clamor that Levi was about to die grew louder and louder!

It’s like the thunder rolling!

They want to see this evil god head killed with their own eyes!

It is definitely a refreshing event in life!

Raising the fist of Common Killer God for a long time, he still couldn’t bear it.

What a loss it would be to wipe out a strong man in Morendam in this way!

Even if he is a descendant of the Heretic God, as long as he changes his mind, it is still possible!


The next second, Commoner Killing God was stunned.

He looked incredible.

Because Levi struggled to stand up again.

He only hung a breath, he actually stood up!

The seven evil gods almost cried out.

“It seems that the little Lord will stand and die even if he dies, never lying on his stomach or kneeling!”

The Evil Sword’s voice was trembling.

Such a person is qualified to be their boss!

Levi Xiemei smiled: “Come on again, continue!”

The Common Killer sighed: “Hey, if you don’t go on a crooked road, you are definitely a hero! What a pity!”

This time, he will not show mercy anymore.

To punish Levi!

“Now it’s about to officially start!”

Levi smiled, with a weird smile.

Chapter 1892


Seeing Levi like this, Common Killer’s heart sank.

A bad premonition spread in my heart.

The others were all stunned when they saw Levi like this.

Levi’s appearance seemed to be back to light, with a trace of weirdness.

Everyone can’t tell what it feels like.

It seems like Levi said, everything has just begun!


Commoner Killing God put aside the complicated thoughts and blasted out with a punch!

Hit harder than all the tricks just now!

A punch, like a super weapon fired!

There was a whirlpool in the low air, like a mushroom cloud!

If the first few punches are supersonic, then this punch is twice the speed of sound, or even triple the speed of sound.

Levi couldn’t stop the punch in front.

Then with this punch, Levi will be blasted into scum!

Even a piece of bone will not be left intact.

A punch that is nearly three times the speed of sound is too powerful!


The fist blasted, and there was a screaming trembling sound in the air.

Shake the world!

The power is terrifying!

The seven evil gods closed their eyes, they didn’t want to see Levi being beaten into a cloud of blood.

They want to keep Levi’s greatest side!

Commoner Killing God is confident that Levi will die with a punch!

everything is over!

Levi stood still on the spot as if frightened and stupid.

It seems to be accepting the arrival of death!

But no one thought that Levi actually punched.

This punch came later, but came first!

With a punch that was nearly three times the speed of sound, Levi was able to make the first move!

His punch definitely exceeded three times the speed of sound!


Levi blasted out with a punch, and slammed into Common Killing God with a punch.

“Kacha Kacha…”

Suddenly, the earth collapsed and the mountains cracked, and the sun and the moon reversed.


A scene that no one expected appeared.

The Common Killer was defeated by Levi’s punch, and he was beaten out, vomiting blood.

His eyes were filled with incapable shock: “Three times the speed of sound?? How is this possible?”

The audience was in an uproar.

Everyone is going crazy!

With a sigh of relief, Levi actually shot the Common Killer God away.

is this real?

Are you dreaming?


The spies hiding in the crowd are about to vomit blood.

Richard and the leaders of the East Island forces who watched in real time were choked with coffee and tea.

How could Levi, who was dying, suddenly burst out with such terrifying strength?

Everyone froze for dozens of seconds!

The seven evil gods noticed the abnormality, and when they opened their eyes, they were all shocked.

What’s going on here?

The little Lord is hurt like that, how can it be?

And looking at Levi’s state, it was like a raging fire.

It’s definitely not going back, or using extreme methods to instantly improve one’s strength…

The faces of the seven evil gods revealed surprises…

Upon seeing this, a group of people in the crowd raised their mouths, seeming to be very satisfied with Levi.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

“How could this happen? I don’t believe it! I have a problem with my eyes!”

The audience did not want to believe the scene before them.

As for the students of Commoner Killing God, they were all terrified when they saw the teacher got hurt.

I can’t believe what happened.

“No! Nothing! He clearly has only one breath left!”

“I understand, it must be the extreme exercises of the evil demon’s outer dao, which greatly increased his strength!”

The audience regarded this situation as an extreme way of evil spirits.

The Common Killer stood up slowly, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked at Levi with clear eyes.

He is interested!

This battle will not be so boring!

Levi showed his due strength!

“Okay, very good! You made me take it seriously!”

Levi also smiled and said, “I said it, this is just the beginning!”

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