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Chapter 1896

What will he do?

Waiting to die?

“Kacha Kacha…”

Suddenly, Levi’s body bones made a bean-like sound.

His bones and veins began to change.

The true energy in his body reversed, steaming heat on his head, his blush seemed to be burning.

A face showed extreme pain!

It seems that every inch of muscle, every skeletal vein is bursting and reorganizing…

He was suffering to the extreme!

What is he doing?

This this this…

Everyone looked silly.

“He seems to be reversing the practice?”

Someone saw the slightest clue.

“Is he crazy? Reversing the exercise is completely risky! If something happens, he will burst into death!”

“Lunatic, this guy is definitely a lunatic!”

Everyone exclaimed again and again.

That’s right!

Levi is reversing the practice!

This idea has been in his mind for a long time.

When he went to prison for the second time, the basic exercise passed to him by the old man was the fastest and most suitable exercise after reshaping his martial art.

So have to say that the old man’s magical powers are vast.

There will be too much!

You can take out the corresponding exercises at will!

But taking this casually is the method of fame of Cthulrun!

However, Levi always felt that it was incomplete, there were always limitations, and it was difficult to improve!

The opponents he encountered before were relatively weak, and these shortcomings were not exposed.

These shortcomings are exposed now when you encounter the real strong.

So Levi had long been considering how to complement the exercises, or to improve it further.

He wanted to try this practice in reverse practice early on.

Coupled with the integration of the previous cultivation techniques that were not broken and not standing up!

He believes there will be a breakthrough!

But it has to pay a huge price, and it won’t happen in a short while!

Therefore, Levi started last night!

He let himself be injured!

Including being completely crushed before k!lling the gods on the cloth today!

Levi let him go!

He needs to be seriously injured to reverse the practice!

He repeatedly studied the occurrence, and serious injury is the best condition for reversing the exercises!

At this time, his martial arteries, bones, etc. are all in the most transparent state.

That is the moment of breaking the point!

He is reversing this technique!


Levi suddenly exploded with a terrible breath.

His face is hideous and terrifying, and his eyes are full of crimson flames.

A dragon that has been sleeping for thousands of years is awakened!

Terrible power gushed from his body, sending out terror like a storm.

It seems to be dark…


Commoner’s strongest sword blasted, Levi actually held the sword with both hands!

A terrible sword aura swayed above the sword, and it also contained the power of thunder and lightning, and the strong edge would shred everything!

Sword is like flames, about to melt Levi’s hands!

But Levi’s hands are like the most powerful metal pouring, they can’t be torn at all. On the contrary, there are terrible powers on both hands to firmly clamp the sky of the Excalibur Blade!

Levi’s terrifying beast-like face was reflected on the retina of Common K!ller god.

At this moment, Common Killer god was so timid!

An unprecedented fear filled his heart.

“Crack, click, click…”

The feet of the two collapsed and shattered, sinking continuously.

The terrible power spread to the surroundings.

“God, he actually blocked this sword! Is he still a human?”

“What is Levi doing? How do I feel that he has improved again?”

“What kind of strength he has? This is too strong, right?”

Seeing Levi blocking this sword, everyone felt crazy.

In front of the real-time screen.

Richard and the leaders of the East Island forces all solidified.

Look at everything in front of you incredible!

“Don’t worry! Levi is at the end of the strong crossbow! Can he stop this sword, can he stop the next one?”

Elon said disdainfully.

It’s just that what happened immediately left him stunned…

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