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Chapter 1903

Commoner Killing God’s eyes were shining, and he suddenly swept to Hao Yuxuan not far away!

Taking a meaningful look, Commoner Killing God sneered: “From this moment on, I can’t tell anyone that I have recovered!”

“Understood, teacher!”

Everyone shouted.

After leaving from here, the evil god of poison asked: “Lord, where are we going now?”

“Go and find the great geniuses!”

Levi smiled.

This is his plan.

He wants to cure all the geniuses who have been abolished by the East Island power!

Simply abolishing it is easy to cure!

But the martial arts were scrapped and shredded, and the huge Morendam martial arts world had nothing to do.

Just like Levi before.

I can only do this for a lifetime…

But for Levi, it was not difficult.

The Lord once reshaped his martial art, and he will do this too.

He has to help this group of geniuses recover as soon as possible!

The East Island forces spent such a great effort to abolish the geniuses of Da Xia, this is definitely the beginning!

There is another trick waiting behind!

In the following days, Levi will travel around Morendam!

Today, this genius has recovered physically, and his martial arts strength has gradually recovered.

Tomorrow, that genius will be reshaped into Wumai, and everything will be fine.

Even after being rescued by Levi, some of them were given instructions and their strength greatly increased.

Levi is almost a genius who is racing against time to treat Morendam.

Incidentally, treat some difficult and miscellaneous diseases, poor patients and the like.

Over time…

The name of Peerless Heavenly Doctor is getting bigger and bigger.

There is even the title of No. 1 Genius Doctor in Morendam!

All forces are investigating the whereabouts of the peerless heavenly doctor.

There are countless people who want to visit Peerless Heavenly Doctor!

But it is said that this genius doctor has a weird temper. He is the only one who finds the patient, and the patient will never find him.

“It’s a blessing for me to have this heavenly doctor!”

Tiance Mansion couldn’t help but send out such emotion.

“This shows that there are still many hidden Lords in Morendam! I will never let Levi return to the Evil God era!”

“Yes, Levi hasn’t gotten enough to let the Hidden World Expert take action! If he goes too far, there will definitely be a Hidden World Expert to take care of him! I think this heavenly doctor is a martial arts expert!”

Peerless Heavenly Doctor even stared at Tianji Pavilion.

Actively looking for his identity.

But after Levi cured these geniuses, let them all hide…

In order to give a big surprise in the future!

Smash the conspiracy of the East Island forces in one fell swoop!

Not only that, Levi also arranged for the Sword Evil God to do other important things.

During this time, Sarah got along well in Tiance Mansion.

Tiance Mansion has incorporated Sarah and Wen Lei into this institution!

There are even special mentors to guide the two people how to use their talents to maximize their strength.

Jun Jun is the pampering of the entire Tiance Mansion plus Baolong clan!

It is said that Junjun’s strength has reached an unimaginable realm!

But Tiance Mansion chose to keep it secret!

the other side.

The Common Killer kept the students tight-lipped, but Hao Yuxuan still said everything.

However, Hao Yuxuan had long been spotted by Levi’s people and the Common Killer God.

Levi has even found out the true identity of Hao Yuxuan.

He is a native of Dongdao, but was arranged to work as an undercover agent in Morendam since he was a child…

There are many people like him!

Levi asked the secret team to find out one by one.

In addition, Levi also visited some people…

These people are willing to follow him.

This will have a very good effect in the future.

Since the last fiasco.

Richard and the East Island forces held a meeting again.

“We are about to start planning!”

The East Island forces are about to begin.

Richard also smiled: “Don’t worry, the first phase of my experiment was also successful. It will be mass-produced soon!”

It was calm during this time, but this was the tranquility before the storm.

An unprecedented storm will come.

Chapter 1904

During this period, someone discovered a phenomenon…

It stands to reason that Levi climbed to the top of the list and hit Tiance Mansion again.

Now he is lawless, no one can cure him!

Shouldn’t he directly pull back to the Evil God era?

Will Da Xia be a hell on earth?

Why is there no movement at all?

Not only that, even his seven evil gods and the major forces did not move!

They all seem to be good citizens who are strict with themselves!

There is a gossip that the evil god of blood no longer uses human blood to practice exercises, and that the evil spirit of poison no longer uses humans to refine poison…

Even some evil gods don’t kill people anymore, they’ve changed their evil spirits into righteousness!

All of them have changed sex!

Obviously they can do whatever they want, but they didn’t do anything!


Why is all this?

This contrast makes it difficult for everyone to accept…

They are the forces of evil gods!

Many people are just like others.

What others say, he thinks it is.

Ninety-nine percent of people have heard of it, but haven’t seen it!

But take the hearing as true!

A small number of people are still sober.

The problem was quickly discovered.

Since Levi became the leader of the Heretic God, instead of doing anything to harm Da Xia, he is getting better.

The seven evil gods and many of their subordinates have even been changed!

And gradually news was released that it was not the Seven Evil Gods who abolished Morendam’s hundreds of Tianjiao!

When those people attacked, they wore masks and face towels, and they didn’t dare to show their true colors…

But this is not the style of the seven evil gods!

The Cthulhu forces acted arbitrarily, wishing the whole world would know that they did it!

How can you do such a sneaky thing…

There are many other clues that have been exposed, and the evil spirits really haven’t done anything extraordinary.

“I still believe that the word side by side king, maybe he wants to turn these evil demons into super powers to protect Morendam!”

“I feel so too! This person is always worthy of your trust!”

During this period of time, Levi disappeared.

This made a small number of people even more convinced that Levi.

The catastrophe predicted by Tiance Mansion did not come…

The era of Cthulhu has never come!

When everyone was puzzled about Levi, he almost cured Morendam’s geniuses!

After the martial art was restored, the Tianjiao practiced frantically, recovering to their original strength as quickly as possible.

Not only that, Levi also sent the Sword Evil God and them out to find the top three missing places.

They found it!

Levi cured their injuries and helped them quickly regain strength!

At this point, Morendam’s Tianjiao had basically recovered.

When the forces on the East Island take a targeted big move, it is estimated that everyone will fully recover.

And after receiving Levi’s guidance, some people have greatly increased their strength!

On the whole, the Tianjiao who are now healed are stronger than before!

No one would think of it.

The East Island forces did not expect it!

Especially when I saw hundreds of Tianjiao all appear in the back, I was shocked to cry!

Levi almost shattered their conspiracy with his own power!

The next focus is Hao Yuxuan.

Levi wanted to dig out the East Island forces behind by staring at him.

It’s just that Hao Yuxuan and the East Island forces didn’t know they were being targeted.

On this day, Levi had just finished healing a genius and was preparing to go back with the evil god of poison.

In the middle of walking, Levi suddenly stopped.

“I have followed all the way, come out!”

Levi said coldly.

The evil god of poison was shocked, because he hadn’t noticed anyone around him at all.

How did Levi detect it?

“Hahaha, it deserves to be the number one in the summer list! Admire it!”

With the sound, a group of five people appeared in the field.

The poisonous god was horrified.

What is the origin of the other party?

They are disguised now, how can they recognize it?

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