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Chapter 1905

For such a long time, he and Levi changed their faces and wandered around Morendam as a heavenly doctor.

No one has ever noticed their identity!

After all, this is Levi’s personal transformation skills learned from ancient books.

second to none!

Someone could see through.

It’s really shocking!

The comer is not good!

The evil god of poison stared at several people.

Five people wore black robes and scarlet masks.

The robe is embroidered with a cross on the chest!

“Bible Organization?”

Levi said with a smile.

This organization came out of his mind subconsciously.

The Evil Sword God and the others reminded that all the traitors who fled had turned to the Bible organization.

The Bible Organization will definitely retaliate.

I didn’t expect to come very fast!

“It’s them?”

After the poisonous god heard this, his face changed drastically.

“Old Poison, can’t you even hear my voice?”

One of the five slowly took off the scarlet mask, revealing a face familiar to the evil god of poison.

The god of wind who followed the god of underworld to overseas!

“And me, old poison!”

Another person took off his mask, and the evil spirit was shocked.

The once violent evil god!

It really is the Bible organization!

The poisonous god was shocked. How long hadn’t seen them before, he actually met again!

But things are right and wrong, the evil god of poison feels that all his brothers in the past have changed.

It is no longer the passionate brothers who used to follow the Huoyun Cthulhu.

They seem to have become cold-blooded machines.

“You… what are you doing here?”

The evil god of poison looked at several people in horror.

Feng Xie Shane smiled and said: “We are not here to find you, we come to him!”

Five people from the Bible organization looked at Levi.

“what’s up?”

Levi asked.

“Congratulations, after our long observation! You are eligible to join the Bible Organization! We are here to pick you up and join us!”

Fengxie Shendao.


This made Levi and the poisonous god both stunned.

What the hell?

I thought the Bible organization was coming to trouble.

The result is to join by yourself?

The evil god of poison was also stunned.

He just prepared to send a signal to the others!

“Your battle with Commonwealth Killing God includes the previous battles, and the Bible organization is watching you! Now you are ranked first in the summer list, and you are eligible to join the Bible organization! Become an important senior! It may not be possible to become the helm of the Bible organization in the future. !”

Several people said sincerely.

That’s right!

They are here to invite Levi!

But Levi and Poison Cthulhu heard another meaning.

It seems that a strong person at the top of the Big Summer Ranking can be considered barely possible in the Bible organization, and it is not terrible.

So how terrible is the Bible organization?

No. 1 on the Big Summer Ranking is only eligible to join…

Both of them are very curious about this question.

Wasn’t the Bible organization founded by the evil gods?

The Underworld God is powerful, but at best it is 80 to 90% of the level of the Fire Cloud Evil God!

Haven’t reached the point of crushing and despising Levi!

The evil god of poison asked: “Lao Feng, the man at the helm of the Bible organization is Lao Ming?”

Feng Xie Shane shook his head: “No! You underestimate the Bible Organization! The Devil God is powerful, but it is only one of the eight black angels of the Bible Organization! It can only be regarded as the middle and upper levels of the organization! There are many terrifying figures above! Especially! The man at the helm, nicknamed the God of Darkness! Far more terrifying than our once Lord Huoyun Cthulhu!”

The evil god nodded: “Yes, that’s right! We are a mess in the Bible organization! The Bible organization is a hundred times stronger than you think! This is why Levi is only qualified to join the Bible organization!”

The implication of the two is that Levi is very strong, but he is only qualified to join the Bible organization.

Levi and the evil god of poison looked at each other, and they were both extremely shocked.

So the Bible organization is so terrible?

Are the evil gods just a small person?

“Levi agreed or not?”

Chapter 1906

The poisonous god is still immersed in shock…

According to the description of the old deceased, this biblical organization is much better than them!

Especially the Dark God is definitely stronger than the Huoyun Evil God!

He could not imagine being stronger than his old Lord!

Levi smiled and said, “You invite me to join?”

Feng Xie Shane nodded: “Yes, this is the meaning of the Bible organization, and it is also the meaning of the dark god!”

“Wait, what are the benefits of joining the Bible Organization? Can I be the boss?”

Levi’s words changed the complexions of several people.

What is he doing?

To be the boss?

Are you crazy?

“Look at what I said in Morendam, I used to be one word side by side! Needless to say? Even now I am the boss of one party, the seven evil gods have to listen to me! Isn’t my good boss wrong, where do you go to do miscellaneous tasks?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

Facing Levi’s rhetorical question, several people furiously said: “Levi, you don’t know what the Bible organization means. It is a great blessing in your life to see you and let you join!”

“Do you still want to be the leader of the Bible organization? Do you have the qualifications? Even if you are the number one in the summer list, you are really nothing in the Bible organization?”

“If you join! Be obedient, maybe someone will give you pointers and improve your strength a lot! It is not impossible to reach the top of the world in the future!”

Everyone talked a lot, but in short it was very simple.

The biblical organization is far more terrifying than everyone thought, with Levi’s strength just barely joining!

After listening, Levi smiled: “Oh, forget it! I’ve always been a chicken head, not a tail of the wind!”

“So thank you all for your love, I won’t be a little brother wherever you guys are!”

After speaking, Levi was leaving with the evil god of poison.

“Wait, who told you to leave?”

There was a sharp shout.

Five people from the Bible organization stopped in front of Levi.

“What do you mean? Do you dare to control our stay?”

The poisonous god said coldly.

The five ignored him and their eyes fell on Levi.

“You have to agree if you agree, and you have to agree if you don’t!”

The evil god stared at Levi fiercely.

“Yes, we are not discussing with you! We are here to inform you that you must join the Bible Organization!”

The other three people who didn’t take off their masks spoke blunt Morendam language.

Levi smiled: “Then what if I don’t agree?”

“Then don’t blame us for doing it yourself, catch you back!”

The five breaths have soared, and Levi has been locked in.

The task assigned to them by the Bible Organization was that if Levi didn’t agree, he would forcibly bring it back.

“If you want to take me back, just relying on the five of you is not enough!”

Levi sneered.

“Then try, the first in the summer list, we didn’t care about it!”

One of them looked at Levi with disdain.

The five of them are the eighteen dark angels of the Bible organization, and they have strong talents and fighting capabilities!

It turns out that in the concept of the evil evil gods, the evil spirits of wind and the evil spirits of violence are similar to their seven evil gods.

Strong estimates are not strong enough!

But how did they know that after the six evil gods joined the Bible organization, the Dark God tempered their bodies in a special way and gave them super talents! ,

The strength of the six of them doubled!

Now these six people are one level stronger than the seven evil gods!

This is why the Bible Organization only sent five people to bring Levi back, not for anything else, but they believed in the strength of these five people!


The strength of the five people is shown.

The evil god’s face changed drastically.

So strong?

Are the evil gods and wind evil gods at this level?

What’s more terrifying is that the other three are stronger!

If the evil god of poison knows that these five people are actually the weakest five of the eighteen dark angels in the Bible organization, I am afraid they will go crazy!

“Come on, let’s fight!”

Levi was not used to them.

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