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Chapter 1923

Several people looked at Levi indifferently and left.

This is a kind of supreme god, contempt for mortals!

At the level of the jewel of the gambling king family, ordinary people are no different from ants.

Levi never cared about the threat of such a kid.

Are there few people threatening him over the years?

But is it possible?

not a single one!

Even the Eagle Nation and the likes of Richard have nothing to do with him!

Not to mention other people!

He Qingxue left soon.

She didn’t want to worry about it, so she took Levi on the boat.

At that time, Levi is dead or alive, and has nothing to do with her.

No matter what Guo Yifei did to Levi, she would not stop it.

Levi continues to read the information of the Lord of magic!

This is also a legend!

He has had physical defects since he was a child, his left hand and right foot are absent, his right eye is blind, and his left deafness!

Legend has it that he is a man of heaven, so he was born disabled!

The following are some of his extraordinary deeds.

The more I look at it, the more I feel that this person is magical, and Levi has more confidence.

At least Sarah is more promising!

This is a good thing!

In the luxurious cabin, He Qingxue gathered together.

“Qingxue will go back this time, and your wedding will be booked! This time, you can’t hide it anyway!”

Fisher Peiqi said.

He Qingxue looked calmly: “Forget it, this is my destiny! I can only accept it!”

Ren Tianfeng smiled and said: “Qingxue, don’t you be sad, I’ve seen your fiance! That’s the young Lord of the Blackwater Group of the Warhawk Nation super consortium! No matter what you are, you have nothing to say about your background! It is definitely the dragon among the people!”

“Do you know the most important thing?”

Ren Tianfeng suddenly lowered his voice, lowered his head, and asked everyone to come closer.


Several people looked at him curiously.

“Heishui Group, do you know who to rely on?”


“It’s the most mysterious and terrifying laboratory in the legend of the Warhawk Kingdom, the laboratory of the gods! You should have heard of this more or less in the family?”

Ren Tianfeng said in horror.

Everyone nodded in unison.

There was horror in everyone’s eyes.

That’s right.

The laboratory behind Richard is called the Laboratory of the Gods.

Just listen to this name to know how terrible!

This laboratory has implied itself as the gods above human beings.

“Of course I have heard of this! We even bought the secret products of the Gods Lab! Didn’t expect the Black Gold Group to rely on them?”

He Qingxue looked surprised.

“It should be said that Heishui Group is the Lab of the Gods at all! As the most advanced laboratory in the world, it requires a lot of funds and resources! Heishui Company is the best choice! It is their own at all!”

Ren Tianfengdao.

Fisher Peiqi gasped, “Is it so terrible? But that’s fine! Qingxue married the right person! My grandfather said that he can touch the edge of the laboratory of the gods, even if he is standing at the top of the world! Not to mention joining them. Qingxue married, and may not be able to enter the laboratory!”

“Yes, Qingxue is a great opportunity! I have also heard that the Lab of the Gods controls the most important things in the world! That is what truly stands on top of the world!”

Everyone looked at He Qingxue with envy.

Even He Qingxue’s expression eased a lot.

Since it is a marriage of interests, the more promising development prospects, the better!

Under the influence of the big family’s interests, He Qingxue naturally wants to be at the top.

The attraction of the Lab of the Gods to her is too much!

If Levi were to hear their conversation, he would probably be shocked.

What kind of terrible existence is in the laboratory of the gods?

The ship tossed around for a day and night, and finally reached Golden Harbor Island.

Before disembarking, Guo Yifei raised his mouth: “I almost forgot this kid, wait for him!”

Chapter 1924

The three of He Qingxue left first.

They didn’t care about Levi at all.

It’s like an ant on the ground.

Guo Yifei was young and vigorous, and was ignored by Levi. He was naturally unhappy.

He was waiting for Levi with a group of guards.

“The family often tells me not to cause trouble in other places in Morendam! It’s easy to trouble! But here is Golden Harbor Island, this is Lao Tzu’s site! See how I killed you!”

Guo Yifei sneered.

After a while, he had already figured out many ways to deal with Levi.

He even laughed out loud himself.

“Lord, why isn’t this kid coming out yet?”

Only a few minutes passed, and Levi was never seen, and the guard couldn’t help asking.

“Wait! I guess this kid is in the too!”

Guo Yifei couldn’t help saying.

five minutes.

ten minutes.

Time passed by every minute.

A full twenty minutes.

Guo Yifei’s group of people never saw Levi.

“What’s going on? Did this kid get off the boat early?”

Even Guo Yifei himself was puzzled.

“Lord is absolutely impossible! We have been guarding here since we approached the port! No one disembarked at all! That kid is just an ordinary person, let alone disembarked early under our noses!”

The voice of the guards resolutely said.

They are all super strong, how could someone run away under their noses?


Guo Yifei has no doubt about this.

“Is this kid hiding on the boat deliberately for fear that I will trouble him?”

Guo Yifei thought of a possibility.

“It’s possible!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Then look for me quickly! You guys stay here!”

All dozens of guards from Guo Yifei boarded the ship and began to look for Levi.

It’s just that they turned the ship upside down, and there was no trace of Levi at all.

“Young Lord Guo, what are you looking for?”

The person in charge of the ship greeted him.

“Where is that kid?”

Guo Yifei asked.

“Oh, he, got off the boat early!”

Since there were not many people on board, they were still very concerned about Levi.

He saw Levi’s boat coming down with his own eyes!

“What? Disembarked early? When did it happen?”

Guo Yifei and the guards were extremely shocked.

“Just twenty minutes ago!”

“Impossible! All of us guarded below twenty minutes ago! He can’t leave!”

Guo Yifei vetoed it.

The person in charge of the ship smiled bitterly: “Guo Shao, I really looked at my watch at the time, the time is right!”

“Guo Shao is right, he is the ship that got off 20 minutes ago!”

The others also all affirmed.

Guo Yifei everyone looked at the person in charge of the ship and they didn’t look like a lie, and they were all dumbfounded.

“Huh? Damn it?”

How can people disappear for no reason?

They were guarding the exit, how could they slip under their noses?

This is impossible!

Could it be that Levi is…

They thought of a possibility that Levi was not an ordinary person, but a super strong, better than everyone present.

But this is impossible!

“Guo Shao, do you think this kid knew that we blocked him and jumped into the sea and escaped?”

Someone suggested a possibility.

“Yes, yes! It’s very possible!”

Others also felt that this possibility is very high.

Guo Yifei asked everyone to look for it again, and then left after not finding it.

But Guo Yifei always felt something was wrong.

If he jumped into the sea and escaped, his people would find it too.

This is no ordinary guard.

Either the martial artist is strong, or the superpower.

Someone flees from such a short distance, how can they not be found.

“It’s not normal! Find him for me!”

Guo Yifei sent people to look for Levi on Golden Harbor Island.

At this moment, Levi has arrived in the downtown area of ​​Golden Harbor Island.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Levi deliberately avoided Guo Yifei.

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