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Chapter 1929

Sure enough, the gambling king, surrounded by everyone, also came to the gate.

Thousands of Lords from the gambling king’s family also gathered for the first time!

This is the first time such a situation has occurred since the establishment of the King of Gambling Family!

Some people will be bold enough to come to the gambling king family to make trouble and kick the hall!

This is unprecedented!

After the alarm that hadn’t been sounded for decades, the entire family of gambling kings turned on the most advanced state of alert.

All modern weapons open!

Ninety-nine percent of the Lords in the family are all mobilized!

Even the major forces scattered on the Golden Harbor Island and the surrounding gambling clan sent people to rush in the first time.

Even the other clan forces on Golden Harbor Island are asking about the situation in the first place, whether they need support or not…

For a while, the entire Golden Harbor Island seemed to be in chaos.

With Levi’s approach, the Golden Pot Island was turned upside down!

Thousands of people gathered at the gate of Longteng Villa in the blink of an eye.

The inner three floors and the outer three floors are surrounded by water.

Everyone looked at Levi!

Everyone couldn’t help being surprised to see him alone!

Originally thought it was a big force attacking the gambling king family.

Unexpectedly, there is only one person!

“The King of Gambling!”

Then, the king of gambling with a leading cane arrived.

“what happened?”

The Gambler asked with an unhappy expression.

He Qingxue, who had experienced all of it, told the audience about everything that would happen.

“Grandpa, you are too sensitive, he is only one person! Why is there such a big movement?”

He Qingxue has returned to normal now.

She was indeed shocked just now.

Mainly Levi gave her a sense of contrast!

Obviously an ordinary person, but suddenly broke out, it was really scary.

“Well, but this kind of thing has never happened before, it’s better to be cautious!”

Said the gambler.

Just because this situation has never happened before, everyone was too cautious when it happened.

“What’s the matter? What happened?”

He Qingxue’s good friend Ren Tianfeng and others came one after another.

Guo Yifei was shocked when he saw Levi standing in the field.

Especially Guo Yifei was the most fearful.

He sent so many people to look for Levi’s whereabouts, but he didn’t expect him to come to the king of gambling.

“This…is it all about him?”

Fisher Peiqi’s eyes were full of incredible.

He Qingxue nodded.

“Okay, kid, you came here to run wild! You are looking for death! Qingxue, I will tell you…”

Guo Yifei told everyone that Levi had slipped away on the ship that day.

“It doesn’t seem to be an accident, this kid does have two brushes!”

Guo Yifei stared at Levi and said coldly: “Don’t worry about it, leave this to me! I’ll take care of him!”

Guo Yifei just wanted to count the old grudges together.


A majestic voice sounded.

The gambling king stood up.

Guo Yifei and several people immediately retired.

The gambling king stared at Levi tightly, “Boy, what are you doing here with me? I heard you let me come out to see you?”

“Well, that’s right! The purpose of my coming to you is very simple! I want to ask you about a person’s whereabouts!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said this, the audience was shocked.

Everyone thought that Levi was here to provoke.

He never expected to inquire about a person’s whereabouts.

He Qingxue was stunned.

The gambling king was stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

After a moment of silence, the gambling king asked, “Who are you going to find out about?”

Now, he is also very curious.

Levi did not hesitate to bet on who the king’s family wanted to find out!

“I want to find out about a Lord of spells, I don’t know his real name, I only know that he has a nickname—half fairy, half ghost! You should know that, right?”

Levi said.

“What??? You want to ask him?”

It’s just that Levi said it, and the atmosphere was obviously stagnant.

Especially the look of the gambler has changed significantly.

Chapter 1930

As soon as the term “half fairy and half ghost” came out, the younger generation didn’t feel it.

But the face changed drastically when he got older.

Because Levi mentioned a taboo on Golden Harbor Island!

What Banxian said was that his magic spells reached the sky, and the geomantic omen was simply supernatural.

In the past, the upper class of Golden Harbor Island asked him to act whether it was for the opening of a company or the marriage of a wife and children.

Anything that he has been conditioned, went smoothly and embarked on the path of becoming rich and wealthy.

Even gambling kings of these levels are no exception.

Have looked for this Lord!

It can be said that the brilliance of these top beings on Golden Harbor Island is inseparable from this Lord.

That’s why Levi was so shocked when he saw the Lord spell Lord information.

It is no exaggeration to say that the glory of Golden Harbor Island in the past few decades is inseparable from this Lord!

He supported it alone!

But the most terrifying thing is half ghost…

The initial half-ghost title did describe his disability and ugly face like a ghost.

But then everything changed.

The title of half ghost has become a taboo, a horror that everyone talks about!

However, this happened later and was completely blocked by the upper circles of Golden Harbor Island.

So that the young people and everyone outside of Golden Harbor Island do not know the news of this magic Lord.

Only then did Gemini give Levi information, the reason for the error.

Seeing the reaction of the gambling king, Levi knew that he was right!

Fortunately, it was directed at the gambling king.

If you find other people, you might be wasting time.

These young people like He Qingxue didn’t seem to know the half-immortal and half-ghost, and looked at the gambling king and Levi with a puzzled expression.

“Yes, this time I came to Golden Harbor Island to find half a ghost and half a fairy!”

Levi said very positively.

The gambling king was angry and shouted: “Go! There is nothing half-fairy and half-ghost here! I don’t know where he is!”


The king of gambling made this move that everyone did not expect.

It stands to reason that Levi was so provocative and said another half fairy and half ghost.

No matter how he won’t let him live.

Let him go?

Why is this?

Does it have something to do with half fairy and half ghost?

“Huh? Are you sure you don’t know where he is?”

Levi asked.

The gambling king vetoed: “I don’t know! Don’t look for it! Get out of Golden Harbor Island! Otherwise, you will die and have no place to bury you!”

“Really don’t know?”

Levi muttered to himself, he wanted to leave.

At this moment, he received a message from the Western Heavenly King.

Message: Half fairy and half ghost are locked up by the gambling king.

After reading the news, Levi’s face changed abruptly, slowly raised his head, and his eyes fell on the gambling king.

The gambling king was guilty by Levi’s gaze, and he scolded: “Get out! If you don’t leave, I promise you will die!”

Levi sneered and said, “Why are you so guilty? You locked up half a fairy and half a ghost?”

When Levi said these words, the faces of the gambling king and his brothers and sons changed wildly, revealing unbelievable expressions.

“You… how did you know?”

He Zongtang’s face turned pale for a moment, and he asked, breathing heavily.

This is also the question of the gambler!

This time, all of them paid attention to Levi!

It turned out that he knew that half fairy and half ghost had been locked up by himself.

So I came here specially!

He Qingxue and others continued to be confused, and didn’t know what was going on.

“You…who are you? What is your relationship with him?”

The Gambler asked with a hint of horror.

Levi smiled: “I didn’t know him before, I came to him just to ask him to do it! Hand over the people! I won’t participate in your grievances! I will ask him to do it!”

Hearing this, the gambling king’s face eased a lot.

“You really have nothing to do with him?”

Levi shook his head: “No.”


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