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Chapter 1931

The gambling king suddenly laughed.

He Zongtang and others also showed smiles.

“I thought you were a descendant or family member of that guy, you didn’t even know you!”

He Zongtang smiled.

Levi didn’t understand what they meant.

At the beginning, when he said half-immortal and half-ghost, the gambling king thought they had something to do with half-immortal and half-ghost.

Thus fear.

Fear that his purpose is to save people or get revenge.

Now that they understand that they are here to find a half-immortal and half a ghost, they are not afraid.

Kill it!

The news that the half-immortal and half-ghost were locked up by the gambling king family must not be spread.

Therefore, Levi must die.

The gambling king was about to order Levi to be killed, but he was the first to say: “I advise you to hand over the people obediently! Don’t force me to do it myself!”

For his wife, Levi will do it no matter what the difficulties are.


As soon as Levi said this, everyone in the audience was taken aback.

When was the gambling king’s family threatened?

“You have a kind of brat! You even threaten us!”

“Then I tell you clearly! He, I won’t hand it over! You are dead! For the sake of your patience, kowtow and admit your mistakes, I’ll consider letting you go!”

Said the gambler.

It’s not that he is kind and kind.

Existences at his level are all profit first, and life is not worth mentioning.

It’s just that during this period of time, he didn’t say anything about eating and reciting the Buddha.

A friend of his high monk told him-don’t see blood these days.

Based on this, the gambling king will let Levi live a life.

Otherwise, Levi would definitely die if he knew such a big secret.

“What are you waiting for? My grandfather is merciful and let you go! Don’t kneel down and kowtow to apologize!”

He Qingxue urged.

All the people present shouted for the kindness of the gambling king!

Levi was happy.

Want to kill yourself?

Do they have this ability?

“Well, I’ll give you a chance! Obediently hand over the half fairy and half ghost by this time tomorrow, and I will assume that nothing has happened.”

“If I don’t see anyone, I will be at my own risk. I will overthrow the Longteng Villa, and I will find the person myself!”

Levi said solemnly.


Hearing Levi’s words, everyone present was stunned for dozens of seconds.

For decades, no one has provoke the gambling clan, and no one dared to threaten the gambling clan so much!

An unprecedented first experience!

Still a threat of public time execution!


What a shame!

Everyone in the Gambling King’s family turned red and was extremely angry!

Provocation to Tai Sui’s head!

How can this be tolerated?

“kill him!”

“kill him!”

Everyone shouted.

He Zongtang waved his hand and shouted: “Kill! Provoking the He family, kill without mercy!!!”

Just as the Lords were about to start, the gambling king’s voice sounded: “Hold on!”

“Let him go today! I want to see if I don’t pay someone tomorrow, what are the consequences?”

The gambling king was all smiles.

In fact, in his opinion, Levi is just like an ant.

Although he has some skill, he can kill him at will in front of the giant family of gambling kings.

But this matter became interesting.

He Jianfeng has never been threatened like this before!

Absolutely the first time!

He was very interested and wanted to know what Levi said at his own risk.

That’s why he wanted to let Levi go.

Waiting to see what will happen to Levi if he doesn’t hand over him tomorrow?

Will it really come to overthrow Longteng Villa?

I am looking forward to it!

Over the years, the gambling family and even Golden Harbor Island have been too quiet.

Especially after Kyushu Xuanzun was in retreat, nothing happened.

The gambler also wants to find something to do.

He Zongtang and others immediately understood what the gambling king meant.

“Okay, let him go!”

Before Levi left, he left a sentence: “I only give you one day, you can show all your hole cards and wait for me!”

Chapter 1932


Not only did no one pay attention to Levi’s words, but it drew waves of ridicule.

No one takes this as the same thing.

They are just a joke!

“I’m afraid this kid is not a slow-down strategy, right? I think most of them want to escape! Only to give us a day!”

“I think it’s very possible! I can’t wait for him tomorrow, he will leave Golden Harbor Island when he leaves!”

Everyone just thought it was Levi who wanted to run.

“Come here, stare at him! Never let him leave Golden Harbor Island! I still want to see the consequences?”

The gambling king ordered, and several super powers immediately followed.

He Zongtang leaned forward and smiled: “Father, tomorrow is a good day!”


“First, the young boss of the Heishui Company will come; second, the day when Xuanzun of Kyushu will leave the customs; third, the boy has agreed on a date.”

He Zongtang explained.

The gambling king laughed a few times: “This is so! What a good day! Tomorrow Xuanzun Kyushu will be invited too! Everyone see a good show!”


Everyone laughed.

He Qingxue’s father, He Zongwen, laughed and said: “If, I said, if this kid has the ability to reach the sky!

But tomorrow the gambling king family, Kyushu Xuanzun, Heishui Company, and the dignitaries of the entire Golden Harbor Island are all there! He too is dead! What’s more, what I’m talking about is if, it’s just a brat! “

The gambling king was also happy: “It was he who told us to take out all the hole cards! I took it out!”

The gambler just took this matter as fun.

But he never thought that Levi was really worthy of all his hole cards.

At this moment, Levi returned to the place arranged by the Western Heavenly King.

“Wang, why don’t you just punch in and bring people out?”

Xi Tian Wang asked puzzledly.

“Anyone may fall short!

First, only a few people know about the detention of the half-immortal and half-ghost. It seems that he is regarded as a taboo terror, so the place of detention is very mysterious, and I may not find it! Even if you overturn the gambling king family, it is not necessarily useful!

Second, if I act and push them in a hurry, I might kill half a fairy and half a ghost! “

Levi explained.

After listening to the Western Heavenly King, he suddenly realized.

“So you give them one day to relax their vigilance, and even the gambling king might go to see half-immortals and half ghosts, thereby exposing the places where half-immortals and half ghosts are closed?”

Levi nodded: “Yes, that’s right! I have sent someone to lurk in Longteng Villa! As long as the gambling king visits him, I will know the place!”

“As expected to be the king! Admire it!”

The Western Heavenly King exclaimed.

Levi did not expect it.

The gambling king went to see the half fairy and half ghost.

Longteng Mountain Villa actually has a different cave underground, but the entrance is extremely difficult to find.

Within the gambling king family, no more than three people know people.

Even He Zongtang and He Zong didn’t even know where the entrance was when he asked them.

Only the gambler and his personal guards and butler know.

The three came to the entrance and entered the underground world.

Little did they know that someone witnessed all this in secret.

In the underground world, there is a secret room.

The door of the secret room is made of special alloy, and cannons and missiles cannot penetrate it.

Unless the biometrics of the gambler is scanned, it will not open at all.

Even the strongest cannot open this door.

So the half fairy and half ghost are locked here, don’t try to rescue everyone.


After the gambler’s biometric scan and identification, the door slowly opened.

The scent of moisture and rancid smell rushed to the face.

Can make people vomit!

In the small space in front of him, there was a person tied up with a few chains.

The ground is full of dead rats and the like.

The gambling king sneered: “How’s it going? Is it okay to eat and live?”

The so-called food, the gambling king only throws dead mice and the like every day.


The chain trembled, and the man slowly raised his head.

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