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Chapter 1937

The gambling king and his sons grinned reluctantly.

The smile was embarrassing.

If Kyushu Xuanzun really needs to take action, then the Gambling King family will make a joke.

The overlord of Golden Harbor Island, the gambling king family, has nothing to do with a young man.

It is a great shame to spread it out!

They don’t have to mix in Golden Harbor Island!

“Go on!”

The gambling king pointed to the eight people standing behind him.

These eight people are from Morendam, Westerners, and East Islanders.

Each strength is tyrannical!

The eight patron saints of the gambling king family!

It is their real trump card!

The gambling king didn’t want to continue to be ashamed, and sent the strongest person to directly solve Levi.


The eight patron saints shocked and shot.

“It is enough for this kid to be proud to be able to force the King of Gambling Family to use the eight guardians!”

Kyushu Xuanzun smiled and said.

Soon, Levi fought against the eight patron saints.

The eight patron saints have warriors, super powers, and Toshima warriors…

The tacit cooperation between each other is dozens of times stronger than those stinky fish and shrimps just now.

But to Levi, it is still an ant!

Although the eight are strong, they can join hands, and even the commoner is not capable of killing the gods!

How can you fight him?

“Not strong!”


“Not enough not enough enough! Faster speed! Stronger power!”

While fighting with the eight patron saints, Levi was actually guiding them.

He appeared to be comfortable.

While blocking the attack of the eight people, there is still the mood to do other things.

This severely provoked the eight patron saints and the family of the gambling king.

“you wanna die!”

The eight patron saints all attacked Levi like crazy.

“It feels a little bit, but it’s time to end!”

Levi’s voice fell, and his body burst out with unmatched power.



The eight patron saints flew out one by one.


Everyone’s face changed drastically on the spot!

This time even Xuanzun Kyushu was not calm anymore.

I was disdainful of Levi before, but now it’s different.

The eight patron saints are not his opponents!

Then Levi is qualified to threaten them!

“My God! Who is he?”

“The younger generation, who can defeat the eight patron saints of the gambling king’s family, is also ranked in the top three?”

“But he is not the Valkyrie Zhongqiu, nor the strongest Gemini! Who is he?”

Now, everyone is more and more curious about Levi.

Want to know his true identity!

“Go! The gambling king family must not be insulted!”

When the gambling king waved his hand, the Lords of the gambling king’s family rushed out.

Any hole cards are used.



Just come one by one and fly out one by one.

After a while, the ground was full of people wailing and painful.

None of the Lords of the gambling king’s family is standing!

Levi’s single-person strength crushes the gambling king’s family!

Everyone in the Gambling King family was shocked.

Originally thought it was a farce, they watched it as a joke on the show.

How did you know that Levi really swept the entire family of gambling kings alone!

Now all the hole cards that should be used by the gambling family, the Lords that should be used.

But to no avail!

You can’t control Levi at all!

“He he he…”

Guo Yifei was already shaking.

He was startled in a cold sweat.

If he was afraid that Levi wouldn’t leave on the ship, and he really went to make trouble, would he be where Wangye Bass is now?


The beautiful eyes of He Qingxue and Fisher Peiqi have never been removed from Levi.

This ordinary person has this ability, it is unimaginable.

Fortunately, He Qingxue didn’t drive him off the ship, otherwise it would be the same whether they were alive or not.

The atmosphere in the field freezes.

At this time, Jimson of the Blackwater Company stood up.

“I’m Jimson from the Blackwater Company. He family is covered by us, so I knelt down to apologize and spare your life!”

Chapter 1938

Jimson said lightly!

Both he and his subordinates believed that as long as the other party heard of his identity, they would immediately kneel and apologize.

For a long time, Jimson’s way of solving problems and resolving contradictions is very simple.

As long as you report your name, go up and slap the opponent a few times, the matter will be solved!

For so many years, no matter who the opponent is, Jimson has used this method to solve it.

I have never failed!

After all, who would want to offend the Blackwater Company and the laboratory of the gods behind it!

Who won’t give them face?

Now Jimson is doing the same.

Use this method to solve the crisis of the gambling king family!

He had imagined Levi kneeling in front of him, letting him slap in the face!

Thinking of this, Jimson almost laughed out loud.

When Jimson made a sound, Levi was taken aback.

“Huh? Blackwater Company? It has something to do with Richard?”

Levi didn’t expect that he would meet Richard’s people here.

Counted down indirectly, it is the enemy!

The so-called enemies are extremely jealous when they meet!

Your kid hit the gun!

Seeing Levi stunned.

Jimson and his men laughed.

It really worked.

As soon as he knew his identity, even Levi was really scared.

The gambling king family also showed joy.

Especially the gambling king He Zong asked a few people and showed ecstasy.


I am so satisfied with this marriage!

Look at the strength of this son-in-law!

Just put a word to calm Levi!

The gambling king family is already imagining a bright future.

Marriage with Heishui Company is right!

Jimson stood up, and under the protection of the bodyguards, walked towards Levi step by step.

“The kid knelt down and kowtowed to admit his mistake! I’ll spare your life! This matter is over!”

Jimson sneered.

Soon, Jimson walked to Levi.

“Have you heard of Blackwater Company?”

“Have heard it!”

“You know the Lab of the Gods, right?”


The smile on Jimson’s mouth grew thicker: “Since everything is known! Then kneel down and apologize? I am an existence you can’t afford! No family can’t be offended by you!”

But after his words came out, Levi just looked at him directly.

“What are you waiting for? Kneel down and apologize!”

Jimson reached out to push Garrison King’s Landing.


Unexpectedly, Levi opened his hand and slapped his face severely.

Suddenly, the skin broke and the flesh was dripping with blood.

Jimson screamed like a pig in pain.

“Who the fuck are you? Do I know you? Get out!”

Levi slapped Jimson’s face again.

The other side of his face was also bloody.

“I’m Jimson! Lord of the Blackwater Company! You have to kneel down for me!”

Jimson shouted.


Levi slapped again: “Who the hell are you? Why should I kneel down for you?”

“Because I am someone who can’t afford to offend! I am Heishui… slap…”

Before Jimson finished speaking, he was slapped fiercely.

“I am… slap…”

Another slap.


Jimson choked and slapped.

One of his face was swollen like a pig’s head.

A face is bloody and bloody, neither my mother nor father knows him anymore.


Jimson was beaten and cried, and Dou’s big tears flowed down unsatisfactorily.


Levi slapped again.

“Try another voice?”


Jimson fell to his knees with a puff.

“Don’t fight, I’ll take it, I won’t say anything!”

Jimson kowtowed his head and begged for mercy.

No matter how arrogant he went, he was really beaten to death by Levi.

During this process, everyone was stunned and dumbfounded.

There was no reaction at all.

Jimson suffered.

“What are you doing? Quickly let go of my young Lord?”

The Lord of the Blackwater Company stared at Levi and roared.

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