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Chapter 1939

Levi didn’t say anything.


Instead, he slapped Jimson’s face.

Jimson screamed again.

The subordinates were arrogant, and the punishment fell on Jimson.

“You try to move the young Lord again?”

Jimson’s men were all anxious and couldn’t help but shout.

“You said it yourself!”

Levi smiled.


There was another slap on Jimson’s face.


Jimson screamed.

“Boy, you are looking for death! You are not…”


Just halfway through the man’s words, Levi slapped Jimson’s face again.

Jimson was going to be killed.

“Boy, you…”

The group of guards still wanted to be arrogant, suddenly Jimson shouted like crazy: “Shut up, fucking! You say a few more words, I’m going to be beaten to death!”

“Get out, get out of here! A bunch of trash! Kill you all later!”

Jimson was about to explode.

This group of stupid men.

It didn’t work at all, it was stupid to death.

Didn’t you see that if you said one more sentence, would you be beaten?

The Lords of the Blackwater Company can only watch and dare not move.

For fear that Levi slapped Jimson!

Jimson wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Levi with a sneer: “There is a kind! You have a kind! But you have forged a relationship with Liangzi from the Blackwater Company! You wait…”

Before Jimson finished speaking, Levi slapped him again.


This slap directly flew Jimson’s white teeth away.

None of them were left.

“What I hate most is the Blackwater Company and the Lab of the Gods!!!”

Levi roared.


“It’s all my bad mouth!”

Jimson regretted his death.

I just reminded my subordinates not to be mean, I didn’t expect to forget it.

Levi in front of him was just like a lunatic.

I can’t listen to this threat most.

You will get beaten if your mouth is cheap

Jimson closed his mouth tightly, resolutely not making a sound.

So are his men.

Do not make any movement.

Levi looked at the shocked gambling king and others.

Hundreds of dignitaries on Golden Harbor Island stared at Levi angrily.

“The young man, let’s stop! We know that you are great! But if you want to go your own way, are you going to offend the entire Golden Harbor Island? Are you going to be an enemy of the gambling king family, the Heishui company, and Kyushu Xuanzun?”

“Yes, no matter how powerful you are, you are a dead end to offend you, stop it!”

“Stop it, you have made a big mistake! Don’t go on anymore…”

Faced with the threats and persuasion of everyone, Levi was happy: “Just them? Not enough to be my enemy!”

To be regarded as the real enemy.

Richard and the laboratory behind the gods count.

Nothing else is worthy at all!



No one is in sight!

But everyone can only watch, after all, he has this confidence.

Although the Blackwater Company is strong, there is a laboratory of the gods behind it.

But it is the worst.

Without even showing any strength, he was crazily crushed.

He Qingxue’s beautiful eyes flashed.

She could see something else from Levi.

I still have a lot of pride in the summer.

For example, this one is not on the list!

Guo Yifei was already so scared that his body was shaking violently.

I used to think that Levi was an ant.

Now the ants are themselves!

Levi looked at everyone in the Gambling King family and said with a smile: “I said that all consequences are at my own risk! Do you believe it now?”

The face of the King of Gambling family is hard to see to the extreme.

The reputation of the gambling king family for decades has been ruined!

Suppressed and beaten by one person!


By now.

They will not admit defeat!

The only hope is Xuanzun Kyushu.

“Xuanzun Kyushu, please take action to save the last face of Golden Harbor Island!”

The gambling king family all looked at Kyushu Xuanzun.


Chapter 1940

Kyushu Xuanzun is the last hope of the gambling king family, and even Golden Harbor Island.

If he can’t, then Golden Harbor Island will be trampled underfoot forever.

I heard Kyushu Xuanzun agree.

The gambling king family, Lloyd Lloyd breathed a sigh of relief!

The reputation of the gambling king family can still be preserved!

Hearing that the Lord was about to take action, the disciples of Xuanzun Kyushu shouted excitedly.

Everyone wants to urgently know what state of Kyushu Xuanzun has reached after retreat?

It happened to show them through Levi.

Kyushu Xuanzun’s inner thoughts are the same.

He also wanted to show his magical skills!

He thought that Levi was not strong enough before, and might not be enough for him to take action.

Surprisingly, Levi is too strong.

Just to his appetite!

Hearing that the first Lord of magic on Golden Pot Island is about to take action, other Lords of magic on Golden Pot Island have come one after another.

They want to witness the horror of the Lords of spells!

“After all, you are still too young! I don’t know the truth is that there are people outside the sky!”

“It’s a good thing for young people to be arrogant, but don’t be too arrogant! There is always someone better than you in this world!”

The gambling king couldn’t help saying.

Kyushu Xuanzun answered: “Yes! Young man, you are quite talented! You may not be able to enter the top five in the future! But you are so arrogant, I have to take you today!”

Levi was happy.

He is now number one on the top of the list!

Thousands of people are paying attention to this battle.

He Qingxue’s beautiful eyes flickered, but she didn’t know why, but in her heart she hoped that Levi would win.

Compared with Jimson who was beaten as a pig, Levi is her prince charming.

She could still agree to the marriage contract before, but now seeing Jimson so embarrassed, she doesn’t want to marry.

The battle of Golden Harbor Island has become more and more popular!

After all, it is the fourth shot on the top list!

“Stop talking nonsense, come on! Beat you, I have other things to do!”

Levi went to the Kyushu Xuanzun to hook his fingers.

One sentence angered Kyushu Xuanzun and his thousands of disciples.

This hasn’t started yet.

Did Levi mean that his Lord was defeated?

court death!

“Ignorance junior!”

Kyushu Xuanzun was merciless, and his shot was just a spell.


The air flow that the magic technique evolved was overwhelmingly pressed towards Levi.

The terrible air currents will strangle people into dross.

Everyone was shocked.

Kyushu Xuanzun is worthy of being the first Lord of spells.

The spells that were pinched out at random have such power.


Levi’s punch was flat and unremarkable, and the airflow was crushed and dispersed.

Kyushu Xuanzun was shocked.


He has all kinds of magic skills!

Almost all the faculties of his life have been taken out.

But it was useless in front of Levi.

Regardless of your various skills, I, Levi, blocked it with a fist.

At the beginning, everyone had a satisfied and assured smile on their faces.

Gradually shocked, confused, unbelievable…

Until now, everyone was stunned. .


too frightening!

Kyushu Xuanzun’s technique has reached the point where it can be used to change the weather, control thunder, lightning, wind and rain, and even ground energy.

But all this is helpless to Levi!


Absolute freak!

Even the top three in the rankings definitely don’t have this strength!

No matter how strong the strongest Gemini is, it won’t go back and forth with Kyushu Xuanzun.

This is impossible!!!

Who is he?

“Great Destruction!!!”

Xuanzun Kyushu was forced to be helpless and had no choice but to release a trick.

A killing technique!

Just because it is too cruel and bloody, Kyushu Xuanzun generally wouldn’t use it.

But this knot must be used.

“Kacha Kacha…”

One after another, the sky thunder smashed all down, to destroy everything.

“This is it?”

Levi sneered.

Terrible power erupted from his body, abruptly offsetting the sky thunder.

“Da da da…”

Kyushu Xuanzun took a few steps back and forth, asking inconceivably, “Who are you?”

Levi didn’t speak, but slowly took off the disguise mask.

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