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Chapter 1941

The eyes of the thousands of people present were all focused on Levi.

Everyone saw his face peeling off with a mask. Everyone was short of breath, even suffocating, with a heart hanging in the throat.

This is not his true face?

At this moment, Nichole was sweating profusely and did not dare to breathe.

She desperately wants to know the true face under the mask!

She was more curious about Levi’s true identity than anyone present!

McHale looked at Levi without blinking.

Soon the mask fell off, revealing Levi’s original face.


At this moment, the sounds of cold air sounded one after another.

The audience was silent.

Everyone has to suffocate!

All the body does not move, the expression is frozen!

Just like walking dead!

After seeing Levi’s true face clearly.

The gambler was dumbfounded.

Travis was dumbfounded.

Nichole was dumbfounded.

McHale was dumbfounded.

Even Jimson from the Blackwater Company was dumbfounded.

The faces of every one were crazy, extremely shocked!


It turned out to be him!

No one thought of this!

After seeing this face, many problems were solved immediately!

Why did he dare to provoke the gambling king family alone?

Why did he know that Pseudo Ghost was locked up?

Why didn’t he pay attention to Golden Harbor Island from beginning to end?

Why did he even beat the young boss of the Blackwater Company to death?

Why McHale Kysh can only fail in front of him?

All the problems were explained clearly after seeing this face.

Almost everyone recognized Levi’s face.

Even if it is relatively remote, Golden Harbor Island, which is far from Velador, is almost universally known.

At this moment, all tens of thousands of people present were shocked.

So many people have reached the point where the needle drop can be heard…

It’s really scary!

The gamblers reacted slowly.

His face was pale, and his eyes were full of fear.

Some people were even sweating profusely, their legs trembling constantly.

“Who is it Grandpa? Why are you all afraid of him?”

A crisp voice sounded.

There was a child who didn’t know Levi, and asked his elders curiously.

“Who is he?”

“The God of War, who was once Velador’s Dragon King! Now the number one on the Velador Summer list!!!

“He is also a descendant of the Cthulrun! The commander of the Seven Cthulruns!!!”

Someone shouted.


The sound of cold air was endless.

No one did not expect that the number one in the summer list would come to Golden Harbor Island.

Two days ago, the gambling king was still joking that if Levi came to Golden Harbor Island, he would definitely overwhelm this place.

Unexpectedly, the prediction came true!

He really came!


Yefil couldn’t control it anymore, he was anxious, and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

He was looking for the trouble with the No. 1 in the big summer list!

Oh my god!

What did he do?

Fortunately in the misfortune, Levi left early, and he failed to find trouble.

Once he succeeds in finding trouble, then the Gill family may have to be erased from Golden Harbor Island.

Thanks to the ancestors of the Gill family!

How about Ren Jia and Peeky Fisher?

The ants in their eyes, in a blink of an eye, have become the peak existence that they can’t afford to climb!


It’s him!

Nichole almost cried with joy!

After seeing Levi’s demeanor at the rulers’ Conference, I can never forget it again!

Peerless posture was engraved in her mind.

She felt like a person just now!

Now it’s clear!

This is Levi!

he came!

Seeing that it was Levi, Nichole was not afraid, but extremely excited.

The name Levi seemed to be bombarded by a cannonball, and everyone on the scene was blasted into perfection!

Those who are most afraid of it are those from the Blackwater Company.

They knew that Levi was the number one enemy.

They met now, nothing good…

“McHale Kysh sees Mr. Garrison who is number one on the list!”

McHale bowed and saluted.

The audience fell silent again…

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