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Chapter 1949

The undead soldier stood up, wiped the dust off his lower body, and looked at Levi with a smile.

“It’s okay? Interesting!”

Levi smiled.

It seems that this guy is not easy to kill.

It was okay to endure a punch like that.


With that punch just now, Kyushu Xuanzun was blasted to death on the spot.


The undead soldier rushed up again.

Head to head with Levi!

“I feel that the undead warrior is enough! No matter what he receives, he will not feel any pain! His self-healing ability is also terrifying!”

“The most terrifying thing is that even if he has only half of his body left, he can still fight! Because his pain nerves have been removed, he can’t feel the pain!”

“Unless he is smashed! Otherwise he can fight forever and recover quickly!”

The corners of Richard’s mouth rose up, his expression smug.

This is the undead warrior!!!

They don’t want the undead soldiers to kill Levi!

But he has been able to contain Levi to death!

The East Island forces looked excited.

There is hope!

The first person is so strong!

Does Levi have a chance?

“It’s time for us to shoot!”

The witch said to the god of war.

“it is good!”

The battle armor of the god of war began to move, and the particle cannon on his right arm condensed, and He Qingxue was already locked.

The witch is about to use witchcraft to disrupt Levi.

The death swordsman slowly pulled out the double swords on his back!

These two swords turned out to be laser swords!

One is a blue beam sword and the other is a red beam sword!

In the dim environment, it emits dazzling light and extremely strong energy fluctuations!

The Death Swordsman crossed his double swords and ran quickly, and the target was He Qingxue!

“Go together!”

The samurai of Toshima also took action.

Seven or eight super samurai pulled out katana to kill He Qingxue!

A tall samurai like a small hill also ran, holding a heavy sword of several hundred jin and slashing down fiercely.

The goal is also He Qingxue!

There was also a weird smile from the dwarf warrior, who had been observing Levi’s fight against the undead warrior and He Qingxue’s position.


He suddenly moved, and suddenly appeared near He Qingxue from a bridge several hundred meters away.


At the same time he pulled out the samurai sword on his back and stab He Qingxue!

Except that the undead warrior was pestering Levi.

Everyone else killed He Qingxue alone!

Although from the gambling king family, where did He Qingxue experience this?

Anyone here can step on Golden Harbor Island.

After being killed by so many people together, He Qingxue is absolutely unprecedented.

In an instant, He Qingxue’s hair was raised, and the roots stood up, as if he had been electrocuted.

At the same time, she had been wet with cold sweat all over her body, as if she was drenched in rain.

She felt her body light and fluttering, as if her soul had separated from her body and floated to the sky.

This is the feeling of death!

He Qingxue felt her throat pinched by a big hand, she couldn’t breathe at all, the feeling of suffocation hit, her brain consciousness was gradually blanking…


He Qingxue closed her eyes in despair!

Levi, who was fighting with the undead warrior, naturally noticed all this.

More understanding of the enemy’s intentions!

Just to distract yourself!

Go and save He Qingxue by yourself!

Not to mention knowing He Qingxue, but not knowing, she is a citizen of Morendam, Levi must also go to save.


Levi began to bombard forcefully!

“Boom boom…”

The undead soldier was smashed into it.

Seeing a gap, Levi rushed over to save He Qingxue!

At the very moment, the witch made her move.

As soon as her weird witchcraft was used, it had an impact on Levi’s consciousness!

Levi was in a daze…

At this moment, it was fatal to He Qingxue!

Chapter 1950

The duel between the Lords, the fight is an instant!

The sorceress’ interference with Levi at this moment caused him to stagnate.

What’s more, Levi still has to worry about the strong in secret!

Their existence is the deadliest!


It’s too late!

Let him miss the opportunity to save He Qingxue!

The dwarf warrior and death swordsman were the first to take action.

A katana and two laser swords will tear He Qingxue apart!

He Qingxue has been completely enveloped by the breath of death, and she has completely lost consciousness…

Just like death!

“Do not!!!”

The disturbed Levi let out a roar, his figure turned into a flash of lightning, and instantly appeared in front of He Qingxue!




The three swords that the dwarf warrior and the death swordsman killed Xiang He Qingxue were all inherited by Levi.

Just because of being interfered by the witch just now, Levi could only replace He Qingxue to block all the attacks.

If there is no interference from the witch, Levi can save He Qingxue and block all attacks.

Of course, Levi still has to worry about the strong in secret!

If he forcibly blocks all attacks, he will inevitably expose his flaws to the strong in the dark.

It is better to block all attacks by yourself!

On the contrary, he is in a state of vigilance!

In the next instant, the attacks of the other Lords had already arrived.

At this time, Levi had a chance to stop him!

He dragged He Qingxue back for a few steps, blasted out a few punches, blocking all the offensive.

However, the particle cannon of the mecha warrior not far away has been condensed to its maximum power!


This artillery blasted Levi instantly!


The particle cannon blasted Levi two hundred meters away.

Everything around was destroyed, all kinds of objects fell apart, not even a scum was left behind.


After landing, Levi took a dozen steps back and stabilized his figure.

But blood spilled from the corner of his mouth!

The clothes were even shattered, with three obvious sword wounds on his body!

He just took over all the attacks on behalf of He Qingxue and was already injured.

Now it’s being bombarded by super-energy particles, and it’s hurting again!

“Oh yeah!!!”

Seeing the first shot, Levi was wounded, and everyone shouted excitedly.

Richard and the leaders of the East Island forces also exclaimed.

This is the first time they have seen Levi so embarrassed!

The first shot, everyone cooperated with each other tacitly, and Levi was hit hard.

This gave everyone great confidence!

“Hahaha, haven’t the three of us secretly shot yet? They are looking for a reasonable time to shot. Once they shot, Levi will undoubtedly die!”

Richard laughed.

He has never been so excited!

Is Levi finally dying?


All the Lords in the field once again attacked and killed Xiang Levi.

Do not!

The same strategy as before, kill He Qingxue and force Levi to come to the rescue!


Dozens of Dongdao warriors marched side by side, the lights of their swords flickered, intertwined into a net of swords, which enveloped Levi and He Qingxue.

The other Lords also mobilized, killing Levi from all directions.

“go with!”

Levi pushed He Qingxue aside, and he suddenly attacked the oncoming Samurai East Island.


This behavior made everyone stunned.

Did Levi give up He Qingxue?


How could he let He Qingxue die?

“Kill her!!!”

Dozens of warriors were divided into half and directly killed He Qingxue.

Regardless of whether Levi cares about her life or death, they will kill!

The Death Swordsmen behind him felt the same way.

They separated half of them and went to kill He Qingxue!

Others attacked Levi one after another!

When the death swordsman saw Levi’s mouth rise, he suddenly understood something.

“No, we were fooled!”

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