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Chapter 1965

The Destroyer appeared in the eyes of the public for the first time!

Become the superhero of the Eagle Nation!

And the one who has benefited most is Richard!

Because he planned to kill Levi, he received a generous reward!

Originally, he was just a spokesperson for the Lab of the Gods, and could only be counted as the lower level.

But after killing Levi this time, he was directly promoted to the core layer of the Gods Laboratory!

Has the right to enter and exit the major base laboratories of the Gods Laboratory, and can mobilize 90% of the equipment and personnel of the Gods Laboratory.

This made Richard almost exhilarated.

This means that he can access more core technologies, more mysterious secrets and mobilize more powerful people.

You are no longer limited to destroyers!

Can mobilize existence stronger than Destroyer!

The Eagle Nation rewarded Richard with a lot of worldly things.

Such as power and wealth!

But Richard doesn’t catch a cold!

His goal is to become the core of the Lab of the Gods…

Double happiness is coming!

Levi was dead, and his goal was achieved again.

“Thank you Levi! I thought I would never be the core of the Lab of the Gods in my life!”

Richard looked up to the sky and smiled.

Richard immediately started Wood Zhengjie’s transformation energy body experiment again…

No one stopped next.

The East Island forces are as excited as Richard!

If Levi is alive, he will always suppress the Dongdao Budo Realm, and it will even affect them.

As soon as Levi died, their plan could also be carried out…

After Levi died, some people mourned, some were crazy, some were excited, and some were insulting.

Even more people get promoted and get rich!

This is a painful blow to Morendam!

During this time, how many enemy conspiracies he smashed!

At this time, Golden Harbor Island is about to be flattened!

I don’t know how many strong people have come here.

Looking for all clues.

Except for the traces of fighting, there was only a pool of blood on the scene.

Half a fairy and half a ghost deliberately manipulated it…

They can’t find anything.

“Brothers, please remember two names! Richard and Destroyer! I swear I will make them pay a tragic price!”

The Evil Sword screamed.

“To avenge the Lord!”


The seven evil gods and the forces of the evil gods shouted.

“Also remember! Even though the Lord is no longer there, we must abide by everything the Lord taught!”

Sword Evil God ordered.

Levi not only conquered them with strength.

It even convinced them with charm.

“What? Levi is dying?”

Coincidentally, the Bible organization has just sent eighteen dark angels to find him.

Halfway there, news of Levi’s death came out.

They were also shocked.

“This kind of genius suitable for biblical organizations is gone?”

Everyone was surprised.

“Could everyone be fooled by Levi? He wasn’t dead at all?”

The person who spoke was the strongest of the thirteen evil gods under Huoyun Cthulhu.

“According to the information we have checked, there have been several times that Levi did not die! He deceived everyone!”

Underworld God is very sure.

“It’s excusable that Levi didn’t die before, but this time Levi’s body was destroyed! And it was Richard who stared at Levi’s death! Richard was cautious, everyone knows that?”

After another dark angel came out with this theory.

Everyone was silent collectively.

This is indeed the case!

Richard and the Bible organization understand!

Others say it is dead, it may be fake.

But Richard said he was dead, it was absolutely true.

“Well, let’s go back!”

The eighteen dark angels turned back halfway.

After a few days of silence, there was no news of Levi.

Half fairy and half ghost never found Levi’s body again.

There is also no clue in this regard.

He also gave up.

“I tried my best!”

But where did Levi’s body go?

Chapter 1966

Was there a shark or something?

Or was someone rescued?

No one knows about the disappearance of Levi’s body!

Except for the half fairy and half ghost, everyone thought that Levi’s body was dissolved.

So where did Levi’s body go?

Everything has a cause.

It is impossible to disappear for no reason.

What Richard didn’t realize was that the international darknet actually sent a message: Levi was not killed by the Destroyer alone, he was killed by a combination of many Lords, and the Destroyer just missed it.

They also made a list of the Lords who came to kill Levi.

And all the details of Levi’s battle with them are listed one by one.

All the spearheads are directed at Richard and the East Island forces!

Richard was extremely shocked!

What is the identity of the dark web publisher?

Actually know all the details of the battle!

They used it to isolate everything, how did the other party know?

It is impossible for the East Island forces to speak out!

Who is it?

He also released a lot of evidence!

Beat this thing to death!

He claims to be an admirer of Levi!

Although Levi was about to die, the truth had to be revealed.

Let everyone know how brave Levi was at that time!

But after all, two fists are hard to beat four hands!

But it was not that Levi was killed by the Destroyer alone, as Richard was propagating!

“Oh my God! So many Lords? Are they all killed by Garrison Zhanshen?”

“Is there a burden to kill so many Lords by my side? It deserves to be the number one in the summer list!”

“Damn, this destroyer doesn’t speak martial arts! What a rubbish!”

“A group of despicable and shameless villains, can’t die!”

When everyone praised Levi’s bravery, they were also fighting against Richard and the Destroyer.

Levi was great when he was alive, and still great after he died!

Even Tianji Pavilion has not updated the Big Summer Ranking!

For the time being, Levi is still No. 1 in the summer list!

This is also a situation that has never happened before!

Dead, still on the list, still number one!

This is the charm of Levi!

But in fact, what everyone understands is different from Tianji Pavilion!

Tianji Pavilion seems to have discovered something, and has a different idea.

But they don’t say.

No one else knows.

Tianji Pavilion was so mysterious that even Tiance Mansion didn’t know it.

After all, Tianji Pavilion can even find the Bible organization.

They didn’t update the ranking list, but also ranked Levi at the first place, for fear that it had something to do with it.

After knowing the truth, the seven evil gods are even more angry!

They are already planning how to take revenge.

The Eighteen Dark Angels came to a place in the Northern Continent, where the sky was gloomy, flying sand and rocks, and the wind swept with rage.

There is a huge black castle ahead!

It was like the bloody mouth of an ancient behemoth.

Mysterious and terrifying.

Eighteen dark angels entered.

In a hall.

They knelt to the ground in unison.

A look of piety!

As fanatical as believers!

There is a vague black shadow on the high seat above!

“Dark God, Levi is dead, we can’t bring him back!”

Underworld God cautiously.

“Yes! Richard of the Gods Lab personally designed and killed him! The information is confirmed!”

Others added.


A long silence.

The eighteen dark angels knelt on the ground, uneasy.

They don’t know what the dark god thinks.

No one dared to ask aloud.

A full minute passed, suddenly a majestic and strange voice came: “The whole world is deceived by him!”



The words are not astonishing and endless, and the words of the dark god come out.

The eighteen dark angels were all stunned.

There was an incredible look in his eyes!


The whole world was deceived by him?

Doesn’t that mean…

“Did Levi lied to us? He didn’t die?”

A terrible question was born in everyone’s mind.

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