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Chapter 1967


It’s like a bomb, blowing everyone to pieces!

If this news spreads, I’m afraid the whole world will go crazy!

Eighteen dark angels such as the evil gods all showed crazy expressions!

how can that be?

Richard watched the corpse dissolve.

how come?

“No! It is possible that what everyone sees is an illusion! What is Golden Harbor Island? Morendam’s hometown of magic Lords! There are super powerful magic Lords who have taken action! Everything you see is an illusion!”

Underworld God suddenly reacted.

“But even so, can you hide so many Lords? Someone announced the details of the battle before, and Levi was indeed killed!”

The eighteenth dark angels are still discussing.

They concluded that Levi was absolutely dead, and it was possible that the corpse behind was saved by the magic Lord using a spell.

The majestic voice of the Dark God sounded again: “The person I fancy is not bad! It’s just that what I didn’t expect is…”

Halfway through, the voice stopped abruptly.

Everyone became more and more confused about what the dark god meant.

Could it be that Levi did something unexpected to him?

Do not!

If Levi was still alive, it would be a miracle!

But listening to the tone, it seems that Levi’s alive is not a surprise to the Dark God.

Surprisingly, there are other things…

“Hope it’s just a coincidence! A coincidence…”

The voice of the Dark God’s sighs echoed in the castle like thunder.

Everyone was even more dizzy.

Is there anything in Levi that can scare the Dark God?

The eighteen dark angels are the most obvious how strong the dark god is…

That’s a god-like existence!

The extreme existence comparable to the laboratory of the gods!

Tiance Mansion Tianji Pavilion.

A figure came.

He arched his body slightly and stood in front of the Tianji Pavilion building as a sign of respect.

“How did you come?”

A voice came from inside.

Wei Wei expressed surprise.

“I’m just here to verify whether Levi is dead?”

The man said.

“Sure enough, you are the only suspect in this matter…haha…”

Laughter came from inside.

“So what’s the answer?”

The man continued to ask.


There was only laughter from Tianji Pavilion.

“Well, I got it.”

The man turned and left.

In a courtyard in the capital.

This is where the Common Killer God lives!

Putting aside the martial arts strength, Common Killer is also a big local tyrant.

He actually has six sets of courtyards in the capital.

Lots are all in the center.

Any set of courtyard houses is worth hundreds of millions!

He has six sets, which does not include other properties.

What’s more, the whereabouts of Buyi Killing God is uncertain, and there are real estates in other places.

Commoner Killing God is drinking tea to calm his emotions.

The fall of Levi during this period of time made him unacceptable.

Levi is the strongest opponent he has ever encountered and his savior.

Although Levi appeared as a doctor, he still recognized it.

He always wanted to find a chance to repay this kindness.

It seems to be gone now.


The Common Killer sighed.


At this time Commoner Killing God’s ears flapped.

I heard movement outside.


The Common Killer exclaimed.

He is currently the only one in this courtyard house.

The apprentice butler was all called away by him.

Even a bug in the courtyard could not escape his ears.

How can there be any movement!


The commoner killer turned into a flash of lightning and appeared in the courtyard.

It swept directly towards the movement.

One person stood facing each other.


He said coldly.

His eyes fell on the man’s face like a torch.


When he saw this person’s face clearly, he showed an expression of extreme fear.


“It turned out to be you???”

Commoner Killer swallowed fiercely.

Chapter 1968

The Common Killer didn’t expect Levi to pass away just now.

The next moment, he appeared in front of him.

This is by no means a ghost or an illusion.

This is Levi!

He is still alive!

Commoner Killing God is very excited, really want to scream.

But there is no sound.

“I can only find you now!”

Levi smiled.

The reason why he came to find Commoner to kill the gods is very simple.

First: Everyone knows that the commoner is poisoned by killing gods. Although he lives, his strength is greatly reduced. (Actually he was cured by Levi) He has faded out of the world’s horizons, and he is no different from death. No one noticed at all.

Second: Hao Yuxuan, who is related to the East Island forces, is the apprentice of Common Killing God.

Third: Commoner Killing God is powerful and can help Levi.

“that is really good!”

Thousands of words for commoner killing god converge into one sentence.

That’s right!

Levi is still alive!

He is not dead!

Tianji Pavilion and the Dark God already knew the answer.

Therefore, Tianji Pavilion did not update the Big Summer Ranking, and the Dark God also gave the eighteen dark angels to answer.

Why didn’t Levi die?

At first, he obviously had nothing to do after fiercely fighting the major Lords, and could only let the Destroyer kill him.

The corpse was not destroyed because of the existence of the magic Lord, the half fairy and half ghost.

But how could he not die?

Someone save him?


This is the reason why Levi himself!

At that time, everyone was killed, but the destroyer appeared.

Levi was indeed exhausted.

But he has the same thing!

The Art of Taboo!

It was the first time that Levi used the taboo technique when the dragon chain locked him.

But no one looked at him at that time, no one knew that he used a taboo technique.

But this time many people watched, especially Richard and they all stared, which is equivalent to the whole world paying attention to him.

Once he uses the taboo technique, he will be exposed!

I don’t know how much impact this exposure will have on Lord!

According to the miracle of Lord, Levi was unwilling to expose it.

Levi is a person who keeps his promise!

Especially the Lord who has the grace of rebirth to him!

The taboo technique can not be used if it is not used!

But this is going to die, can you not use it?

Once the taboo technique is used, no matter how strong the Destroyer is, Levi can kill and he can survive.

However, in this way, his trump cards and taboo tricks were completely exposed to Richard.

What’s more terrifying is that I don’t know how many pairs of eyes are staring at you secretly!

The laboratory of the gods and the biblical organization are all unknowns.

Even Levi from the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion was not at ease.

He can’t reveal his hole cards!!!

What to do then?

Still have to use taboo technique!

But only half!

There is more than one taboo technique, and Levi has many kinds of techniques.

There is a taboo technique called concealing the sky!

This taboo technique is a bit magical!

Once used on someone or myself, all my breath disappears, all auras disappear…

No matter how powerful someone is or how advanced the machine is, your presence will not be detected.

As if people disappeared from this world.

If you don’t meet with your own eyes, then you will never find this person.

No matter how great your supernatural powers are, you can’t perceive the existence of this person!

Levi had always suspected that Lord used this taboo technique to hide in the prison.

In this way, no one would even want to find him.

At the moment of using it, Levi affirmed that Lord must use these taboo techniques.

So for many years, no one has looked for him.

Of course, this taboo technique can be used for suspended animation!

But Levi didn’t dare to use it completely, after all, how many pairs of eyes were staring at him.

The effect of concealing the sky will not be achieved, but will be exposed.

So Levi used half of this taboo technique…

As for the other half…

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