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Chapter 1975

Levi looked at the list and started to roll the call.

The Yamaguchi Consortium, the largest consortium in the East Island, and the Matsukami Consortium, the second-largest consortium.

The earth emperor Yoshikawa Yonghui of the underground world of East Island.

The Watanabe family of Higashishima advisers (the family that used to be the chief army officer of Higashishima, Watanabe Tenner).

The six ancient martial arts tribes of the East Island: the Beidao family, the Hattori family, the Nogawa family, the Kameda family, the Kuno family, and the Yanagi family…

Taiyin Shrine where many Higashishima Onmyojis (similar to the Great Summer Magic Lords) gather.

The Black Sun is composed of the heads of these ten forces.

They have a clear division of labor.

There are those who contribute money, those who have rights, those who make plans, and those who provide force…

However, their organization is so tight that almost no one knows even in the East Island.

But Black Sun has planned many things secretly.

But this time Hao Yuxuan was all to blame, and all the bosses were exposed.

No one is left.

At present, Hao Yuxuan went to Edo Castle, the capital of the East Island.

It turns out that this kid is for the Watanabe clan…

Levi knew exactly where he was now.

“Which is the closest to us right now?”

Levi asked Commoner to kill God.

“In the case of Kyushu Island, the Matsushita Group is here! Then the Kameda Clan is also on Kyushu Island, but a little further away!”

The forces of Common Killing God quickly found out where the major forces were.

Levi’s eyes were full of cold light: “Then take the Songshang Group first!”

At this moment, Hao Yuxuan told the Black Sun organization everything.

The heads of the Black Sun were shocked.

Is the commoner killer’s strength restored?

Stronger than before?

“No! Since he is here, let him stay on the East Island forever!”

Soon, the battle of the Commoner Killing God spread all over the East Island.

I know everything about Morendam.

“What? Commoner killed God to the East Island? His strength has recovered?”

“What is he doing? Is he trying to promote my great prestige?”

Just now everyone was in the pain of losing Levi, and the Morendam martial arts world was hit hard.

At this time, Commoner Killing God came to such a hand, and it seemed to ignite a little hope for everyone.

Everyone began to pay attention to the trend of Commoner Killing God.

Heiyang also sent a Lord to encircle and suppress the commoner to kill the gods.

A grand party is held in a luxurious manor on Kyushu Island.

Participants are the second generation of Kyushu Island.

Either a young Lord daughter of a large consortium, or a genius from a martial arts family.

In short, you can meet the best young people in Kyushu here.

Today is the birthday party of Sakurako Sakurako, the daughter of the Matsukami Foundation.

So everyone came to celebrate.

Sakurako Matsukami was wearing an evening gown, welcoming all the guests.

“What? Kameda, the eldest Lord of the Kameda family, came here?”

Suddenly there was a commotion in the field.

It turned out to be the future heir of the Kameda clan from the six ancient martial arts families on the East Island.

Different from the second generation of the powerful, the second generation of the martial arts family has the strength to crush them.

This is the biggest guest tonight!

Even Sakurako Matsukami didn’t expect him to come!

For a while, everyone present came over and saluted with Kameda.

“By the way, haven’t you heard about the business not long ago? Morendam’s Common Killing God has come to Dongdao!”

“Levi, the number one on the big summer list, has fallen. Did he come here to die?”

Everyone began to discuss the commoner to kill the gods.

“You said Commoner Killing God wouldn’t come here to make trouble, right?”

Someone suddenly raised this question.

Hearing this, Kameda’s mouth rose up, with an arrogant expression: “I will tell you something about it. Kill Levi and our family will also participate!”


Everyone was shocked.

They cast their eyes on worship.

Kameda smiled together: “So don’t talk about a commoner killing god, even if Levi comes to Dongdao, he will have to die!”

Chapter 1976

Kameda showed strong confidence together.

But he was right.

They did participate in the killing of Levi.

The dwarf warrior was sent by their family.

Seeing Kameda’s unparalleled demeanor, there were also many women present with a look of admiration.

Even Sakurako Matsakami had a better view of Kameda.

Their Songshang Group also participated in the killing of Levi.

Let her know how powerful the warrior is.

Strength is the most important thing in this world!

Kameda smiled and said: “Ms. Matsukami, don’t worry! With me, no one dares to make trouble at your birthday party! Whoever dares to come will be against me!”

“What’s more, we have sent many powerful men to punish the commoner and kill the gods!”

“Really? That’s really great! Dare to run wild in my Dadongdao Empire and look for death!”

“The Morendam martial arts world is going to be abolished. First, the first in the sky list is killed, and then the commoner killer god who used to be the second in the summer list will fall!”

“It’s really exciting to think about it!”

After getting these words from Kameda, those who were uncomfortable and doubtful put down their guards, and laughed one by one.

Like the War Eagle Nation, they naturally hate Morendam.

Especially Levi these people.

They even hate to death.

Knowing that Levi was about to die, he would set off a cannon to celebrate.

Now that the strong have fallen again, he must be excited.

The birthday party officially begins…

Soon after, Levi and Common Killer came.

According to the information obtained, the princess of the Matsukami Foundation held a birthday party.

Levi felt that he could start from her, and find the head of the Songshang Group, and then destroy it in one fell swoop.

Without talking nonsense, the two directly dealt with all the guards at the door and swaggered into the birthday party scene.

In the field, everyone was giving Matsugami Sakurako gifts.

One serving is more valuable than one serving.

Sakurako Matsukami’s smile never broke.

Soon after, everyone had given out their gifts.

When the next project was about to proceed, a voice rang.


“I still haven’t given a gift yet!”

The loud voice caught everyone’s attention, and they cast their eyes to the past.

At the end of the line of sight, one old and one young appeared.

Due to the light, Commoner killed the gods and everyone didn’t recognize it after Levi came.

“Who is this? I don’t know!”

Everyone talked.

“What gift are you giving?”

Someone saw Levi walking in front empty-handed and couldn’t help asking.

Levi smiled and said, “Send her a broken home!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as Levi said this, the whole audience exploded.

This is what no one expected. Someone would come to the princess birthday party of Songshang Foundation, the second largest consortium in the East Island, to make trouble.

What’s more, even the heir of the Kameda family is there.

Is this too courageous?

Want to let the Songshang Consortium’s family be ruined?

What an arrogant tone this must be!

Sakurako Matsakami’s face changed drastically.

The assistant next to him immediately shouted: “Someone is making trouble, come, take it for me!”

It just screamed out, and no one responded at all.

All the bodyguards were solved by Levi.

Where do people come from?

“What about people?”


Everyone shouted.

No guards showed up at all.

“No need to shout, they are all dead…”

Levi’s time to speak has already come to Matsugami Yingzi.

Several people in front of him were already suppressed by the stronger aura than Levi.

Everyone looked at Kameda for help.

Only he can solve this problem in the field.

Kameda had a cold face, and the Lord beside him also had a high expression.

He stood up slowly.

“Do you know who I am? Dare to come here to make trouble?”

Kameda looked at Levi with disdain.

“Who the hell do I care about you?”

Levi slapped a face on Kameda’s face with a slap…

The audience was silent.

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