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Chapter 1977

Everyone was stunned.

Including Kameda and the Lords beside him.

No one reacted.

Levi will start suddenly.

It was caught off guard.

Kameda’s skin was ripped apart by this slap.

“You are crazy! He is the future heir of the Kameda family!”

Someone exclaimed.

Levi laughed instead.

To deal with the Song Consortium, the Kameda clan also delivered home delivery.

“I want you to die!!!”

Kameda who reacted screamed and killed Levi.

He was also a member of the Tianjiao Conference and ranked among the top ten on the East Island.

When have you been so insulted?


But as soon as he came up, Levi slapped him away.

He once couldn’t even beat the apprentices that Levi mentored. How could he fight Levi?


Under this slap, Kameda was shot to death on the spot.

The audience was dumbfounded.

The heir of the Kameda clan died like this?

It’s incredible.



Levi slapped the people beside Kameda to death again.

Everyone is more shocked!

Isn’t he going to kill everyone present?

“I recognize it!!! He is the common killer!”

At this time, someone saw the common killer behind.

“What? It’s really him! He actually came here!”

“My crow’s mouth…slap…”

The man who said before would know how to kill the gods, he slapped himself in the face fiercely.

Under the powerful aura of Levi and Common Killer God, everyone present was shocked.

I am afraid that the two will be slaughtered.



Some people couldn’t bear the coercion and knelt to the ground one after another, begging for mercy.

“Except for the Songshang Consortium, everyone else can leave!”

Levi said, this group of people fled one after another as if they were amnesty.

Only Sakurako Matsukami and others were left.

They were also shocked.

“Go, take us to where your family is located, otherwise we will kill you without mercy!”

Under the coercion, Sakurako Matsakami and the others could only take Levi with them.

But everyone hopes that as long as the family is located, the Lords of the Songshang Consortium will be able to deal with them.

Soon after, Levi and the two arrived at the seat of the head of the Songshang Consortium.

What made Songshang Yingzi and the others didn’t expect was that after Levi and the others determined their identities, they immediately started the killing.

Of course only kill the members who joined the Black Sun organization.

Women, children and children are not killed!

These dead people have committed unforgivable crimes!

What everyone didn’t expect was that the Lords of the Songshang Consortium couldn’t stop Levi from attacking and killing them.

After half an hour, all the senior leaders of the Songshang Consortium were wiped out.

No one survived.

They are dying, they don’t know why?

The Songshang Consortium fell apart.

Not long after, Levi and Common Killer came to the Kameda clan again.

After confirming the identity, start killing again.

Even if the Kameda clan were the six ancient martial arts families, they couldn’t stop Levi.

Basically, Levi didn’t need to take action during the whole process, and the commoner could solve it by himself.

It takes an hour!

The Kameda clan is destroyed!


Kyushu Island is shocked!

Black Sun is shocked!

The whole East Island was shocked!

The Lords they sent out to encircle and suppress the commoner to kill the gods did not find their whereabouts, but they were exposed at this time.

It turned out that the two forces were destroyed!

Really terrifying!

The Common Killer once again shocked the world!

Not only has his strength recovered, he has also risen sharply, and is currently stirring the situation in Dongdao with invincible momentum!

Now he and Levi have become the most wanted objects of various forces on the East Island.

As for Levi’s identity, he is the disciple of Common Killing God!

After all, the introduction to Hao Yuxuan is the descendant of the apprentice of Common Killing God!

After the Common Killer knew it, he smiled and said, “How can I be?”

Chapter 1978

But it doesn’t matter to Levi!

It just so happens that you can do something big by killing the gods in the name of commoner!

In this way, everyone will focus on the Common Killing God, and will not pay too much attention to him.

Destroying the Kameda clan and the Matsukami Consortium caused a huge sensation on the East Island.

Although the Kameda clan is the weakest of the six ancient martial arts families, the strength is still very terrifying.

The threat of Commoner Killing God has risen sharply!

Especially the Black Sun organization felt something was wrong.

Why was it the members of their organization who were eliminated?

One could be a coincidence?

How about two?

Of course, the possibility of coincidence is not ruled out…

Just when Levi and the two were about to leave, the Lord sent by Black Sun to encircle and suppress them encountered them.

These people are much better than the Lord Hao Yuxuan arranged before.

However, none of them survived when they met Levi and Commoner Killing God.

At this time, Black Sun realized the seriousness of the problem.

The Common Killer is too strong!

What has he experienced?

How can it be so strong?

Not only are the parties in the East Island doubtful, but all parties in Morendam are also confused.

The Common Killer God currently displayed is definitely one level stronger than the previous one holding the Divine Sword in the sky.

“I see! The Common Killer was once treated by a genius doctor in Morendam. It seems that it is not only detoxified, but also restored!”

“I also heard that this genius doctor is Levi! At present, it seems that Common Killer may be avenging Levi!”

Some people quickly guessed the reason for the recovery of Commoner Killing God’s strength.

Hao Yuxuan also guessed this.

Tell the news to the Watanabe family!

As a family of counsellors, the Watanabe family quickly guessed a fact-Hao Yuxuan exposed.

In particular, the removal of the Matsukami Group and the Kameda clan confirmed this.

“It seems that Common Killer has been eyeing you a long time ago, and he knows that you are going to kill him! But he pretended not to know, in order to dig out everyone in the Black Sun Organization through you!”

“No accident, everyone in the Black Sun organization is now exposed! He wants to liquidate one by one next!”

Hao Yuxuan was shocked in a cold sweat.

It turns out that Lord has been acting.

The fool turned out to be himself!

“What can I do? The commoner killer is unfathomable now?”

Hao Yuxuan showed a trace of worry.

Several senior members of the Watanabe clan laughed.

“If Levi is here to avenge, then we must panic! Really may not be able to defend, it is very likely that the Black Sun organization will be destroyed!”

Then they changed their conversation: “But Levi is dead, and the biggest threat is gone! No matter how strong the Common Killer God is, he will fall on the East Island!”

“Let’s put it this way! The weakest Kameda clan and the Songshang Consortium were destroyed! The other eight forces of the Black Sun Organization will have to die if they provoke any one of them!”

Hao Yuxuan didn’t doubt this.

Except for the weakest two.

The other one is more scary than the other.

The Yamaguchi consortium and the earth emperor of the underground world are terrifying.

The Lords of his subordinates are like clouds, and they are connected with the major forces of the war eagle country and other countries.

Not to mention the Watanabe family.

Move it, and the other big martial arts families can arrive in a few minutes.

After all, these major forces are very close to each other.

Therefore, none of the other eight forces can move.

If you move, you will find your own way.

They are not worried at all.

“By the way, where are they going next?”

“No accident, I should go to the Yamaguchi Foundation!”

“Hahaha… they are looking for death! Tell the Yamaguchi Foundation to get ready!”

The Watanabe family quickly passed the news to the major forces.

After receiving the notice, the Yamaguchi Consortium took protective measures as soon as possible, gathered all the Lords, and waited for the arrival of the two Levi.

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