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Chapter 1987

“Well, Logan Buyi, you dare to break into my Liusheng clan, you are afraid that you are living impatiently!”

Liu Sheng Tianfeng brought hundreds of Lords from the family hurriedly, blocking the way of the two commoner killing gods.

Seeing Commoner Killing God, everyone was amused.

“You can provoke any forces in the Black Sun organization, but you are the only one of the Liusheng clan, don’t provoke them. You are kicked on the iron plate!”

“Hahaha, there are people who came to die, it’s ridiculous…”

Everyone looked at Commoner Killing God with disdain, and suddenly everyone noticed Levi behind him.

How does he drag someone?

Is that person’s clothes a bit familiar?


Could this be?

A bad idea spreads in my mind!

Even Liu Sheng Tianfeng noticed this.

This seems to be…

Is it their people?

But it’s not decided by clothes alone.

This is what Commoner Killing God specifically asked someone to provoke, right?

“I’m telling you, we got the wrong person! We don’t unite with the Black Sun organization, we just rely on one family!”

“No, we rely on Young Lord Liu Sheng Jianying, he is enough to kill you!”

The Liusheng clan clamored one after another.


At this moment, Levi kicked Liu Sheng Jianying’s body forward.

“Is Liu Sheng Jianying you talking about him?”

Levi asked with a smile.


When everyone saw Liu Sheng Jianying’s body, everyone was stunned.


Everyone seemed to have suffered five thunders!

They are going crazy.

One after another crazy!

“This, this, this… is this young Lord?”

Someone exclaimed.

They repeatedly confirmed that this was Liu Sheng Jianying.

It’s just completely different from Jianying Liu who went out in the morning.

Jumping alive in the morning, now it is a stiff corpse.


One by one dumbfounded.


Some people even couldn’t accept it and fell directly to the ground.

“Sword Shadow?”


The crowd roared hysterically.

“My son! My son!”

Liu Sheng Tianfeng couldn’t control it anymore, holding Liu Sheng Jianying’s body in his arms and crying bitterly.

This is an unprecedented blow to the Yanagyu family!

Because of the existence of Liu Sheng Jianying, their dominance on the East Island can be extended to the next hundred years.

This is the hope of their family.

But no one thought he would die!

This this this…

Can not accept!

The reality is terrible!


How could Liu Sheng Jianying die?

He is so powerful!

Number one on the sun list!

He is the Little Sword Saint!

Who can kill him?

Is it fake?

Everyone had doubts.

But this is indeed the case.

Liu Sheng Jianying was dead, and the corpse stood in front of him alive.

Believe it if you don’t believe it!

Everyone’s gazes were all looking at one person-Commoner Killing God!

Now it seems that Commoner Killing God killed Liu Sheng Jianying!

He is more terrifying than he thought!

“Kill him! Kill him at all costs!”

Liu Sheng Tianfeng shouted.

The Lords of the Yanagyu family attacked the commoner killer like crazy.

Levi smiled: “Now is the time to test you, I won’t make a move!”

Levi used means to isolate this place from the outside world, together with the wind wall, blocking everything.

Outsiders don’t know what happened.

He wanted to increase the strength of Common Killer God, so he had to face all the Lords of the Liusheng clan.

The Lords of the Yanagyu clan attacked the Common Killer God like crazy, and fought with him.

The commoner killer is also more and more courageous…

Among Liu Sheng’s clan, Liu Sheng Jianying might be more strenuous to deal with, but everything else is fine.

At this time, there were Lords from the Liusheng clan, and they saw Levi watching the battle like the okay person.

“kill him!”

They killed Levi one after another.

Levi sighed, “Hey, you found the wrong opponent!”

Chapter 1988



More than a dozen Lords who killed Levi suddenly exploded into blood mist when they were less than five meters away.

Another batch of Lords who killed Levi exploded into blood mist out of thin air.

Levi just attracted everyone’s attention.

He is not ordinary!

It turned out that everyone’s focus was on the Common Killer, and no one took Levi seriously.

Now it seems that he is not ordinary!

Now no one took the initiative to trouble Levi.

Their goal is to kill the commoner to kill the gods first!

It’s not too late to get rid of Levi!

The Common Killer is entangled with many Lords.

Soon, even Liu Sheng Tianfeng, who was second in the sun list, joined the battle!

The other side.

In the headquarters of the Black Sun organization, tens of thousands of Lords have gathered.

And many modern technologies have also been installed.

They also set various traps and ambushes.

Looking at the impeccable headquarters, the counsellors of the Watanabe clan smiled with satisfaction.

Now they were waiting for the Common Killer God to come and die.

“By the way, where are the whereabouts of Common Killer God? Where are they now? Should they come directly at us?”

The Watanabe clan began to inquire about the trail of the two commoners.

Neither of them thought about whether the two people would go to the Yagyu clan.

Because this is not a problem at all.

Even a fool would not choose the strongest Yanagyu clan first.

Then it can only be directed at them.

“I found them here two hours ago! They came for us!”

“But they disappeared. I don’t know where they went. We searched all the time, but we didn’t find them!”

“Huh? There is still this thing?”

The counsellors of the Watanabe family quickly sat together to discuss and discuss.

They discussed a result: All the remaining forces of the Black Sun Organization are now united, making Commoner Killing God feel timid.

Therefore, the commoner killer will not take revenge on a swagger.

He must be sneak attack.

“When the order is passed on, everyone will be more vigilant and prepared to prevent the commoner from sneaking on!”

Everyone thought that the Common Killer was going to attack.

How did they know that the Common Killer God was fighting with the Liusheng clan at the moment.

They didn’t think about it, and didn’t check it.

So I don’t know.

The Yanagyu family, Commoner Killing God has already killed the red eye.

He was covered in blood, enemies, and his own.

On several occasions he was in danger.

But Levi never helped.

This is the experience of Commoner Killing God, even if he dies, it can’t help.

Once he comes out of the blood and bone fight, he will reach another realm.



During the fight, several Lords of the Liusheng clan fell down again.

However, the Common Killer left several wounds on his body.

But he is stronger!

Obviously, he was seriously injured, but his fighting power and momentum became more and more fierce.


Tianfeng Liu Sheng is eager to avenge his son, and fights against the common killer.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

The Liusheng clan fell more and more.

They are all desperate!

The commoner kills the gods too fiercely.

The more the war is getting fiercer, what the hell is going on?

Every time I feel like I have to fall down, but he can always hold on.

One person killed the Yanagyu family in despair!

Until this moment, they did not know that the assessment of the combat power of Common Killer was completely wrong.

Everyone is gradually able to accept why Liu Sheng Jianying died.

But what they didn’t know was that the real powerhouse was in Levi.

It was he who killed Liu Sheng Jianying.

Commoner Killing God vs. Liusheng Clan is a course he set up specifically for Logan Commoner, fearing that everyone will be crazy.


Liu Sheng Tianfeng was beaten out.

He was desperate.

He shouted: “Hurry up and ask the ancestors to do it! My Liusheng clan is going to die!”

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