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Chapter 1985

Jianying Liu Sheng really wanted to curse: I fucking!

Damn it!

Really hell!

In the process of fighting just now, Liu Sheng Jianying and others already saw the Common Killer God standing at the door.

I have recognized him!

But in any case, I never expected that the disciple of Commoner Killing God turned out to be Levi!!!

Isn’t he dead?

Hasn’t his body been dissolved?

Didn’t he repeatedly confirm that he died?

How can he live?

Also appeared in front of him!

The young Lords of Dongdao present were all shocked.

Liu Sheng Jianying was slightly better.

“Since you are alive, then I will kill you!”

Jianying Liu Sheng wanted to compete with Levi a long time ago.

Now the opportunity is here.

He got excited instead.

Levi sneered: “Then you have to stand up first!”

One sentence stimulated Liu Sheng Jianying.

Let his anger reach the highest value!

He has never suffered such humiliation!

No way!

He must stand up!

He must defeat Levi!

He has never been defeated!

He must not be defeated!

This defeat is death!

He wants to live!


Sword Shadow Liu Sheng awakens like a dragon that has been sleeping for a hundred years, with a terrifying aura that shakes the earth and earth!

Unparalleled power burst out of his body!



The terrible momentum has been skyrocketing!

He wants to stand up!!!

The young and old on the East Island were frightened and had never seen such a terrifying side of Jianying Liu Sheng…

He is like a demon!

Sweep everything!

The mighty power of the magic, like a sky covered!

Jianying Liu Sheng was very angry and excited!

How many years have it been!

Who can understand the invincible loneliness?

Since he came out of the mountain, he has been invincible on the East Island, and no one can stop him!

There is no opponent at all!

There is no one who can hold two tricks under his hands at all!

At the highest peak, it’s always cold!

When he is not spending time and wine, he feels very empty.

I really want to meet an opponent!

But never!

Today, I finally met Levi, the enemy of his life.

His strength allowed Liu Sheng Jianying to give full play to it!

He is very excited!

He is looking forward to a battle with Levi!

“I finally waited for you, you are my opponent!”

Liu Sheng Jianying’s hair was flying, and the magical mighty mighty.

Levi snorted coldly, “Just rely on you? You are also worthy of being my opponent!”

As soon as the voice fell, Levi slammed a punch.

A seemingly ordinary punch.

But after falling, it was like the overturning of Tianhe, unstoppable.

Jian Ying’s complexion changed drastically.





Liu Sheng Jianying threw up blood, and he stood up again and failed.

Not only that, the sofa under him was completely shattered.

He knelt to the ground with a thud.

The floor also burst open.


Jianying Liu Sheng was dumbfounded.

He is so vulnerable!


He wanted to struggle again.


But Levi punched again.


At this moment, the bones of Liu Sheng Jianying’s body began to burst.

This punch completely abolished him!

With this punch, Jianying Liu Sheng was hit into the floor, her body sunken in it, only one head was exposed.


Levi kicked him on the head.

“Come on, jump? Let me jump again!”

Levi sneered.


Jianying Liu Sheng yelled with anger.

But it can only be an incompetent roar, which is of no use at all.

In front of the powerful Levi, he was nothing.


Not to mention that the members of the Black Sun Organization must be killed, but if Liu Sheng Jianying has an idea about Sarah, he must kill!

Not only that, but all the big and young were killed.

They are also participants.

It was they who proposed to dye a few people with plums.

Levi heard it really.

“Go, next one, the Yanagyu family!”

Levi dragged Liu Sheng Jianying’s corpse, and went straight to Liu Sheng’s family with Common Killer God.

Chapter 1986

The Yanagyu family is located in an empty area on the outskirts of Edo Castle.

Due to the prestige of the Yanagyu family, the Yanagyu family is desolate and uninhabited, and even animals cannot be seen.

The exaggerated statement is that the Yanagi family is surrounded by terrible sword energy, and no creature can survive.

In the Yanagyu family hall.

The Lords of the Yagyu clan are all there.

Because of the recent move by Commoner Killing God, they gathered together.

Even though they did not join the Black Sun organization, the Liu Sheng clan still joined.

Sitting on it was Liu Sheng Tianfeng, the head of the Yanagi family, who was also the father of Liu Sheng Jianying.

“You said, can Commoner Kill God come to us?”

He said.

Everyone laughed as soon as the words came out.

“Haha, borrow him a hundred courage and dare not come to the Yanagyu family to provoke?”

“Unless he is crazy or wants to die!”

“Everyone knows that the fighting power of our Liusheng clan is stronger than that of the entire Black Sun! Provoking us? Sick!”

Everyone in the Liusheng family has enigmatic confidence in their strength.

They are invincible!

Not to mention which of the legendary ancestors is still alive!

The recognized sword sage of Dongdao!

Who dares to beat this?

“By the way, where is Jian Ying?”

Liu Sheng Tianfeng couldn’t help asking.

“Didn’t I tell him to come to the meeting? What about the others?”

He has a headache for his son.

Not to mention the strength, but also deeply loved by the ancestors.

Lawlessness in the family.

It’s the same in East Island.

Even his father can’t control it.

“The young Lord didn’t come back, it seems to have gone to spend time and drink…”

The butler said.

“This ba5tard! This juncture is still spending time outside!”

Liu Sheng Tianfeng scolded.

He wasn’t actually to blame.

But a little worried about the safety of his son.

The commoner killer showed a powerful side, which made people timid.

“Patriarch, you can rest assured!”

“Lord, he won’t be in any danger! On the contrary, whoever meets him is unlucky!”

“If Commoner Killing God meets the young Lord, then there is no need for other people to take action, the young Lord can solve it.”

Everyone laughed.

When Liu Sheng Jianying was alone, they didn’t have to worry at all.

Only worry about other people.

Hearing this, Liu Sheng Tianfeng smiled and touched Sanitary Austin.

He was extremely dissatisfied with his son’s behavior and style.

But he was so satisfied with his strength that he was no longer satisfied.

That’s the number one on the sun list!

He himself ranks second in the back!

Who dares to provoke his demon son?

His son can be in one country alone!

In a word, anyone in the Black Sun organization can provoke, his son can’t provoke it!

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from outside.

“Morendam Logan Buyite is here to visit the Liusheng family!”

A word is like a sky thunder, penetrating everything, echoing in every corner of the Liusheng family.

“What? Logan Buyi? Morendam Buyi kills the gods?”

“He actually came, really bold!”

“It’s not the Black Sun headquarters, it’s coming to us!”

The Lords of the Yanagyu family were not angry, but all smiled.

“Patriarch, do you want to inform the Watanabe family of Black Sun? Has Common Killer come to us?”

Someone asked Tianfeng Liu Sheng.

Liu Sheng Tianfeng shook his head: “No need! When we kill the Common Killer God, we will notify them so that everyone in the Black Sun will know how powerful the Liu Sheng clan is, and there is no need to unite! Our clan is enough!”

“Go, everyone will follow me out to see!”

Liu Sheng Tianfeng rushed to the door with a large number of Lords.



Hundreds of guards at the door have all been beaten off.

The gate of the Yanagi clan was also overturned.

The Common Killing God is in front, as if the killing God is unstoppable, step by step towards the Liusheng clan.

Levi dragged Liu Sheng Jianying’s body behind…

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