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Chapter 1993

“What? Fake?”

The senior Watanabe clan exclaimed immediately.

“Yes, that’s right, this person’s identity should be fake!”

At this time, everyone looked at Hao Yuxuan in unison.

Hao Yuxuan was also dumbfounded.

That personal identity is wrong?

The main reason is that everyone’s attention is focused on the commoner killing god, and the others are ignored.

Not to put a small role on him.

“Who can this person be?”

The Watanabe clan asked.

Hao Yuxuan thought for a while and said, “It’s possible that a Lord related to Levi came to avenge him, or it may be a certain apprentice of Common Killing God. After all, he has a lot of students!”

Watanabe, a member of the Watanabe clan, immediately called out a lot of information and materials.

“According to the on-the-spot battles where the four major forces were eliminated and various data, the commoner killer has always been shot! This one did not participate!”

“Then he is just a kid! It’s because we worry too much!”

“And do you think about any other Lords in Morendam? Or is it for Levi to avenge?”

Everyone thought about it again, it seemed to be too nervous.

“Well, go check the identity of this one! Also check me where they are? Hurry up!”

When Black Sun wanted to know where Levi was going.

The whole world also wants to know where these two people have gone.

The prestigious town of commoner kills the gods.

Especially in Morendam!

Everyone thinks that he is the next Levi!

God just took Levi away, and returned a terrible commoner to kill the god!

If the commoner kills the gods, it can sweep all the major forces on the East Island.

Then Morendam’s wound of losing Levi can heal!

Richard, who had clearly copied Wood Zhengjie’s successful experiment, couldn’t be happy.

The birth of Common Killer God turned out to be not very good news for him.

If it hadn’t been for the newly successful Wood Zhengjie low-profile energy body that was still in the observation stage, Richard would want to take him straight to the East Island.

“Go, activate our forces on the East Island to help them! Find someone, or provide some force!”

Now Richard’s full power is very large, and he can arbitrarily mobilize the power of the gods’ laboratories all over the world.

He quietly arranged the forces in the East Island to help the Black Sun organization.

About half an hour later.

The news that shocked the world came.

Two people appeared…

They went to the Black Sun Organization again!

Although they don’t know where they went, the Black Sun organization heaved a sigh of relief.

At least know where they are.

This is still news to them!

It’s not that the prevention of a sneak attack will make everyone panic.

“They are coming! Get ready, everyone! Ready to meet the enemy!”

The leaders of the Black Sun organization began to give orders.

“Should we notify the Yanagyu family?”

Someone asked.

“No need! It’s useless to notify! They can’t come, join us, they disdain it!”

“Yeah, that’s right! The Liusheng clan always thinks that we are rubbish, we can’t! Even if Levi is killed, they think it is Richard’s credit, which has little to do with us!”

“They have ancestors sitting in town again! One by one is arrogant to death!”

“Never mind, let’s get rid of the cloth clothes and kill the gods, let the Liusheng family see, we are not waste!”

Shortly after.

Levi and Common Killer came to the Black Sun headquarters.

It is heavily guarded here.

As soon as the two arrived, all kinds of weapons and various Lords were ready to do it.

The heads of the black sun brought countless Lords to come.

“We have been waiting for you to die! You are finally here!”

Watanabe Wuzhong and others laughed.

Hao Yuxuan was also mixed in, with a complicated expression.

Levi smiled: “Really? I’ll give you two gifts first!”



The two bodies were thrown in front of everyone.

Chapter 1994


Levi’s sudden move made everyone in the Black Sun organization stunned.

what is this?

Two bodies?


Everyone looked over.

The white-haired old man didn’t know him, but he seemed a little familiar, but he just couldn’t remember.

Who is he?

I really don’t know!

What about the other one?

look familiar?


not good!


Isn’t that the peerless genius Liu Sheng Jianying of the Liu Sheng clan?

The little swordsman on the sun list!

Take another look!

it’s him!!!

This corpse turned out to be Liu Sheng Jianying!

In a short period of time, complex ideas flashed in everyone’s mind.

Going through the same complex transformation inside!


“It’s Liu Sheng Jianying!”

“He he he… why did he die?”

“Is it impossible?”

It was judged that the corpse was Liu Sheng Jianying, but no one believed it.

Who can kill him?

It’s so funny!

Liu Sheng Jianying couldn’t provoke him, let alone kill him!

It can’t be him!

“It’s not him! Impossible!”

Someone exclaimed again and again.

“No, look, the sword on his body! Ten punch sword!”

“Yes, this is Liu Sheng Jianying’s Ten Fist Sword! Yes! Others can be copied, but the Ten Fist Sword is impossible! Do you feel its powerful murderous intent? The Ten Fist Sword will not deceive!”

“This is the corpse of Liu Sheng Jianying!”


At this moment, everyone gasped, and the whole body was cold.

Jianying Liu Sheng died?

That’s the strongest on the sun list!


This this this…

After confirming that this was a fact, everyone was so shocked that their eyes flew out.

It’s incredible!

What about the other one?

At this time, an old man in the Black Sun organization suddenly showed a terrified expression.

“He he he…”

His mouth trembled, and it took a long time to say a clear sentence: “I remember him! He is the ancestor of the Liusheng clan-the sword sage Liusheng Yijian!!!”


The words are not shocking and endless, and as soon as this is said, everyone in the audience numbs their scalp, and their eyes are about to fly out.

The shock that Liu Sheng Jianying brought to everyone just now was strong enough.

Now here comes a more fierce, sword sage Liu Sheng Yijian’s corpse!

“You read that right? How could the ancestor of the Liusheng clan die?”

Some people questioned.

“I was fortunate enough to meet the Juggernaut before! I recognize him! It’s him! That’s him!”

“There is also the corpse of Liu Sheng Jianying!”

After the old man’s reminder, everyone quickly reviewed this matter in their minds.

The corpse of Liu Sheng Jianying must be!

Then the corpse of Liu Sheng Yijian will not be fake!

Oh my god!

The sky is falling!

The two strongest people in Dong Dao are dead?

Who did this?

The advisors of the Watanabe clan responded one by one.

Why did the two of Common Killing God disappear just now?

Where have they been so long?

They sent out so many people to find the whereabouts of the two.

Looked everywhere.

But I didn’t find one place!

The Yanagis!

No matter in anyone’s opinion, the Yanagyu clan is the safest place.

So there is no need to find it anywhere.

But no one thought it was the Liusheng clan that they had left behind!


Everything is understood!

During the period when these two disappeared, they definitely went to the Liusheng clan.

But their combat effectiveness is too strong, right?

Both Liu Sheng Jianying and Liu Sheng Yijian are dead?

Then all the Yanagyu clan is destroyed?

This is too scary, right?

Everyone looked at the Common Killer God not far away, and saw that he was covered in blood and had a weak breath. It was obvious that he was seriously injured.

Before Commoner Killing God disappeared, it was spotless.

It hurts like this now.

This is definitely to get rid of the Yanagyu family.

Although the Common Killer God was strong enough, even the Liusheng clan was killed.

But he was wounded like this now, and encountering the powerful Black Sun is also a dead end.

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