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Chapter 1999

Many people in Velador began to worship “Dead Levi” and called him to rest in peace.

Together with the seven evil gods, they all came to Levi’s graveyard and shouted: “Lord, someone has already reported your grudge against you!”

“But we know that there are still enemies alive! We must repay this hatred!”

Bass Guard and Levi’s acquaintances also came to Levi’s cemetery.

To be precise, it is the clothing mound.

After all, Levi’s body is gone now, and only his old things are buried.

“Brother Garrison! Have you seen it? There will always be heroes in Velador!”

“I believe this flourishing age is as you wish!”

“Don’t worry about your wife and children! We are here, and they are very powerful in themselves!”

The common k!ller phoenix nirvana, once again came out of the mountain, to the extreme shock of everyone.

Once again established the status of the Velador martial arts world!

The most exciting are the disciples who are scattered all over the place.

They are proud of him!

Not only that, even their own status has risen.

Get the respect and benefits of countless people.

The title of Common Killer god is popular all over the world!

Everyone wants to worship the entry.

For a time, many people came to worship the disciples of Common Killer god as disciples.

Calculated in this way, they can also have something to do with Common k!lling God.

Be respected by all means!

Apprentices can do this as well.

Not to mention the Common K!ller god.

If he appeared anywhere, it would definitely cause a huge sensation.

The Common k!ller who knows the truth sighed again and again: “I have become stronger, yes! But I am still far from this level?”

Levi smiled and said nothing.

This time it is also good to bring a Common K!ller god.

You can divert all your attention to him.

Otherwise, if you are alone.

Are you afraid that the whole world is frantically investigating your identity now?

Even Richard had already suspected that Levi was not dead.

This is difficult for his next plan.

It is likely to be exposed to Richard in advance.

But if the Common K!ller god, it’s much easier.

Although all the limelight’s reputation was taken away by the common k!ller.

But his attention was completely diverted by him.

But what makes part of the doubts is that Tiance Mansion Horizon Pavilion has not updated the Big Summer Ranking for a long time.

According to the outstanding achievements of Common K!ller god, plus Levi has passed away.

The Common K!ller god should be ranked first.

However, Horizon Pavilion has not updated the Big Summer Ranking.

Someone explained: “The high probability is to commemorate Levi and also to warn the enemy?”

“Yeah, Levi was really a genius. If you ask me, I will still put him first!”

However, all major foreign powers and regions have listed Common k!ller as an extremely dangerous existence!

It is of the same level as Levi before!

Even Richard and the Lab of the Gods have to make a new assessment of the combat power of Common k!ller.

“It is necessary to be the most careful to thoroughly investigate how his strength is raised to this level!”

Richard was very angry.

The Black Sun organization is a good cooperative ally.

If you say it is gone, it is gone?

All the people sent by him were also destroyed.

The loss is too great.

And the Common k!ller was clearly avenging Levi.

He had to be on guard.

“If the Common K!ller god to come, just try our new test product-the energy body!”

Richard sneered.

He is now looking forward to the Common k!lling God coming.

He has a large number of experimental products waiting for the results of combat power.

It would be great if there are experts coming.

His second batch of experiments has just been completed.

A total of ten people collide with particles.

Eight people died, two succeeded.

And it is stronger than the first successful one.

“Come, take me to see the next experimenter!”

Richard came to a place like a prison.

It was actually being held inside…

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