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Chapter 2015

Levi is in a very difficult situation now, even a headache.

Sarah and Wenia are too good!

He didn’t even get rid of it.

The two even saw that he had changed.

What can he do?

The longer you are entangled with the three girls, the easier it is to expose yourself.

This exposure was not just to these three people, secretly don’t know how many people were staring.

Once they fight, the huge movement will definitely arouse a lot of people.

“It really doesn’t work, I can only use that one!”

Seeing the three of them rushed forward, Levi had already decided.



But at the very moment of the fire, several air currents came lasing from all around.

Boom to the three.

The three immediately started to block!

With this effort, Levi immediately took the afterimage of his debut and disappeared.


The three were about to chase.

“Shoo, hoo…”

Secretly shot out air currents again, blocking the three people’s path.

Although it could only stop the three for a moment, for Levi, this time is enough.

After all, it’s just a little bit of time between super Lords.

When the three try to catch up again, where is Levi?

The three were annoyed.

Never expected that there would be a helper in secret!

The person who didn’t expect it was Levi!

How could he not think that someone would help him secretly?

Who is it?

It was not definitely not Wesley!

Everyone was sent out for him!

So who is the one who just shot?

Who is helping them?

Are they unintentional or intentional?

If it’s unintentional, it’s okay.

If it is intentional…

Does anyone know that they are still alive?


Thinking of this, Levi was shocked in a cold sweat.

This is too terrible…

Even if he only used half of the taboo, anyone knew he was alive?

This is also terrible!

Is this person an enemy or a friend?

It’s okay if it’s a friend, but it’s troublesome if it’s an enemy.

Levi calmly analyzed.

If it were the enemy, then the news that he was alive should have been exposed long ago.

Not to save myself at this moment.

Then it is not the enemy!

But is it a friend?

Not certainly!

At present, maybe they have other purposes…

But even if it’s not a friend, at least it’s not an enemy for now.

So Levi can rest assured.

After getting rid of the three, Levi searched around and found nothing.

This proves that the opponent reacts quickly and is strong.

It would be extremely terrifying to be able to intervene in the battle between him and Sarah.

The other side.

The three returned from Golden Harbor Island.

Sarah retreats directly, preparing to use the shortest time to improve her strength to the extreme, and then go to War Eagle Nation to avenge Levi.

It’s just that Wenia and Regina didn’t know it.

The Eagle Nation, in Richard’s mansion.

Richard is arranging the task.

“The inventory of the Sunstone in the Gods Lab is less than one year left, and more must be brought back from Velador!”

Richard said.

“Sir, Blackwater Company is going to Velador soon, and will cooperate with Velador’s four rich and young sons! Mine more sun stones to supply us!”

Richard touched his chin and said, “Remember, we must let the Blackwater Company buy the Sun stone production area through these puppets of Velador at the fastest speed. At that time, we will mine legally and reasonably, even Velador agencies have no choice but to find out!”

“It is indeed Mr. Richard! The plan of the Blackwater Company is to secretly mine the Sunstone and bring it back without telling them! This is your move. If you buy all the production areas, Velador can only watch!”

The crowd began to praise Richard.

Richard looked serious: “Hurry up and let the Blackwater Company go to Velador, and it will change when you are late!”

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