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Chapter 2017

As soon as the news that Heishui Company was coming to Morendam to seek cooperation came out, the circles in all regions of Morendam were boiling.

All the hidden wealthy consortia want to cooperate with the Blackwater Company.

Even if it’s a relationship, it’s good.

No one expected that the four big prodigal sons with poor reputation in the circle would cooperate with the Blackwater Company.

This made Morendam’s upper-class circles boil.

Why are they?

In terms of background and strength, the families of these four young Lords can only be regarded as medium, but on the bright side, they are relatively famous.

In terms of skill and ability, these four young Lords are recognized as the least in the circle.

Every day can only be a bubble female anchor, show off these wealth.

But Blackwater has cooperated with them.

Soon the CEO of Heishui Company was going to Morendam in person, and it was these four people who received him.

Everyone can only watch, envy, jealousy and hate!

This time.

The family behind the four young Lords is exuberant.

Just because the four young Lords are famous for their behavior, the parents of the four young Lords are controversial in the circle.

Often ridiculed because of the Big Four…

Can’t even look up!

However, this time the Big Four can cooperate with the Blackwater Company, which is equivalent to a turnaround.

Turn over all their reviews!

Just cooperating with the Blackwater Company is enough to make the Four Great Young Lords be included in the family glory list!

For a time, the fathers of the four youngsters praised them.

Give their family all the rights to welcome representatives of the Blackwater Company and cooperate with these things.

Why did Blackwater choose these four people?

In fact, this is all Richard’s plan!

In Richard’s view, the feasibility of this plan is still very high.

After all, now the world’s eyes are all on the super weapons of the martial arts superpowers.

On the contrary, few people pay attention to secular power and wealth.

Especially the news of Sun Stone has not spread at all.

Plus, nosy people like Levi died.

No one cares about this at all.

Wouldn’t go deep into it at all.

By the time they reacted, it was too late.

At that time, these production areas were already in the hands of the Blackwater Company.

Everyone can only watch.

Why choose these four people?

Because it’s so controllable!

Compared to other people, the Four Great Young Lords have better control and will not be suspicious of them.

In this way, their plan will be easier to implement successfully.

On the second day, the VIP passage of Beijing International Airport.

Dozens of Rolls Royce are already waiting.

The four young Lords headed by Wang Shao came to receive representatives of Heishui Company.

They are CEO Rex and young boss Jimson.

Jimson was beaten to death by Levi, and all his teeth were lost. Now Jimson wrapped a mouthful of dentures and his body has just recovered.

He dared to come to Morendam swaggeringly.

After all, Levi was dying.

Who would dare to move him?

Isn’t that looking for death?

When he thought of Levi, he felt pain all over his body.

The whole person shuddered.

That is a kind of fear carved in the bones.

Even if he knew that Levi was dying, he was actually afraid when he set foot on the land of Morendam.

It was as if Levi was looking at him somewhere.

His dead soul will never die, and he will always guard Morendam.

“Fak, everyone is dead, what am I afraid of him doing?”

Jimson cursed secretly.

Even so, he brought a lot of strong people to Morendam this time.

Specially applied for four super powers from the laboratory of the gods to protect his safety.

Last time I was really scared by Levi.

Even if Levi was about to die, the shadow was still there.

After getting off the plane, Jimson looked around first.

He didn’t even know what he was watching, maybe he was watching Levi.

“Jimson, don’t be suspicious, Levi is dead, what are you afraid of?”

Rex couldn’t help saying.

Chapter 2018

Jimson said stiffly: “I’m not afraid, why should I be afraid?”

“Don’t say that Levi is dead, even if Levi is not dead, I am not afraid!”

“I was not ready last time. You asked him to try this time? See how I let him die!”

Rex smiled: “Just don’t be afraid! I thought you were living in Levi’s fear!”

“Uncle Rex, you need to know that I was the one who sent the news about Levi’s stay on Golden Harbor Island to Mr. Richard! So I was credited for killing Levi!”

“Well, we all understand!”

During the conversation, everyone has come to the exit of the VIP channel.

The four young Lords outside were already greeted with a team.

“Welcome Mr. Rex, welcome Mr. Jimson…”

When Shao Wang and Shao Qin saw a few people, they immediately greeted them.

“Go back and talk!”

Rex said.

Immediately, the convoy set off.

Bring Rex, Jimson and others to the hotel where they are staying.

It is the most luxurious one of the high-end hotels under the Wang Shao family.

It is not open to the public these few days, and is dedicated to hosting the Blackwater Company.

As soon as the representatives of the Blackwater Company came, countless people followed.

They are very envious of the Four Great Young Lords.

They also want to host the Blackwater Company.

After staying at the hotel, Rex immediately gathered everyone together and began to discuss matters.

Richard gave him the order as soon as possible.

Can’t make people react.

“Next, Heigong Group will start cooperation with you! We provide all technical support! But the raw materials, including the production base, have to be solved by you. The plan is explained! You see for yourself!”

Rex is resolute and resolute, and talks about cooperation when he comes up.

The four young Lords of Wang Shao received a plan one after another.

Although they may not understand it themselves, their respective families have sent Lords to follow them to help them complete their cooperation.

So the contract plan is up to them.

After spending a little time, the assistants of the four majors and minor leaders all read the plan and nodded one after another, indicating that there was no problem.

Moreover, the concessions and conditions of the Heishui Group were really unexpected.

Basically, the Blackwater Group makes very little money.

But these assistants are all Lords, they know that there are conditions next.

“But we still have an additional condition! It’s true that you asked you to build these basic real estate areas, but they must all belong to the Blackwater Company! We can provide the initial funds!”

Rex said the conditions.

The meaning is very simple, they provide technical support, and these production bases must become Blackwater Company.

Hearing this, the four young Lords and their entourage smiled.

That’s right!

If the Blackwater Company simply makes profit, it will make everyone think that they have problems and conspiracy.

Now we need the origin of these new energies to suit them.

But for the Four Great Young Lords and their families, this is simply trivial.

They just want to cooperate with the Blackwater Company. As for the profit not profit, it is okay, even if they lose money.

The main reason is to be able to climb the big tree of Heishui Company.

Anything will do.

What’s more, he can still make a lot of money now, and he can improve the strength of the family.

why not?

“Mr. Rex, please rest assured! I have already said hello to the energy sources requested by the Blackwater Company! Give me a day’s time and I will buy all the areas and transfer them to the Blackwater Company!”

Wang Shao said.

Shao Qin immediately echoed: “Yes, other things may be difficult for us, but this is too simple! It will definitely be completed in one day!”

Today, the families behind the Four Young Lords are strongly supported, and funds can be mobilized at will.

It’s no problem to buy a few origins.

These few origins happened to have sunstones detected by the Lab of the Gods…

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