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Chapter 2019

Just buy these production areas and put them on the head of Heishui Company.

Then it will always belong to the Blackwater Company.

Even Tiance Mansion could not do anything about it, and there was no reason to do it.

Unless the energy extraction in this place is complete…

Even if it is known later that it is a sun stone, there is no way.

“Very good, I like to deal with people who are efficient!”

Rex smiled.

Jimson also smiled and said: “This way we can start more cooperation in the future!”

Hearing this, the four young Lords became more and more excited.

They will work hard to become the spokesperson of Heishui Company in Morendam, and even the spokesperson of Dongfangzhou as a whole.

Thinking of this, the four are full of enthusiasm.

“Don’t worry, this thing must be done!”

The Four Young Lords immediately went to do this.

They also wanted to sign the contract immediately and really cooperate with the Blackwater Company.

At that time, their status in the family and in the circle will also be greatly improved.

Show those who look down on them and laugh at them.

They are already on the blackwater company list.

The issue of Heishui Company’s cooperation with the four major young Lords was raging in Morendam.

Of course Levi knew.

The Suzaku of the Five Great Wars King was sent by him to collect various intelligence materials.

Now, Suzaku has placed in front of Levi a sample of the contract that Heishui Company and the Big Four will sign.

“Boss, the four young men have bought these six sunstone production areas overnight. No surprise, they will be able to hand over the six production areas to Heishui Company tomorrow!”

Suzaku said.


Levi nodded.

Levi looked at the information and smiled: “What a coincidence, these six pieces are actually from the Wen Lei family?”

“Yes, that’s right. The Wen family has a lot of laboratories, and they store a lot of test plots! It just so happens that these six pieces belong to them!”

“But the strange thing is that the Wen family did not discover the existence of the sun stone, otherwise the other people in these six production areas will not think about it!”

Suzaku said.

Levi sighed, “After all, it is the laboratory of the gods, maybe the sun stone is no different from ordinary stones to other people, but after they are developed, it is the largest energy source! This shows the power of the laboratory of the gods! “

“Boss, I have budgeted. If we make a move ahead of time, we will cut the beast before them! I will buy six pieces of origin in advance!”

“And compared to the Four Great Young Lords, Wen Jia is definitely more willing to sell the place to us!”

Suzaku looked worried.

Levi smiled and asked, “How much does it cost to buy all the six production areas?”

Suzaku replied: “The Four Great Young Lords have prepared a full 100 billion! This price should be completely won!”

“Then why should I spend this wrong money? One hundred billion, what’s wrong?”

Levi said.

Suzaku looked surprised: “The boss said that we didn’t stop it? Let the four major generals buy the six production areas for Heishui Company?”

The others are also worried.

If it really becomes the Blackwater Company, then others will have nothing to do.

Can only watch.

After all, we must take into account the reputation of the great powers.

Especially Morendam attaches great importance to it!

It was difficult to stop at that time!

Levi looked at a few people and asked in surprise, “Why stop it?”


This makes everyone more puzzled.

According to the Levi they knew, such a thing was the least likely to be seen.

Once encountered, it will definitely be prevented.

But this time he won’t stop it?

Why is this?

It’s not in line with common sense.

Has Levi’s temperament changed?


Some people still want to persuade Levi: “Once the bosses fall into the hands of Heishui Company, it will be a threat to Morendam!”

At this time, Suzaku seemed to think of something, and she smiled.

“I understand what the boss means!”

“Huh? What do you mean, Boss? Sister Suzaku, talk about it!”

Everyone looked over.

Chapter 2020

Suzaku glanced at Levi and smiled: “The boss meant it was like this-don’t stop them from acquiring these six plots, and let them all!”

“But how can this be done? We can’t let any thieves take away our Morendam’s things!”

Everyone started shouting.

This matter firmly disagrees.

“Calm down first and listen to me. If we stop now, there is a high probability that we can prevent success! But if you don’t talk about it, it may also anger the Blackwater Company and the Lab of the Gods, and unexpected bad things will happen.

Besides, at present, although we know the sun stone, what kind of real sun stone is, has anyone seen it? “

Suzaku asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

Even Levi didn’t know what the sun stone looked like.

It is estimated that in the world, no one except the laboratories of the gods knows exactly what the sun stone looks like.

“So even if we stop it this time! The Lab of the Gods will come and steal it. After all, only people know what this thing looks like, and people know how to mine it. It’s useless to give it to others!”

The others nodded.

It is true.

Mining is also a technical activity.

Perhaps it can only be achieved by other people’s technology.

“So, what does the boss think?”

Everyone looked at Suzaku expectantly.

“The sun stone is no longer a secret, so it will be mined sooner or later. It’s better to let the Blackwater Company mined it all…”

Having said that, Suzaku had already smiled like a fox.

“What then? Didn’t the Blackwater Company transport all the Sun Stones back to the Warhawk Nation?”

“Then it’s very simple. We will take them all in half a while! Don’t even think about leaving the Sun Stone from the land of Morendam!”

Suzaku smiled.

Levi, who was on the side, corrected and said: “What to snatch it, is it to take it? My Morendam’s things, I take it if I want!”


Everyone almost laughed out loud.

So this is Levi’s plan? ? ?

That’s wonderful!

I allow you to buy the land, and I allow you to mine it even more.

But the Sun Stone is half of it, don’t even want to take it from Morendam!

In fact, in the final analysis, the laboratories of the gods don’t want these six pieces of land. What they want is the sun stone.

In fact, to stop coming and stopping is to stop the sun stone.

Levi didn’t need to do anything else, as long as they waited for them to mine the sunstone, he would “rob” all of them.

Isn’t the goal achieved?

Everyone immediately understood the reason why Levi didn’t move.

It turned out to be so.

“But is this a bit bad? After all, they are legal and reasonable…”

Everyone said.

Levi sneered and said: “According to this, I am still dead. Just push on a dead person!”

“Hahaha… the boss is wonderful!”

Everyone was amazed.

“Okay, don’t have to do anything now. Just wait for them to mine the sun stone, we just need to rob!”

Levi arranged.

“But, they want to buy these six pieces of land, it’s not that easy! Suzaku, make it more difficult for them!”

The other side.

For fear of making mistakes, Richard had already called Rex seven or eight consecutive calls.

All of them slept almost all night.

They are all waiting nervously for the results of the Four Great Young Lords.

Once successful, they will be provided with sunstones for centuries.

At noon the next day, the four young Lords brought news.

It is claimed that the right to use these six pieces of land can be taken.

But there is a time limit.

It is not permanent, only five years of exploitation rights.

And the price doubled, directly to 200 billion.

As long as they agree to meet these two conditions, they have the right to use.

Even if the big four have a deep family, but each family is 50 billion, it is still difficult.

In fact, this was caused by Levi.

“Can Mr. Rex agree?”

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