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Chapter 2029

The eyes of the world are focused again.

Everyone wants to know whether the mysterious forces will make another move.

The major forces in Morendam hope that the mysterious forces will take action, and they least want Morendam’s things to be taken away by others.

Richard wanted them the most so that he could catch them all in one fell swoop.

I have to say that Richard is an old fox.

In addition to laying out the net, he also deliberately exposed some gaps.

If the transportation team is extremely defensive, then the opponent will never have a chance to take action, but will not be exposed.

So Richard deliberately exposed flaws along the way or in other areas.

It is convenient for the mysterious forces to invest, thereby robbing the Sun Stone.

Only then can they have a chance to catch these people.

On the other side, Levi received the news of the departure of the transportation team.

“Okay, let’s start!”

Levi gave the order.

“The boss is still a bit wrong, we rashly shot, we will definitely be targeted.”

Some people think it will be exposed, so they don’t agree with Levi’s actions.

Levi smiled: “Do you think that Richard wants to attract me to show up? Didn’t I think about it in advance? To be honest, I thought about it once before the first time. We just need to do it, and the next time will be difficult. . I was ready.”

“So that’s the case, then we can rest assured.”

“This time is the time for us to show our strength!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Levi’s mouth.

This time the transportation team is no longer so easy, there are no drinking and dancing.

I’m afraid my life is gone.

Everyone is extremely vigilant.

Waiting for the danger to come.

Richard has always kept in touch with the transportation team…

Every minute and a second passed, but for Richard and the others, every minute was as long as a century.

One hour.

Two hours.

Seven full hours passed.

The person still didn’t show up.

Everyone panicked.

Everyone’s first thought: Is it possible that the mysterious force has never appeared at all.

Even Richard began to doubt.

“Are they really not showing up? Don’t they want to prevent the Sun Stone from leaving Morendam at all, just to grab energy?”

“Don’t, you show up, otherwise I can’t find you.”

Richard began to panic.

He very much hopes that the mysterious forces can make another move.

“The transport team keep going! You show up, show up!”

Richard prayed.

Time continues to pass.

It’s been eight hours.

There is still no movement.

None of the tests arranged by Richard found any abnormalities.

There was no movement along the route.

Morendam, who was worried, was gradually disappointed.

They especially don’t want the Sun Stone to be taken away by the Gods Lab.

But now the mysterious forces have been slow to take action.

That proves to be impossible.

With the addition of Richard’s arrangement of the net, the fool would touch this mold.

In the future, everyone can only watch the Sun Stone being taken away a little bit.

“Is it really just a robbery once, and it won’t appear again?”

Richard began to doubt.

“Mr. Richard, even if they have a guilty mind, they are probably not guilty. Everyone knows the things that you set up the world. Most people don’t even dare to make a move!”

“Unless you want to insist on preventing us from getting the Sun Stone! Will there be any in the world? There won’t be!”

“That’s true! The most likely one is Morendam! But they definitely won’t!”

“In this way, no one really dares to do anything, we can only lose that batch of sun stones!”


Silence as death.

It’s okay to lose a batch of sun stones.

The main reason is that the Lab of the Gods should not be provoked!

Face problem.

Richard also gave up.

“The big thing is not good!”

Suddenly news came…

Chapter 2030

The news came suddenly and everyone was shocked.

Richard was refreshed in an instant.

The whole person stood up immediately.

“what happens?”

Richard shouted.

“Mr. Richard just now we discovered that the signal from the No. 18 Sea Area Inspection Station is gone!”

A message from the general control room staff.

“Huh? Quickly find out what’s going on?”

There was a bad premonition passing through Richard’s mind.

“It’s not good, the signal from the sea area detection station No. 19 is gone!”

“The signal from the No. 20 sea area detection station is gone!”

“The 17th also disappeared!”

“No. 16 has also disappeared!”


“Number 14!”

In the next second, alarms sounded everywhere in the Lord control room.

The thirty sea detection stations that Richard arranged all lost one by one.


The news one by one was like a broken bomb, and the bombed Richard and others could not breathe.

The bad news came one after another, and the psychological endurance was almost impossible, and it was estimated that he would be frightened and fainted on the spot.

“No, no! The 78 unmanned aerial vehicles we sent out were all destroyed!!!”

“Our potential subsea instruments are also malfunctioning!”

“No, all our instruments are abnormal! There is a problem! Alarm, alarm!”

No one thought that this was just the beginning.

One big thing after another!

It’s not just a problem with the equipment…

“No, the first team we ambush has disappeared collectively!”

“Team Two is also missing!”

“Team Three is also missing!”

Richard arranged a total of eighteen super teams to lie in ambush in the sea or surrounding islands. When someone showed up, these teams would be dispatched immediately.

But now all of them have disappeared.

“Not only that! All the chips implanted in their bodies failed, which means that everyone is dead! No one is left!”

Another bad news came,

Doesn’t that mean that all the 18 teams in ambush died?

This is the main combat power arranged by Richard.

All dead?

Don’t even give me a little time to think?

What level must this be?

How did so many Lords disappear in an instant? ? ?



At this moment, Richard clearly saw the picture uploaded on the screen.

That is the picture of explosion.

The location is impressively seven islands around the route.

Where there is an airport base, Richard arranged a support team.

Once something happens, these support teams will arrive within a few minutes at the earliest.

But now the seven islands have exploded…

No one was spared…

“Mr. Richard, our support and island base are all gone! Several islands have sunk to the bottom! Everything is gone!”

Richard was silent.

The entire control room was silent.

Everyone was shocked by the bad news again and again.

Nothing can react.

“The big thing is not good!”

“Ship One is missing!”

“Ship No. 2 lost contact!”

“The number three is also lost!”

This time it was the turn of the transportation team, one by one lost contact, giving people no time to react and think.

“The chip of the escort team also failed, they are all dead!”

“Repeat! No one can be contacted! The entire escort team is wiped out!”

The transport team carrying the sunstone lost contact at the same time.

The escort team is all dead!

All the surrounding ambushes and detections are gone…

No one thought of this!

“Latest news! The sunstone is lost! The sunstone is lost!”

Richard was careful and installed location tracking devices on the sunstones.

But now everything is malfunctioning.

That means that the Sun Stone was robbed, and all the devices were also destroyed…

a bolt from the blue!

Richard was hit by five claps of thunder!

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