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Chapter 2031


Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even the Lab of the Gods was dumbfounded.

This kind of thing has never been encountered.

Richard thought that everything was perfectly arranged.

Those who have covered inspection guards will not miss a single place.

There is an escort!

There is an ambush!

There is also ready to support at any time!

Everything is arranged properly, ready to invite you to enter the urn.

But who can think of it.

Everything he arranged was destroyed at the same time.

This is also terrible!

The key is how does the other party know all this?

The transportation team is resolved to understand!

The detection stations in the sea area failed to understand!

But how did the eighteen teams in ambush find out?

How did the instruments lurking on the bottom of the sea be discovered?

And how did the support bases in the seven sea areas be discovered?

This is the first question.

The second question is how to destroy these at the same time?

This strength is a bit too scary, right?

How many can you do in the world?


Richard and the Lab of the Gods were completely hit this time.

The loss is not only the Sun Stone, but the reputation of the Gods Laboratory.

Everything was rubbed on the ground.


Great shame!

Two times in a row!

“Hurry up and send someone to investigate! Go and see the scene!!!”

Richard snarled angrily.

The whole person is going crazy.

The Lab of the Gods sent a supersonic vehicle to check the situation.

Whether it was the inspection station, the island, or the transportation team, they were completely destroyed.

No clues were left.

It’s exactly the same as the first time.

The other party has calculated everything.

No key useful things will be left.

Do not want to leave evidence, then the best way is to destroy everything.

You can’t even find it at the scene.

Let alone any evidence.

As for the sun stone, it has long since disappeared.

Let alone detected.

Richard’s plan to lure the snake out of the hole ended in failure.

This time, apart from the lack of sunstone, the loss was too great.

It is invisibly weakening the power of the Gods Laboratory.

Just the seven islands and which inspection stations cost a lot.

It was so ruined, it was piercing with a knife.

The Lord also lost a lot.

More importantly, the Lab of the Gods has become a joke.

This is too shameful!

At this moment Morendam began to cheer.

Sure enough, I didn’t let the Gods Lab take away the Sun Stone…

He Qingxue of Golden Harbor Island is also cheering.

Someone finally inherited Levi’s mission before his death and was stopping them.

But who will it be?

Is Levi’s subordinate?

It seems that the strength is not enough?

On the other side, Tiance Mansion and the others have begun to doubt the people who did it.

“Do you think it was the hands of a big force in our Morendam?”

This guess is not unfounded.

I did it for the first time, and everyone believes it was not done by Morendam’s forces.

Mainly it is too obvious.

But the second time it was different.

Except Morendam, no one wants to stop the Lab of the Gods from bringing the Sun Stone back, right?

“I feel like a commoner killer…”

And everyone thought of Commoner Killing God for the first time!

After all, he was the one who inherited Levi’s will and went to the East Island to make a big fuss.

The most suspicious person is him.

Richard and the Lab of the Gods also began to suspect the Commoner Killing God for the first time.

“Could it be him? It is very likely now! Commoner Killing God has this strength!”

Richard said.

At this moment, someone approached him.

Huoyun Cthulhu’s hand came down.

“Lord, let me tell you! It’s not the Common Killing God! During this time we are staring at the Common Killing God, and he has not left Morendam in the slightest! It cannot be him!”

Richard immediately ruled out commoner killing gods.

He still trusted Huoyun Cthulhu.

Richard looked surprised: “Who would it be then? Does Huoyun Cthulhu know?”

Chapter 2032

“The Lord doesn’t know who it is! However, the Lord said that it is not necessarily from Morendam! It may be from outside Morendam!”

The man said.


This surprised Richard for a moment.

“The Lord said that there are many terrorist forces! For example, the Bible organization! For example, the imperial organization!”

“Bible Organization?”

Richard’s face changed.

He has heard of the name of the Bible Organization.

Very mysterious!

The Dark God and the Eighteen Dark Angels are all too strong.

Emperor organization? ? ?

Known by a small number of people as the enemy of the Gods Lab.

They are also known for their science and technology, and they are the top scientific and technological forces in the Western Continent.

It’s just that the Lab of the Gods has never paid attention to the imperial organization.

In their view, the imperial organization and the Blackwater Company are at the same level.

Where can you become the enemy of the Gods Lab.

So this is not in the consideration of the Lab of the Gods at all.

Now that Huoyun Cthulhu’s men reminded him, Richard realized something.

Opponents that are often overlooked will give you a fatal blow at the critical moment.

“Okay, I see! This is a bit of a direction!”

Richard’s face was gloomy: “The opponent has made two consecutive shots and has shown such a strong strength! It roughly means that you are going to the end with us! The third time they will still make a shot!”

Huoyun Cthulhu’s subordinates said: “By the way, the Lord also told me to tell you that you can try to find the sun stones! Although they act quickly, in such a short time, so many sun stones are not far away!”

When Richard heard it, his eyes lit up fiercely.

“Yes! The amount of Sun Stone is huge! Even if it’s luck, it won’t be too far away! The only possibility is to hide it nearby!”

Richard exclaimed.

“Look, find them for me!”

The brows of Richard and his men finally stretched out.

At least there is a clue.

At least know the direction.

And not surprisingly, the opponent will still act next time.

They still have a chance!

It’s just that this time the loss is too heavy!

Richard called out distressed.

This has become his responsibility!

The next arrangement must be foolproof, otherwise he would not be able to raise his head in the Gods Laboratory.

After all, this shame must be washed away!

If the humiliation is added again, I am afraid that Richard’s position will be difficult to maintain.

“Hurry up and check it for me and prepare it for me!”

The timely reminder of the evil god of fire cloud gave the confused Richard a direction and plan.

Instead of being immersed in the dumbfounded state as before.

The Huoyun Cthulhu is indeed powerful, and he can even stare at the commoner to kill the god.

But he didn’t expect Levi to be alive.

Everything was done by Levi.

At this moment, Levi was with Zhuque Wesley and the others.

“Yes, yes. You didn’t practice in vain these days!”

Levi smiled and praised.

Levi is powerful, but in such a wide range, it destroys everything at the same time.

He can’t do it alone anyway.

Therefore, this is a collective action.

It was also a task that Levi had thought early on to test the combat effectiveness of Wesley and the others.

The result is perfect!

They completed Levi’s arrangement!

“The Sun Stone has been shipped back to the designated place!”

Levi nodded: “That’s good!”

“Get ready! The third wave is about to begin again! The third wave I’m going to do something they didn’t expect!”

Levi smiled.

“In addition, how are Owen and Alton doing their investigations?”

Levi asked.

During this time, Wesley, Suzaku, and Ron have been working with Levi.

Everyone else has gone to investigate the laboratory of the gods.

The Lab of the Gods is so busy now that there are bound to be flawed.

“They also went well, and got the list of spokespersons from all over the world in the Lab of the Gods!”

Levi smiled: “Okay, let them continue.”

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