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Chapter 2051

Jimson, Rex and others are dead.

Brought a huge blow to the Blackwater Company.

As a result, the business of Heishui Company in Morendam was temporarily shelved, and everything stopped.

The Four Young Lords and the family behind them were completely dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

The head of the Blackwater Company received the news of the death of his son and his good partner. He was furious and his heart was dripping with blood.

“I want someone to get it out!!!”

On the other side, Richard finally got over.

But suffered the accusation from the top of the laboratory of the gods.

After the final discussion, Richard was given one last chance.

Richard’s eyes were red, and the whole NPC changed.

“I have written down this hatred!”

“It’s time for the world to see the true power of the Gods Lab!”

There was a cold light in Richard’s eyes.

Now that the Gods Laboratory has been hit repeatedly, this time the supply station was destroyed, and one arm was broken.

The Lab of the Gods is no longer as mysterious and powerful as it used to be in the eyes of the world.

Even most people think that the Lab of the Gods is nothing more than that.

To be played with in this way, let alone fight back, you can’t even find it.

The Lab of the Gods has become a shameful joke.

Even if they had seen the laboratory of the gods and their longing for the gambling king’s family before.

It seems that the Lab of the Gods is not that strong?

The meaning of the Lab of the Gods is a bunch of gods, but they are played by a mortal.

Recently, one after another, the reputation of the Gods Laboratory has plummeted.

Originally the most mysterious resource, Sun Stone, is now known to the world.

Not only was Morendam unable to mine, but even their original mining base didn’t dare anymore.

The loss is too great.

If this continues, no one will be afraid of the Lab of the Gods anymore.

The first thing Richard had to do was to re-certify the Lab of the Gods and let the world know how terrible the Lab of the Gods was.

Let the world see the horror of the Lab of the Gods!

Richard has already thought about the place to show the world the horror of the Lab of the Gods.

“Unfortunately, there is no opportunity. If there is an opponent now, how good should we directly show the power of the Lab of the Gods?”

Richard muttered to himself.

Logan Shiji said next to him: “Mr. Richard, we can pick an opponent at will, and call them opponents against the Gods Lab. Let’s destroy them first.”

Richard nodded: “Well, yes. Then who should I choose?”

“It’s better to choose Morendam, or something related to Morendam!”

Logan Shiji said.

“Morendam is not moving! Then choose one related to Morendam!”

Richard said.

Logan Shiji immediately said: “Mr. Richard, I have a choice, that is, the Tianzhan organization of the Zion Kingdom that has made a good relationship with Morendam! They have provided Morendam with a lot of help! They are Morendam’s good teammates!”

“This is okay! The Tianzhan organization has long been included in our kill list! It just happened to use this opportunity to get rid of them!”

Richard immediately said: “Give my order and set off immediately to the bear country! Destroy the Sky War organization! I want the world to know the horror of the Gods Lab!”

“In addition, I have to bring secret weapons and secret Lords, you all wait.”

Richard personally led the Lord to the Zion Country to organize the Battle of Heaven.

It also released news to the outside world: The Gods Laboratory found several times that the mysterious forces targeted were related to the Sky War organization, and they were one of the accomplices.

Everyone knows it well.

The intentions of the Lab of the Gods are sinister.

Obviously, it is to use the Heavenly War organization to operate.

But everyone dare not say anything.

On the other side, Sarah set off.

I heard that Richard and the others are coming to Bear Country.

She changed direction and went to the bear country.

She wants to kill Richard with her own hands to avenge Levi…

Chapter 2052

The Tianzhan organization of the Zion Kingdom had received news, and just as they were preparing, the bad news came.

The Lab of the Gods appeared with a thunderous momentum.

Defeat the Tianzhan organization with a blitzkrieg.

It only took a minute before and after.


The world is shocked!

Such a terrifying existence of the Sky War organization was destroyed in a minute!

What kind of terrifying strength does the Lab of the Gods have!

Scepter of God!

The name spread all over the world overnight!

This is also the first time that the Lab of the Gods has shown the scepter of God in front of the world!

After the God’s Scepter weapon system is activated, it will destroy the huge sky war organization within one minute.

To put it bluntly, it is actually a few seconds.

It’s just that the remaining time to clean up adds up to one minute.

The Scepter of God is the proud work of the Gods Lab, and it is also one of the trump cards.

Originally, Levi was going to use it when the Eagle Nation was rioting.

However, Richard deliberately sabotaged and did not allow the Scepter of God to appear.

However, many people in the Lab of the Gods thought that it was not time for the scepter of God to appear.

The timing is not right!

Now the Lab of the Gods is in a difficult stage, and its majesty is lost.

It’s time to use the scepter of God.

The use of the scepter of God alarmed the world.

Destroy the sky war organization in one blow.

Let all countries and forces be amazed!

Return to the fear of the laboratory of the gods.

This weapon is unheard of.

But this is just one of the cards of the Lab of the Gods.

God knows what trump cards are still holding in the hands of the Gods Lab…

Although the key god scepter is used, no one knows what it is…

This is the most terrible.

No one dared to think about it.

In case of confrontation with the Lab of the Gods that day, how to guard against this kind of weapon?

As a result, he didn’t even know what this weapon was.

In the endless desert in the northern part of the bear country.

Richard and his party appeared.

They just killed the Sky War organization, and everyone looked smug.

Their fighting power is still super terrifying.

Richard admired the work triumphantly, and smiled: “If I show the pure energy body again, what will the world do?”


Everyone laughed.

Richard immediately said: “Let the experimental team speed up, I want to see those relatives of Levi transform into pure energy bodies as soon as possible!”

“I want them to become Morendam’s nightmare!”

“By the way, the Sky War organization is still too weak! Next we still have to continue to show the power of the Gods Lab! This time it is not thorough enough!”

Richard said.

“What does Mr. Richard show next?”

Logan Shiji asked.

A harsh look flashed across Richard’s face: “We have a top-secret experiment with Star Country’s Sanxing Group. I feel it’s time to show the results.”

“No, someone is approaching us!”

At this time, Richard’s men suddenly issued a warning sound.

Their detection device detected someone approaching.

“Huh? Isn’t it a mysterious force coming to us?”

“Yes, our whereabouts this time is equivalent to being transparent! Everyone knows it!”

The complexion of Logan Shiji and others changed drastically.

Richard smiled: “They appeared? That’s great! This time I show the strength of the Lab of the Gods on the one hand, on the other hand I want to attract them out!”

Logan Shiji nodded: “From the previous confrontation, the mysterious forces absolutely have a deep hatred with us! Mr. Richard has exposed his whereabouts, there is no need for them not to come! This is their great opportunity!”

“Yeah, if it were them, that would be great!”

“Everyone listens to my orders and prepares to meet the enemy!”

Richard was well prepared long ago, and the Lords around him are like clouds.

“I’m coming…”

But when people showed up, everyone was taken aback.

It turned out to be a woman!

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