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Chapter 2053

“is her?”

After seeing the woman’s face clearly, everyone was shocked.

“Sarah? Levi’s wife?”

Even Richard was taken aback.

After everyone was shocked, Sarah had already come here aggressively.


Seeing Richard, Sarah immediately recognized it.

She pretended to be a doctor, and she remembered that face very deeply.

“it’s me!”

“It was you who killed my husband, and I will take revenge!”

Sarah said word by word.

“Huh? What?”

Richard and others thought they had heard it wrong.

Want revenge for Levi?

Everyone was shocked.

Richard frowned.

He suddenly smiled.

Because Sarah’s appearance dispelled one of his doubts.

The strength of the mysterious force and Jimson’s rumors that Levi was alive fell into Richard’s ears.

It made him wonder if Levi was really alive?

After careful analysis, his hunch became stronger.

But now Sarah has come to him for revenge.

His doubts were dispelled.


Levi can’t live!

Richard’s mood instantly became very good.

Dispelling doubts, Sarah still seeks revenge at his door. Isn’t this just enough for him to show the power of the Lab of the Gods?

Kill two birds with one stone!

Richard has made an assessment of Sarah’s force value.

Super strong!

It would be quite threatening to be able to kill the Destroyer.

However, it is precisely because of Sarah’s strength that this battle can demonstrate the strength of the Gods Lab.

He just lacks such a test product.

As a result, plums were dyed.


Sarah didn’t talk nonsense, and killed him directly.

“Stop him!”

Richard gave an order, and the strong around him rushed forward.


Sarah shook with a superpower.

The fists of both sides slammed together.


The mountain shook suddenly.


But the superpower’s fist and arm burst open, followed by his body, and his head all burst.

Sarah punched him abruptly.

Everyone present gasped.

Although this superpower is not the strongest, his template is the destroyer, with 70% to 80% of the strength of the destroyer.

He was beaten by Sarah with such a punch.

“Exciting, but it just fits!”

Richard shouted as he stepped back.


But he still underestimated that the plum was dyed.

Sarah started instantly, turned into a flash of lightning, passed through a large group of strong men, and appeared in front of Richard in an instant.

Just want to tear Richard.

Richard was frightened.

“Crack, click, click…”

Fortunately, the mechanical armor emergency system on him was activated, instantly forming a shield in front of him to protect him.


But he was also hit and flew far, far away.

The others reacted and all rushed to protect Sarah.

“You all have to die! I will not only avenge my husband! I will also inherit his mission to destroy the Gods Lab!”

Sarah stared at everyone like a Valkyrie descending from the sky.



A big melee began, and Sarah fought with the powerhouses in the Lab of the Gods.

Sarah was already very strong, and the destroyer could only escape.

Now she is in retreat for a period of time, not to mention Lording all the strength of the body, at least 70% to 80%.

I have to say that Tiance Mansion is terrifying.

There are special teachers in this area to guide Sarah on how to control the body’s power and fully develop the body’s potential.



Sarah is simply too scary.

The Lord of the Lab of the Gods was constantly torn apart by her, without the strength to fight back.

The fallen, no, it should be disappearing more and more.

Every time Sarah makes a shot, he kills people.

“No, she is too strong, stronger than I expected! Stop her immediately!”

Richard shouted.

Chapter 2054

Plum dye is too strong.

The Lords around Richard couldn’t stop them at all, and even if they added up, they were just delaying time.

It doesn’t play a big role at all.

“I want the world to know about this battle! It just so happens that plums can be used to show our strength!”

Richard shouted.

Great summer capital.

“Huh? No good! Sister Wen Lei, my sister-in-law is gone!”

Regina and the others finally discovered that Sarah had disappeared.

“No, she must take revenge!”

Wen Lei exclaimed.

Regina also reacted quickly: “Yes, it just so happens that Richard seems to be in Zion Country! My sister-in-law must go to Richard!”

“Hurry up, let’s go to Zion Country! How dare she fight the Lab of the Gods alone?”

“I will notify Tiance Mansion again! Sarah can’t be in danger!”

After receiving the news, Tiance Mansion immediately sent people to Zion Country.

On the one hand, Sarah is Levi’s wife.

On the one hand, Sarah is very strong and has great potential. Tiance Mansion doesn’t want her to have trouble now.

Soon, news of the battle between the Gods Lab and Sarah was released.

The whole world knows that Sarah avenged her husband and wanted to kill Richard to destroy the laboratory of the gods.

This is the first time Sarah has demonstrated force in front of the world.

“What? Levi’s wife is also so strong?”

“This family is ruthless, and his daughter is even more talented than ever!”

“But their family is going against the laboratory of the gods, maybe the family will destroy Richard’s hands!”

The news came out.

The whole world is boiling.

They all set their sights on the desert of Zion Country.

Come pay attention to this battle.

There is even a great power who can get real-time battle conditions so that everyone knows how far the battle is going.

Kill indiscriminately!

Sarah faced the Lords in the laboratory of the gods and killed them all!

Hundreds of Lords have died.

The quantity does not sound shocking at all.

The previous wars were tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.

But you must know that these hundreds of people are all strong in the Lab of the Gods!

Everyone is super strong.

It’s not comparable to leftovers.

The Lab of the Gods has a rating for everyone’s strength.

Like Richard, the combat power rating is only c, but he is s-level in the special armor.

Before that, Richard sent out to kill Levi’s s? level powerhouse.

For example, the destroyer is even ss-level.

This time Richard brought out at least s-level powerhouses, and the terrifying thing was that s-level ones accounted for one-third.

There are dozens of people who personally protect Richard Richards at the SS level.

There are even sss levels.

That is to say, as a senior, Richard has the authority to activate so many powerful people.

Before, he could only mobilize a small amount of s? and s’s strong.

Every strong man of this level is regarded as a treasure.

Therefore, Sarah killed so many s-level and s-level powerhouses in one breath, he was already shocked.

Except for Levi, no one can do this before!

Sarah became more brave as he fought, showing an invincible posture.

More and more strong men are falling.

Even the people around Richard couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Mr. Richard just let Sarah kill him? The s-level and even the s? are not her opponents! Sending all this level, isn’t it just to die if you meet her?”

Someone asked anxiously.

Richard sneered: “Of course I know! Even the SS Destroyer is not her opponent! How can these people be her opponent?”


Everyone was taken aback.

Now that you know, why not let the super strong?

Sacrificing so many powerhouses in vain?

Everyone simply couldn’t understand Richard’s approach.

Logan Shiji smiled: “Everyone heard about me, in fact, Mr. Richard’s meaning is very simple…”

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