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Chapter 2055


Everyone looked over.

“Let Sarah kill the Quartet first, and show all his strength and skills! The more comprehensive and detailed the better! This will kill two birds with one stone for us!

First, Sarah showed strong enough strength, and we will get rid of her later, isn’t this better to highlight the power of the Gods Lab? “

Everyone nodded fiercely: “Yes, the stronger Sarah is, the more powerful we are.”

Logan Shiji smiled: “Secondly, letting Sarah fully demonstrate her strength is also an analysis of her combat power, so that we can make a specific assessment of her strength. The more detailed the display, the better we can find her shortcomings! This will help us get rid of her later !”

After listening, everyone looked shocked.

Unexpectedly, Richard’s arrangement was so detailed.

But the cost is too great.

Too many people died.

Every strong man is a treasure.

So many died.

Seeing everyone’s intentions, Richard smiled: “Sometimes you have to pay a price for doing things! During this period of time, I have indeed killed too many powerful people! But I have to complete the experiment, and then batches of pure energy bodies. When I come out, the senior management of the laboratory will praise me instead.”

Everyone nodded.

Everyone knows that if pure energy embodies the world, just one can withstand all the losses now.

In the field.

Sarah continued to show his strength.

More and more people are dying in her hands.

Richard’s team used the most advanced equipment and the strong to watch the battle from the side to conduct a detailed analysis and evaluation of Sarah’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Go! s? grade powerhouse!”

Richard ordered.

Several Lords and Sarah trembled and fell again.

Sarah’s true combat effectiveness has not yet been fully demonstrated.

It shows that the opponent’s oppression is not enough!

“Use the upgraded version of the killer weapon!”

Richard also ordered people to release Wood Zhengjie’s proud work-an upgraded version of the killing weapon.

In order to continue to oppress Sarah, to stimulate her stronger strength, to expose more.

The killing weapon targeted Sarah again and again and bombarded her again and again.

However, Sarah’s body burst out with a powerful invisible force, which can always block the killing weapon.

Her mighty power can tear it apart when the god-killing weapon strikes it.

“Have you seen it? God-killing weapons have no effect on this level of power!”

Richard said.

“Mr. Richard, we are still developing the third version of the killing weapon! It will be successful soon!”

The men wiped cold sweat.

“Continue to use other weapons, continue to oppress!”

Richard commanded calmly.

Apply high-intensity compression to the plum dye again and again.

But Sarah is really too strong.

Over and over again Richard’s expectations.

No matter how strong the obstacle, Sarah can always be easily resolved.

“Strong! Sarah is too strong, right?”

“There are thousands of strong men who died in her hands! Those are all s-level strong men in the Lab of the Gods! There are so many powerful weapons that can’t stop her!”

“I’m going, the female version of Levi! That’s too strong! These two guys are going to be against the sky!”

The whole world was amazed when seeing Sarah’s fighting power.

Even surpassing Levi before.

After all, Sarah is the first person to shake the laboratory of the gods!

Who else is going to kill the Lab of the Gods single-handedly?

Sarah’s birth turned out, letting everyone see how strong an ordinary person can be…

This kind of combat power is like a god.

Richard’s goal has been achieved.

Let the world know how strong plum dye is.

In this way, the Lab of the Gods will contaminate the plum again, and the world will know how powerful the Lab of the Gods is.

“It’s time to do it, Sarah must die!”

There was a cold light in Richard’s eyes.

Chapter 2056

“Sent for SS!”

Richard gave an order, and the four strong men rushed forward.

These four singles are no weaker than the destroyer.

Although the Destroyer was the only one who succeeded in the God Creation Project, it was thirty years ago.

In the past thirty years, the development of the Lab of the Gods has not known what level it has increased.

So the Destroyer is not the strongest in the Lab of the Gods, just a card.

The four powerhouses shot together.

Sure enough, this time plum dyeing is not so easy.

Before the strong men encountered Sarah, they were almost always killed in seconds.

But this time the four Lords instantly locked Sarah.

The two sides began to blast.

The nature of these superpowers is similar to that of Sarah becoming a strong one.

The methods of using power for both sides are also very similar.

It’s just that who is stronger than whoever is faster, and who reacts faster.

Therefore, Sarah is not so easy to deal with these four Lords.

It’s hard to get rid of it for a while, it’s hard to kill.

And Sarah lacks actual combat experience.

It’s okay to deal with one person alone.

When the four people go together, her shortcomings are exposed.

All the shortcomings of plum dyeing are now exposed.

First, lack of experience!

Second, the means of attack and defense are still limited!

Third, I still can’t use all my power!

The disadvantages are increasing.

But Sarah’s combat power is still super strong!

Although the four Lords entangled Sarah, they were all injured to varying degrees.

If this continues, they too will die.

In a word: Although Sarah has shortcomings, she is strong.

Long time to attack.

Been pestered by four people all the time.

Plum dye is in a hurry.

“Dead! Die to me!”

Sarah became angry, his momentum rose, and his strength also increased.

Suddenly raise to another level.

“That’s not right, emotions can affect a person’s combat effectiveness! But she has reached this point, and emotions can affect her so much?”

“Unbelievable! What is going on? Her strength is directly linked to her emotions?”

Richard’s subordinates detected the strength of Sarah through the instrument, accompanied by a sharp rise in anger.

Presenting an impossible phenomenon.


Sarah blasted out with a violent punch, and one of them was directly defeated and flew out.

Half of the body exploded, blood flying all over.


Another person was hit and flew away.

This time the four powerhouses suffered terribly heavy losses.

The eyes of the four of them were full of shock.

They were able to entangle the plum dye just now.

Why did it suddenly become like this?


Sarah, like a god of death, continues to kill Richard, who is not far away.

The four powerhouses quickly blocked.

But now Sarah is one level higher than them.

The four were beaten out again.

Can’t stop it at all!

“Go, stop her! Don’t let her come here!”

Richard ordered again.

The rest of the ss-level powerhouses all come to stop Sarah.

Richard had a sullen face.

Originally, he wanted to use these SS-level powerhouses to kill Sarah.

No other trump cards and big moves are needed.

Unexpectedly, a strong man of this level can’t even stop it.

“Improve Sarah’s assessment of strength to another level and use God’s scepter directly!”

Richard ordered immediately.

“Understand, God’s scepter system is activated!”

“Aim for launch in one minute!”

Richard immediately contacted the base of God’s Scepter Weapon System and prepared to launch it to kill Sarah.

“Release the mechanical team! Cover our retreat!”

After Richard gave the order.

A total of ten large robots over two meters in size appeared.

It turned into ten streams of light and appeared in front of Sarah, surrounding her round and round.

Under the cover of the robot, the remaining SS-level Lords immediately fled here.

Although I know that machinery can’t stop Sarah.

But what everyone wants is to postpone the plum here to facilitate the launch of the scepter of God.

Everyone knows how terrifying the scepter of God is, so Richard took everyone to flee for the first time.

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