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Chapter 2057

Only Sarah and ten robots were left.

Although the combat effectiveness of the robot is amazing, for Sarah, it is simply not worth mentioning.

They can only delay plum dyeing temporarily.

In the robot’s setting program, the plum can be dragged to dye for one minute.

This is enough.

Richard and the others have fled to a safe area.

“God’s scepter weapon system is ready, the countdown to launch!”





Suddenly there was a thunderous roar in the sky, which was more terrifying than the thunder rolling.

That posture will tear this day apart!

In the depths of the vast and vast space, suddenly a beam of light came, and the sky fell!

This beam of light seems to be God’s punishment, shattering everything and destroying the world.

Where does the light beam come from?


The satellite group launched by the laboratory of the gods!

Use the super laser launched from the satellite to accurately destroy and strike.

The Lab of the Gods claims to have the most powerful technology on the planet and has long been deployed in space.

Satellites and space stations are all essential.

And their proud super weapon-the scepter of God.

It is actually a satellite launch.

The scary thing is the attack range of God’s scepter-the whole world.

Because the satellites are launched from high altitude, the satellite population is wide, so every corner of the world can be covered by the scepter of God.

In addition, the weapon of God’s scepter is too destructive.

So once it is released and launched, it is world-destroying.

No matter what warrior or superpower you are, once locked by this weapon, there will be no way out.

It’s just because it’s too scary and too advanced.

So this weapon is the trump card of the Lab of the Gods!

Therefore, it took less than a minute to destroy the Tianzhan organization.

In an instant.

This beam has come, and the target is the area where Sarah is.

The light beam has not yet arrived, and the scorching high temperature will bake this piece of heaven and earth into crimson red.

The terrible high temperature even dissolved the remaining robots on the spot.

You must know that the robots produced by the Gods Lab are all aerospace-grade materials and are resistant to high temperatures.

But it still couldn’t stop the high temperature before the beam came, and it dissolved directly on the spot.

I have to say that Sarah’s physique has reached the level of guarding the sky.

The machines of this kind of material were dissolved on the spot, but she looked like a okay person.


The beam was about to arrive, and the earth began to tremble, rumbling.

This place is located in the desert, and it began to collapse crazily…


Finally, the beam came and hit Sarah accurately.

It seems that the process is slow, but it is actually instantaneous.

Sarah had no chance to escape.


As the central point, Sarah was accurately hit by the beam of light.


This area was forcibly blasted out of a small pit the size of a small town, and mushroom clouds rose up, covering the sky.

The ground vein trend in this area was completely destroyed.

It covers hundreds of miles…

It’s as if there was a meteor falling from the sky.

The power is simply terrible.

This is the power of the world that truly comes into contact with the scepter of God.

Before the Tianzhan organization was destroyed, although the god’s scepter weapon was also used, everyone hadn’t seen it and didn’t know what form the weapon was.

This time I saw it really.

Know what the scepter of God is…

This is terrible!

Enough to play a role in deterring the world!

If it is a small country, it may be destroyed by the use of the scepter of God.

Even if there is a war between big forces, the scepter of God is a decisive weapon.

But the Lab of the Gods is now actually using this weapon against a person?

On the one hand, it shows how powerful this person is.

On the other hand, it also shows that the Lab of the Gods is powerful. They have too many cards, and the Scepter of God is not the only one.

The moment the scepter of God was shot by this beam of light, Sarah disappeared on the spot…

Chapter 2058

“Yeah! We won! Sarah will die!”

“It’s just a mortal body, can bear the scepter of God? It’s ridiculous!”

When Richard’s men saw Sarah disappear, they cheered.

They have enigmatic confidence in the scepter of God.

“No one can force the scepter of God to survive!”

There was a triumphant smile on Richard’s mouth.

If it had been used earlier at the border of the War Eagle Nation, Levi would have died long ago.

But Richard did not regret not using the Scepter of God.

If he used it, his brother would be dead.

It’s not too late now.

Killing such a powerful plum does not lose money.

The secret bases in Morendam have exploded.

“What kind of weapon is this? Have you detected it? Isn’t this powerful?”

The bear country, the major countries and the major forces all detected the use of God’s scepter weapons for the first time.

The amazing power scared everyone.

“What? Sarah was beaten directly???? How is this possible?”

The Tiance Mansion and other forces received the news as soon as possible.

The plum dye is gone?

The Lords of Tiance Mansion sent out all stopped one after another.

Sarah is dead, what’s the point of them going?

“What? Dead?”

Wen Lei and Regina are going crazy.

“I don’t believe it, if I don’t see it with my own eyes, I don’t believe it!”

The mushroom cloud skyrocketed, and the scene was still full of smoke.

Richard led his troops to the court.

He is still an idea, to see the corpse in death.

Otherwise he is not at ease.

“Find me! Test me!”

Richard ordered the search for Sarah’s body.


At this time, the detector sounded an alarm.

“Alert! What a strong energy fluctuation! Sarah is not dead yet, she is still alive! She is still alive!”

Someone exclaimed.

At this time, everyone became vigilant and stared at the pit.


Richard’s men forcibly dissipated the dense smoke, revealing the appearance of a huge pit.

The deep pit is hundreds of meters long, and the deepest point is estimated to be hundreds of meters.

The beam penetrating ability of God’s scepter weapon is too strong.

But they were suddenly dumbfounded.

Because Sarah is still alive.

Although she was covered in blood, there were wounds in her body.

She suffered a very serious injury.

But she abruptly carried the scepter of God and didn’t die.

However, this light beam penetrated her body and destroyed her body structure to the greatest extent.

Had it not been for Sarah’s body modification in the experimental accident, he would have surpassed the limits of the human body.

Otherwise it is absolutely impossible to live!

Richard and others present were stunned.

Is there really someone who can force the scepter of God to survive?

“We still underestimated her physical strength! Let’s put it this way, her physique is about to approach a pure energy body!”

Richard suddenly showed a sneer: “Unfortunately, she is still seriously injured! She is already at the end of the battle!”

“Yes! The energy in her body is losing rapidly! If the energy in her body runs out, she will die!”

Richard’s men have been detected.

“Well, let’s give her a ride!”

Richard sneered.

Richard waved his hand, and the strong around him immediately swarmed.

“You guys go together too!”

Richard pointed at two people, these two are sss-level powerhouses.

Richard was dispatched at the last moment.

He didn’t want to dye plum any way to survive.

Seeing the enemy attack, Sarah stood up forcibly.

Seeing Richard, she was full of anger.

She wants revenge!

Even if she died, she would kill Richard.


Sarah went crazy again.



But after all, Sarah suffered too much injury in order to hold the scepter of God.

She was beaten out again and again.

There is no way to get close to Richard.


Another round of chaos.

Sarah was beaten out and couldn’t get up at all.

She closed her eyes in despair.

“I am here to accompany you in King’s Landing!”

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